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Codex: Rising Sons//The weeaboo chapter

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Special Rules[edit]

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Chapter Tactics (Rising Sons)
    • Fight on the Move (see Codex - Space Marines)
    • Yamato Spirit: The Rising Sons are known for their courage and their fighting spirit. All Rising Sons models with this rule gain the Furious Charge and Crusader USR.
    • Honour Before Reason: Although proud and courageous, the Rising Sons’ maintenance of honour and straightforward charging into enemy lines made them be declared to go on a Penitence Crusade to the Tiji Sector. Now with this, Mifune Toshiro, Chapter Master of these proud sons of Jaghatai, must forge them into something new. Though sadly, old habits die hard. Whenever a Rising Sons model/unit is in charge range with the enemy, then the model/unit must attack on the following turn. If the model/unit captures and consolidates its position on a objective that grants victory points, and will be in range to charge an enemy, then it must roll for a Leadership Test. If the test is passed, then the model/unit maintains its position. If failed, then the model/unit must charge the target and discard the objective. Models armed with ranged weapons instead automatically shoot the nearest target.
  • Combat Squads

Psychic Powers[edit]

All Spirit Priests can roll from the following Psychic Disciplines:

  • Biomancy
  • Divination
  • Daemonology (Sanctic)
  • Pyromancy
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy

Warlord Traits[edit]

1. Inspiring Presence, Mocking Stance 2. Weapons Master 3. Huntsman
The Warlord is a disciplinarian that will make his men go through extra length in order to achieve their objectives. Failure is not an option to him. Additionally the Warlord will comment on his enemies on how pathetic they are when faced against his marines, or praise them if he sees that they are actually trying to fight.

Any unit in 12” of the Warlord gains a +1 to all Leadership rolls. All enemy models in 6" of the Warlord get a -1 penalty to WS. The penalty doesn't affect enemy HQ choices.

The Warlord is uncommonly skilled in the use of his weapon. Even other skilled warriors are surprised at how he can fight them with barely any difficulty.

The Warlord can re-roll every failed To Hit and To Wound rolls in close combat. He also gains the Counter-Attack USR.

The Warlord is known for being good at hunting his enemies wherever they are.

The Warlord gains the Preferred Enemy USR.

4. Wisdom of The Kami and Ancestors 5. Swallow your Pride 6. Absolute Defence
The Warlord prays to the Kami Emperor and his ancestors for guidance on the battlefield and that fortune will smile upon his men.

The Warlord and any unit he’s part of/joined can re-roll failed Leadership Tests once per turn and gains the Adamantium Will USR (note that only the Warlord gains Adamantium Will and only him). If the Warlord already has Adamantium Will, then he gains a +1 to his Deny The Witch rolls.

Due to the events that resulted in the situation the Rising Sons found themselves in, the Warlord must swallow his pride and actually force his men not to recklessly attack their enemies.

If the Warlord leads a unit, then that unit doesn’t suffer from the Honour Before Reason SR.

The Warlord is known to be one hell of a beatstick and his endurance, resistance, and will to live is legendary.

The Warlord gains the Eternal Warrior and It Will Not Die USR.

Rising Sons Armoury[edit]

Melee Weapons[edit]

Yamato Blades[edit]

Weapons whose origin can be traced from the earliest feudal times of the Yamato sector.


Yamato Swords are, despite hearing legends about their incredible performance, no different from normal blades when it comes to sharpness. Thus a Power Katana is no different from a more traditional Power Sword (even coming in Force Weapon types), while a Relic Nodachi is no different from a Relic Blade.

However, if there is one thing that the Yamato Swords are superior to other Power Weapons, then it is their light construction and way of unsheathing them by the Rising Sons. Combined with their training, Yamato Swords are known to cut with ridiculous speed when in the hands of a Rising Son.

Name Range S AP Type
Katana - User - Melee, Quickdraw,
Wakizashi - User - Melee, Quickdraw, Dual Wield Orientation
Power Katana - User 3 Melee, Quickdraw
Power Wakizashi - User 3 Melee, Quickdraw, Dual Wield Orientation
Force Katana - User 3 Melee, Quickdraw, Force
Force Wakizashi - User 3 Melee, Quickdraw, Dual Wield Orientation, Force
Nodachi - +2 3 Melee, Two-Handed, Quickdraw
Force Nodachi - +2 3 Melee, Two-Handed, Quickdraw, Force
Relic Nodachi - +2 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Rending, Quickdraw
Quickdraw - Items with this special rule grant the model wielding it a +1 to Initiative for the first round in close combat. If a model charges with such a weapon, then he gets instead a +1 to Weapon Skills when charging an enemy.
Dual Wield Orientation - Items with this rule become Specialist Weapons when wielded with a Katana or Power Katana. The latter two also become Specialist Weapons. Note that the weapons have to be paired with those that correspond with each other. Thus a Wakizashi can only be paired with a Katana, while a Power Wakizashi with a Power Katana.
  • Katana...Free.
  • Wakizashi...Free.
  • Power Katana...15pts.
  • Force Katana
  • Power Wakizashi...5pts.
  • Force Wakizashi
  • Nodachi...20pts.
  • Force Nodachi
  • Relic Nodachi...25pts.


Naginatas are an offshoot of the more traditional Katana. These weapons sport a shorter blade on a long handle. Although they are more similar to a spear, the Naginata doesn't function the same way as the spear can. Although lacking the same qualities like a spear, it can be used to cleave multiple opponents.

Kabuki Glaives are weapons unique to Kabuki Warriors. Having an even more powerful powerfield than the Naginatas, these weapons cut even more efficiently than the latter ones. There are even force versions of these weapons for Kabuki Mystics. Despite this, there are certain high ranking individuals among the Rising Sons were given their own glaives by the enigmatic warrior artists.

Of all these weapons however, there is none more powerful than the Bisento.

Even bigger than the glaives used by the Kabuki, the Bisento is large and massive. So big that only those in Terminator Armour can wield it, and even then they have difficulties in using it. Yet when such a weapon cleaves, then it does so with a terrifying power.

Name Range S AP Type
Power Naginata - User 3 Melee, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack
Kabuki Glaive - - 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack
Kabuki Force Glaive - - 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack, Force
Bisento - +1 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Sweep Attack
Sweep Attack - A model with a weapon with this rule may instead strike enemy models at base contact with a number of attacks equal to the number of enemy models that are in base contact with it.
  • Power Naginata...15pts.
  • Kabuki Glaive...20pts.
  • Bisento...15pts.


Axes are rarely used in the Yamato Sub-Sector, as they are among the Rising Sons. These however never appear in the form used usually by other Space Marine Chapters or likewise other Imperial forces.

The ones used by Rising Sons are either in the form of smaller, lighter hatchets, or great, two-handed war axes that exist to cleave enemies with every terrifying strike, or if they are lucky, to heavily damage their powerful armours. Only powerful force fields of technology or mystical energies can actually help one survive blows from such weapons. These Ono, as the axes are called, are given to those Rising Sons in command who are known to be incredibly aggressive fighters, or to Jump Pack equipped fighters.

Name Range S AP Type
Ono Hatchet - +1 3 Melee
Ono Axe - +2 2 Melee, Unwieldy
Ono Force Axe - +2 2 Melee, Unwieldy, Force
Ono War Axe - +3 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Sunder Armour
Sunder Armour - Attacks from a model with a weapon with this rule reduces the Invulnerable Save value of an enemy model by one with a successful hit. Only those who have armours granting Invulnerable Saves are affected. Those who have Invulnerable Saves through other means (such as through a Iron Halo) are unaffected. Sunder Armour stacks with every hit, but cannot go under 6++.
  • Ono Hatchet...10pts.
  • Ono Axe...15pts.
  • Ono Force Axe
  • Ono War Axe...25pts.

Yamato Spears[edit]

Just like the Yamato Blades, the Yamato Spears are one of those weapons used by the Rising Sons. They do differ in a certain way from normal spear weapons. These are utilized to fell down Beasts and Cavalries. Even Bikers and Eldar Jetbikers experienced a terrifying defeat at the hands of those Rising Sons that were armed with such weapons.

The Yaris, as they are called, are incredibly long and require a long amount of training to be wielded properly, thus only the Veterans of the 1st Company are given these spears. Compared to the naginatas, they are actual, true spears designed to thrust into enemies with great penetrative power.

There are two types of these spears. The Katakamayari used by the Sternguards and Vanguards, as well as the traditional Yari wielded by Terminators. The first is armed additionally with a hook that is used in order to keep enemies from escaping. The latter are the original spear that is used by Terminators.

Terminator Armours aren't designed for chasing enemies (unless it's the Tartaros), thus the Katakamayaris are used exclusively by those who wear traditional armour. In order to make up the differences, the yaris used by Terminators have been made even more lethal. So much in fact that they can be useful against larger enemies, yet still not as powerful to fight against the largest monstrosities.

Name Range S AP Type
Katakamayari - User/+1 4/3 Melee, Two-Handed, Grapple, Beast Slaying Strike, Cavalry Slaying Strike, Dismounting Strike
Terminator Yari - +1/+2 3/2 Melee, Two-Handed, Rending, Beast Slaying Strike, Cavalry Slaying Strike, Giant Slaying Strike
Grapple - Enemy units that want to fall back from fighting a model armed with a weapon with this rule do so on a -1 penalty to their Fall Back distance.
Beast Slaying Strike/Cavalry Slaying Strike/Giant Slaying Strike - Weapons with these rules gain a +1 to S against Beasts (Beast Slaying Strike), Cavalry and both Bikes and Jetbikes (Cavalry Slaying Strike), models that are Monstrous Creatures/Flying Monstrous Creatures with the Bulky and/or having Extra Bulky and Extremely Bulky USR (Giant Slaying Strike).
Dismounting Strike - Models armed with this weapon nullify enemy Cavalry models' Fleet USR when in base contact. Additionally all Bike and Jetbike mounted models do not benefit from the +1T bonus when in base contact.
  • Katakamayari...20pts.
  • Terminator Yari...20pts.

Yamato Blunt Weapons[edit]

Despite having an arsenal of unique bladed and spear weapons, the Rising Sons do have blunt weapons of their own.

While the blades are designed to cut clean and fast, to cleave multiple adversaries, or, like in the case of the spears, to impale them with extreme prejudice, the blunt weapons of the Yamato are designed to smash through the hardest of armours, if not outright pulverize their targets.

The Ararebo is the most common of them. A small club with iron studs and a powerfield.

The Spirit Priest Staff works the same way as a normal Librarian Force Staff, but with the addition of two bladed edges, as well that it's sheathed in a much more stronger powerfield, it gives the user better penetrative power along with the same qualities a Force Weapon has.

Then there is the Power Kanabo, which is essentially a massive club and the equivalent of a Thunder Hammer. Yet even the latter is nothing compared to its larger version.

This Greater Kanabo can be only used by Terminators, and even then using it is difficult due to the weight and need of both hands as it is very unwieldy...yet when it strikes, even Terminator Armour won't save the unfortunate person from it.

Name Range S AP Type
Ararebo Power Club - +2 4 Melee, Concussive
Spirit Priest Staff - +2 3 Melee, Concussive, Force
Power Kanabo - 2x 2 Melee, Unwieldy, Concussive
Greater Kanabo - 10 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Concussive, Rending, Pulverize
Pulverize - A weapon with this rule causes Instant Death on a roll of 6.
  • Ararebo Power Club...15pts.
  • Spirit Priest Staff
  • Power Kanabo...30/15pts.
  • Greater Kanabo...30pts.

Standard Melee Weapons[edit]

Rules for the following Melee Weapons can be found in both Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40000 Rulebook:

  • Chainfist...15pts.

  • Powerfist...25/10pts.

  • Lightning Claw...15/5pts.

  • Seismic Hammer

  • Servo Arm

  • Siege Drill

Ranged Weapons[edit]

Raijin Pattern Bolter Weapons/Kaminari Guns[edit]

Raijin is a name for a terrifying spirit that is attributed with lightning among the people of the Yamato Sub-Sector. It is said that the fury of this spirit is so great that instead of calling him Raijin, they call him Kaminari-Sama (trans: Lightning Lord). If they didn’t, then he’d enact judgement in the form of a lightning bolt and take away people’s belly buttons. Another interpretation would be that the Raijin is an extension of the Kami Emperor’s will, and that it taking away people’s belly buttons may be seen that the person somehow offended the Emperor.

The Rising Sons are a little superstitious in these situations, and in order to not anger both the Kami and the lightning spirit (and have their belly buttons taken away) they decided to create weapons that would reflect the Raijin’s nature.

The Raijin Pattern Bolt Weapons (also known as Kaminari Guns) are the result of the Son’s years of studies and technological trials and errors. These weapons have a more enhanced auto-loading system and built in targeting mechanism from STC the marines managed to uncover during their first two centuries since their founding. All of this combined with greatly above marvelous craftsmanship. While being fired, Kaminari Guns sound like thunderstorms with each bolt round fired.

Because of this, Kaminari Guns are very difficult and take a very long time to produce. Thus only the Chapter’s Veteran members are granted these weapons after their introduction into the 1st Company.

Name Range S AP Type
Kaminari Bolt Pistol 12" 4 5 Pistol, Master Crafted, Shred
Kaminari Boltgun 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Master Crafted, Shred
Kaminari Combi-Bolter 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Master Crafted, Shred
Kaminari Storm Bolter 24" 4 5 Assault 2, Master Crafted, Shred
Kaminari Heavy Bolter 36" 5 4 Heavy 3, Master Crafted, Shred
Kaminari Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter 36" 5 4 Heavy 6, Master Crafted, Shred
  • Kaminari Bolt Pistol...5pts.
  • Kaminari Boltgun...5pts.
  • Kaminari Combi-Bolter...15/10pts.
  • Kaminari Combi-Bolter (Dragon Fury Flamer)...20/15pts.
  • Kaminari Storm Bolter...10/+5pts.
  • Kaminari Heavy Bolter...15/13pts.
  • Kaminari Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter...+5pts.

Dragon Fury Flamers[edit]

Dragon Fury Flamers are a product of need when the Chapter fought Tyranids for the first time.

Utilizing a bizarre concoction made out of blessed promethium and plant substances the marines mixed into it, this resulted in an even more volatile, hard to extinguish pyrogel that is also incredibly sticky.

Enemies hit by something like this are burned alive while trying to remove the sticky substance. This is especially useful against Tyranids, as the gel goes inside the smaller creatures’ spaces between their carapaces, literally cooking them inside their own armours.

However, due to the difficulty in which the Rising Sons can acquire the substance that grants the devastating capabilities of the Flamers, these weapons are utilized by the Veterans after their introduction into the 1st Company. Though some of the Chapter's vehicles are equipped with these weapons.

Name Range S AP Type
Dragon Fury Hand Flamer Template 3 6 Pistol, Fleshbane
Dragon Fury Flamer Template 4 5 Assault 1, Fleshbane
Dragon Fury Flamer (Combi-Bolter) Template 4 5 Assault 1, One Use Only, Fleshbane
Dragon Fury Heavy Flamer Template 5 4 Assault 1, Fleshbane
Dragon Fury Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer Template 5 4 Assault 1, Fleshbane, Twin-Linked
Dragon Fury Flamestorm Cannon Template 6 3 Assault 1, Fleshbane
  • Dragon Fury Hand Flamer...15pts.
  • Dragon Fury Flamer...10pts.
  • Dragon Fury Flamer (Combi-Bolter)...15/10pts.
  • Dragon Fury Flamer (Kaminari Combi-Bolter)...20/15pts.
  • Dragon Fury Heavy Flamer...15pts.
  • Dragon Fury Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer...10pts.
  • Dragon Fury Flamestorm Cannon...+10pts.

Standard Ranged Weapons[edit]

Rules for the following Ranged Weapons can be found in both Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40000 Rulebook:

  • Bolt Weapons:
    • Bolt Pistol...Free.
    • Boltgun...Free.
    • Combi Bolter...10pts.
    • Storm Bolter...5pts.
    • Heavy Bolter...20/10pts.
    • Hurricane Bolter

  • Flamer Weapons:
    • Hand Flamer...10pts.
    • Flamer...5pts.
    • Heavy Flamer...10pts.
    • Flamestorm Cannon

  • Plasma Weapons:
    • Plasma Pistol...15pts.
    • Plasma Gun...15pts.
    • Plasma Cannon...20/15/5pts.

  • Melta Weapons:
    • Inferno Pistol...15pts.
    • Meltagun...10pts.
    • Multi-Melta...10pts.
    • Melta Cannon

  • Grav Weapons:
    • Grav-Pistol...15pts.
    • Grav-Gun...15pts.
    • Grav-Cannon and Grav-Amp...35pts.

  • Missile Weapons
    • Missile Launcher...15pts.
      • Missile Launcher (Flak Missile)...+10pts.
    • Cyclone Missile Launcher...25pts.
    • Deathwind Missile Launcher
    • Skyhammer Missile Launcher
    • Skyspear Missile Launcher
    • Stormstrike Missile Launcher
    • Typhoon Missile Launcher...25pts.
    • Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher

  • Auto Weapons:
    • Assault Cannon...20/10pts.
    • Autocannon
    • Twin-Linked Autocannons...5pts.

  • Conversion Beamer...20pts.

  • Cerberus Launcher

  • Astartes Grenade Launcher...5pts.

  • Space Marine Shotgun...Free.

  • Sniper Rifle...1pt.

  • Icarus Stormcannon Array

  • Laser Weapons:
    • Lascannon...40/20pts.
    • Twin-Linked Lascannon...15pts.

  • Thunderfire Cannon

  • Orbital Strike

  • Demolisher Cannon


Special Issue Wargear[edit]

  • Kabuki Mask - The Kabuki are an enigmatic group within the Rising Sons who are seen as an oddity by everyone in the Imperium. Both warriors and artists, these fighting artists see war as a form of art and a way to venerate The Emperor. The unique masks that they wear are a form of ancient STC that the Chapter discovered when it was still fleeting and was in the process of adopting the Yamato culture as their own. The masks incorporate a unique mechanism that generates something of a mist around them that conceals them from enemy fire. The mechanisms behind this are a secret to the Chapter's Techmarines and the Tech-Priests of Yamato.
The Kabuki Mask grants the model the Shrouded USR.

  • Kabuki Mystic Mask - The Kabuki Mystics are enigmatic psyker individuals that, apart of being lethal battle psykers, are, like their non-psychic brethren, performers and artists who happen to see war as a form of art through which one can express his devotion to HIM ON TERRA. A mystic's mask is made out of the same crystal and technology as a traditional Librarian's Psychic Hood, yet it additionally grants the same concealing mist as the traditional Kabuki Mask.
The Kabuki Mystic Mask counts as a Psychic Hood n terms of functionality and grants the Shrouded USR.

  • Steel Ofuda - A very unique item that is forged by the Techmarines and sanctified by the Spirit Priests, the Steel Ofuda is one of the ultimate honors a Daimyo of the Rising Sons can be awarded for his long time of faultless duty. The Steel Ofuda is a talisman made to resemble the ordinary ofuda talismans that scare away impure and evil spirits, yet it is made out of the strongest materials the Chapter can acquire, the same technology used in Iron Halos, as well as inscribed with symbols and blessed to protect the wearer from psychic powers.
The Steel Ofuda counts as an Iron Halo and grants a 4++ Invulnerable Save. Additionally it grants the Adamantium Will USR. If a model already has this rule, it instead gains a +1 to its Deny The Witch Rolls.

Rules for the following Special Issue Wargear can be found in both Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40000 Rulebook:

  • Armorium Cherub...5pts.

  • Auspex...5pts.

  • Camo Cloak...2pts.

  • Cluster Mines...20pts.

  • Combat Shield...5pts.

  • Company Standard...15pts.

  • Digital Weapons...10pts.

  • Frag Grenades

  • Krak Grenades

  • Grav-Amp

  • Hellfire Shells

  • Ironclad Assault Launchers

  • Jump Pack...15pts.

  • Locator Beacon...10pts.

  • Melta Bombs...5pts.

  • Narthecium

  • Omniscope...10pts.

  • Servo Harness...25pts.

  • Signum

  • Space Marine Bike

  • Special Issue Ammunition

  • Storm Shield...10pts.

  • Teleport Homer...5pts.


  • Kabuki Armour - A flamboyantly decorated armour used by the Kabuki Warriors and Mystics, it incorporates a gravitic harness that allows the wearer to jump incredibly high and move with great speed. These suits were created, along with the Kabuki Masks, back in the younger years of the Chapter's existence out of ancient STC data. The secrets of their production only known to the Techmarines and Yamato Tech-Priests.
The Kabuki Armour grants the user the Move Through Cover USR and allows them to move additional 6".

  • Spirit Priest Armour/Terminator Armour - Armour that not only is wonderfully ornamental, but also incorporates dozens of hexagrammic wards and holy symbols that come from the Chapter's home sub-sector, as well sport a force field that is powered by the user's soul. Spirit Priests gain this armour after they finish their training and set off to aid their brothers. Certain members do however gain unique versions of these armours in the form of Terminator issue versions.
The Spirit Priest Armour is a Artificer Armour that grants the user a 4++ Invulnerable Save and additionally counts as a Psychic Hood. Terminator versions, apart of the same additions the first grants, also have the same rules as Terminator Armours have.

Rules for the following Armours can be found in both Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40000 Rulebook:

  • Artificer Armour

  • Terminator Armour

Rising Sons Vehicle Upgrades[edit]

  • Firecracker Launchers - Hulls of the Dragon Fortress Land Raiders are decked with launchers that fire salvoes of grenades designed to blind, confuse and damage enemies that either charge the vehicle, or to soften them up before unleashing its destructive arsenal.
Firecracker Launchers cause a vehicle to be armed with both Defensive and Frag Grenades. Additionally the vehicle may launch a volley of these grenades before firing its ranged weapons if the targets are in a range of 12".

  • Mobile Pagoda - Fitted on Rhinos, Predators, Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts, these small shrines act to remind that the Kami-Emperor is always with the marines and is always watching them.
Units with a Leadership value in a range of 12" of the machine may re-roll failed Leadership Tests if they roll a 1 and re-roll failed Pinning Tests.

Rules for the following Vehicle Upgrades can be found in both Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40000 Rulebook:

  • Ceramite Plating

  • Dozer Blade...5pts.

  • Extra Armour...10pts.

  • Frag Assault Launchers

  • Hunter-Killer Missile...10pts.

  • Ironclad Assault Launcher

  • Locator Beacon

  • Searchlights

  • Siege Shield...10pts.

  • Smoke Launchers

  • Storm Bolter...5pts.

Relics of the Yamato[edit]

Golden Armour of The Wolf Knight (40 pts)[edit]

Legends say that in the times when the Yamato Sub-Sector was still young, Chaos Daemons poured into the materium to haunt mortals. These were said to be dark times for the sub-sector, but one day a warrior, wearing a golden armour with a helmet in the shape of a snarling wolf's muzzle appeared and drove off the denizens of the warp. Since then no daemon has ever set his feet on any of the planets, yet the warrior disappeared mysteriously. It was said that the golden warrior was a physical manifestation of the Kami-Emperor's will. When the Rising Sons fought against Chaos Daemons in the Parulis Purging, their very first battle against Chaos on a sub-sector wide scale when they were first founded, Brother Kouga was isolated by a pack of Flesh Hounds from the rest of his squad. Readying himself for a last stand, a mysterious chunk of golden metal fell from the sky right between Kouga and the daemons of Khorne. The hounds were suddenly terrified by the mysterious chunk. The marine picked it and threw himself at the warp spawned beasts and defeated them. After the purging, the Spirit Priests and Techmarines took the chunk and used Kouga's power armour to forge a new suit that resembled the one the warrior from legends wore. It is said that those brothers who wear the armour are granted great power and a thirst to slay every daemon of Chaos that crosses their path.

The Golden Armour of The Wolf Knight is an Artificer Armour that grants the wearer a 3++ Inv Save, as well as a +1 to WS, S, T and I. Additionally the model with this relic gains Hatred (Chaos Daemons). Models with the Daemon USR from Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Chaos Daemons (or any supplements for both) are subject to the Fear USR and every time they want to charge or hit the model with the Golden Armour of The Wolf Knight, they must pass a Leadership test with a -2 modifier.

Zanbato (30 pts)[edit]

The Zanbato is said to be the ultimate blade. A Nodachi of unparalleled killing power, but it only figured in fiction and legends, as there were no evidence of it existing...until it was proven otherwise. While looking for recruits on Sekai, a group of Rising Sons uncovered a strange coffin-like casket, and within it a blade that looked like a Nodachi of their own production, yet broader and heavier. When the marines were readying to take it back for analysis, a group of Dark Eldar led by an Incubi ambushed them. Without hesitation the marines launched at their ambushers. The battle was tough and only brother Kojiro and the Incubi were left. The xenos' Klaivex was incredibly powerful as it shattered his brothers blades due to its mass and slew them without any resistance. Kojiro picked up the mysterious Nodachi, it's powerfield activating the moment he touched it, and using both its mass and power he slew the Incubi that tried to parry the strike, only to instantly realize that the blade the marine wielded was cutting through his Klaivex and a second later into his flesh. After this the weapon has been stored in the chapter's reliquary and dispensed only to those who are worthy of slaying the enemies of the Kami-Emperor with it.

The Zanbato is a Master Crafted Relic Nodachi with the following stats:
Name Range S AP Type
Zanbato - 2x 2 Melee, Two-Handed, Rending, Unwieldy, Master Crafted, Penetrative Strike
  • Penetrative Strike - a model with this rule has a chance to completely ignore an Invulnerable Save. Roll a 1D6 and compare with your opponent's Invulnerable Save roll. If the roll for penetration is higher than that of your opponent's Invulnerable Save roll, then the save is ignored.

Cyclone (30pts)[edit]

A relic Bike that was given to the Rising Sons by their fellow brothers from the Mantis Warriors many millennia ago, the Cyclone was first driven by the legendary Daimyo, and later Shogun Hongo. This bike has a mantis-like look and includes a extremely powerful engine, not to mention the structure being heavily reinforced. Cyclone was numerous times damaged and destroyed, often to the point of being wiped out, only to reappear back in the Reliquary as if freshly build.

In later years, the use of the Cyclone was more frequent due to what happened to the Mantis Warriors during the Badab War. While others saw the chapter as untrustworthy, the Rising Sons started to use the bike more frequently as to show solidarity with their Mantis brethren and completely ignoring how others reacted to this.

Cyclone is a Space Marine Bike that grants a +2 to T, as well grants the Feel No Pain, Hammer of Wrath, and Skilled Rider USR. If the model already has Feel No Pain USR, then he gets a +1 to it instead. Models that wield a Two-Handed weapon cannot take Cyclone.

Kami Omamori (30pts)[edit]

A unique talisman created millennia ago by the very first Spirit Priest (along with a group of shrine priests from Otera), this item is infused with an incredible power that makes all impure creatures shrivel in fear, as if the Kami Emperor channeled a portion of HIS power through it. Nobody knows the materials from which it was created, nor the techniques.

One however can know that this talisman empowers the Spirit Priest wearing it and protects from misfortune.

The Kami Omamori an upgrade for the Spirit Priest Armour/Terminator Armour. It grants a 3++ Invulnerable Save and a +1 to Deny The Witch and Perils of The Warp rolls. Additionally models with the Daemon USR from Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Chaos Daemons (or any supplements for both) in a range of 12" are subject to the Fear USR and every time they want to charge or hit a model in the vicinity of the Kami Omamori, they must pass a Leadership test with a -2 modifier.




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Devastator Squad[edit]

Centurion Squad[edit]

Thunderfire Cannon[edit]






Land Rider[edit]

Stormraven Gunship[edit]

Storm Eagle Assault Gunship[edit]

Lords of War[edit]

Dreadnought Nobunaga[edit]

Dragon Fortress Land Rider[edit]