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Oh hell yes

What's All This Then?[edit]

Back in 2016, an anon challenged /tg/ to "give the Sisters a full, fun, and profitable update without changing the aesthetic or making them worse Space Marines." Naturally, /tg/ obliged. This led to the creation of Codex - Adepta Sororitas: /tg/ 7th Edition, and there was much rejoicing. Then 8th edition happened and we had to update it. There are currently no plans to update the codex with all of the new Adepta Sororitas rules introduced in Chapter Approved 2018. This is partially due to the work required for such an undertaking as well as the fact that GW has announced that they're substantially overhauling the rules from that codex anyway. That being said, most of the units and strategems in this codex are completely compatible with the beta codex, so feel free to run Chevaliers, Canoness Veridyan, D.I.Y. Living Saints and whatever else you want to bring with the new Order Convictions and Acts of Faith.

What Does This Codex Include?[edit]

Where Can I Get It?[edit]

A List of Additions and Changes[edit]

As stated at the beginning of this article, this homebrew was specifically made to enhance and update Sisters without removing any of the things that made them unique. To this end, units have been brought in from previous codices and new characters have been added who existed in the fluff but never had rules for the tabletop. We also gave the Sisters new units and weapons, as they haven't gotten either since the 3rd edition Witch-Hunters codex. Taken together, these drastically increase the Adeptus Ministorum's versatility on the tabletop, making them far more viable as a standalone army.

Additionally, one of the main focuses in the creation of this codex was on balance. While this was meant to be a serious option for Sisters players who wanted the update GW wasn't giving them, it's also meant to be a fun army to play against. It has been subjected to extensive playtesting in a variety of scenarios. This is especially important, as being a homebrew, your opponents have to actually agree to allow you to use it.

Changes to Existing Units[edit]

  • Instead of frag grenades, all Adepta Sororitas infantry are armed with phosphor grenades, which ignore cover.
  • Canonesses can now take relic armor (increasing their armor save to 2+), jump packs, and can also ride bikes.
  • Crusaders can now replace their power swords with power axes and power mauls. They can also intercept wounds for nearby ASTRA MILITARUM, ADEPTUS MINISTORUM, and INQUISITION CHARACTERS.
  • Death Cult Assassins can now infiltrate and have poisoned throwing knives.
  • Celestians can now take relic armor, increasing their armor save to 2+.
  • Exorcists can now replace their exorcist missile launcher with an anti-air variant of the weapon.
  • Seraphim Superiors can now take items from the Melee Weapons and Pistols lists.

New Units and Wargear[edit]


  • Arch-Confessor Kyrinov: The manipulative old rabble-rouser is back! He's got a master-crafted power maul which turbo-bones DAEMONS, gives morale buffs to nearby ASTRA MILITARUM and ADEPTUS MINISTORUM units, and he can force your opponent to spend more CPs to activate strategems.
  • Klovis the Redeemer: Scourge and Purge! This maniac has a lower invulnerable save than a standard Ministorum Priest, but is utterly devastating in melee. He also buffs your nearby FRATERIS units, allowing them to re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1. For best results, sing "Battle Hymn of the Redeemer" when rolling charge dice.
  • Canoness Veridyan: She's back and better than ever! A canoness with a power sword who can give a single nearby ORDER OF OUR MARTYRED LADY unit the ability to target CHARACTERS. Park her next to Retributors or Exorcists for best results.
  • Living Saint: An expensive, extremely customizable unit that can be outfitted with almost any weapon in the codex. Like Celestine, they come with the Beacon of Faith and Saintly Blessings abilities.
  • Palatine: A Canoness-in-training. Friendly <ORDER> units within 6" of her can re-roll wound rolls of 1.


  • Frateris Militia Squad: Conscripts. Use them to tarpit or overwhelm the enemy with dozens of attacks.


  • Ephrael Stern: One of the most dangerous units in the codex, especially if there's Chaos around. Her armament is meh, but she makes up for it with a ridiculous amount of psychic power.
  • Chevaliers: French Knight Sisters. Heavily armored ex-Repentias on bikes armed with power lances.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Frateris Technicals: Those lucky few Frateris who own or stole cars prepare them for war. Everything goes swimmingly.
  • Mortia Squad: Repentias on bikes strapped to the gills with explosives, essentially making them half-naked cruise missiles. They have Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta bombs, and a bike that runs on an eviscerator instead of an engine. When they die, they can explode, potentially taking the enemy with them.


  • Dominator Gunship: A fast, heavily armed gunship that can pivot twice per turn. Can be used to transport a small unit of sisters to an objective or provide fire support.


  • Trinity weapons: Specially constructed boltguns which fire massive promethium-filled bolts tipped with a small melta charge, giving Sisters a much-needed plasma equivalent.
  • Flaming brazier: Those awesome fire-maces that most Canonesses are shown wielding in a lot of art. Basically a power maul with a built-in flamer.

New Rules[edit]

  • Warriors of the Creed: If your army is battle-forged, Adeptus Ministorum units get Objective Secured, just like every other army with a codex.
  • Order Precepts: This is the Adepta Sororitas equivalent of Chapter Tactics, and lets you put that <ORDER> keyword to good use.
  • Strategems
  • Warlord Traits
  • Ecclesiarchy Relics
  • Tactical Objectives

Where Can I Get Miniatures For Some Of These Units?[edit]

  • A Palatine can be proxied with a Canoness or Sister Superior.
  • There are a couple of options for biker units. The Prodos Games Space Crusade line, the Wargame Exclusive Heresy Hunters line, and Raging Heroes all sell female biker models that would work as proxies for Sororitas bikers. Alternatively, you can make your own using Space Marine bikes and Sisters of Silence. The WIP General thread on /tg/ should be able to help you out there.
  • If you're fine with Chevaliers riding horses instead of bikes, the Raging Heroes Sisters of the Orphanage line has female Mounted Knights models which are perfect.
  • There are a lot of options for Frateris Militia. The best are House Cawdor miniatures from Necromunda. Some other good options are Freeguild Flagellants and Chaos Cultists (just make sure to clip off any errant Chaos symbols). Most Necromunda gangers can work for this as well.
  • For Frateris Technicals, you just need a vehicle that looks ramshackle and is somewhat smaller than a Rhino. Something like the Post-Apocalyptic Pickup Truck is perfect for this.
  • The Dominator Gunship is based off of the Dark Angels Ravenwing Dark Talon, so you can just get that from Games Workshop.