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Halo: The Banished Codex

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The Banished are an interesting army to build upon as its fluff creates an interesting relationship with the Covenant. If you don't know who they are, it is because they are relatively new to the Halo universe. Essentially they are a breakaway group of Brutes (And their subordinates) led by Atriox who has a reputation for being formidable and cunning.

The Banished offer a completely different perspective on the Brutes and how they function as a whole.

Like its bigger cousin, The Covenant Codex, discussions are more than welcome for this codex too. The Codex is currently under construction and more updates will be added shortly.

Army Special Rules[edit]

Atriox's Wrath- The feelings of betrayal and resentment channel through not only Atriox but through his subjects as well, his ideology comprised of racial nationalism and Jiralhanae pride creates unrelenting fury against all those who stand in the Banished' way, smashing and crushing those whose hubris got the better of them. Any unit with this rule or that contains a model with this rule must take a Leadership test during each fight sub-phase before attacks are made. On a success, that unit can re-roll failed To Hit rolls for that fight sub-phase.

Dual-Wielding- Like the Covenant, numerous weapons from the Banished can be wielded by Elites and Brutes one-handed, allowing them to fire two weapons at once. A weapon with this ability can be used effectively with one hand. As such, an INFANTRY model can choose to have this weapon count as a Pistol weapon, allowing them to fire multiple weapons in the shooting phase.

Two-Handed- A weapon with this ability requires two hands to wield, as such, an INFANTRY model making a shooting attack with it cannot make a shooting attack with any other weapon during that Shooting phase.

Banished Warlord Traits[edit]

If a BANISHED CHARACTER is your Warlord, they can generate a Warlord Trait from the following table instead of the one in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. You can either roll on the table below to randomly generate a Warlord Trait, or you can select the one that best suits your general’s battlefield objectives.

  1. Martial Training: Through discipline and more unorthodox of combat, your Warlord will have keen intellect and knowledge on the battlefield. You Automatically pass Combat Attrition Tests for friendly BANISHED INFANTRY units within 6" of your Warlord in the Morale phase.
  2. With Extreme Prejudice: In an attempt to exterminate his foes, a Warlord may order his subordinates to fire without regard for ammo. Your Warlord and any unit within any aura he possesses can re-roll failed To Hit rolls of one with shooting attacks. If they can already do this, then they can re-roll failed To Hit rolls of two as well.
  3. Combat Philosopher: Philosophy and war can go hand in hand among the more spiritual aspects of Warriors. Add 3" to the range of any abilities on your Warlord’s datasheet.
  4. Master of Melee: After many decades of training, this Warlord has discovered the weak points of every sentient species and race known. Re-roll failed To Hit and Wound rolls in the Fight phase for attacks made by your Warlord.
  5. Into the Fray: There is no greater motivation than the assurance that you're doing what's right. When your Warlord and a single friendly unit within 3" of them Advances, they may both add 6" to their Move characteristic for that Movement phase instead of rolling a dice.
  6. Dirty Fighter: The Warlord has abandoned the constraints of honour and will use any means at his disposal to distract and hamper his opponents. Before making their normal attacks, the Warlord may attempt to blind or distract the enemy. Roll one dice To Hit, using the Warlord's weapon skill. If this attack Hits, then the enemy unit will suffer a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill for the remainder of the turn. Roll the rest of your attacks as normal afterwards.

Named Characters and Warlord Traits[edit]

If one of the following named characters is your Warlord, they must be given the associated Warlord Trait shown below.

Atriox Decimus Let 'Volir Colony Yapyap THE DESTROYER Voridus Pavium Escharum
Martial Training With Extreme Prejudice Combat Philosopher Master of Melee Dirty Fighter Into the Fray Combat Philosopher Martial Training

Banished Equipment[edit]

Like the Covenant, the Banished incorporate a wide variety of technology and weapons. Whilst the majority of the Banished lack the advantage of Forerunner-derived technology as the Covenant, they compensate for this with their brand of Brute ingenuity and resource.

Weapon Table Range Type S AP D Abilities
Plasma Pistol When attacking with this weapon, choose one of the two profiles below.
Standard Pistol 12" Pistol 1 3 0 1
Overcharged Pistol 12" Pistol 1 4 -1 2 This weapon re-rolls failed To Hit rolls. This profile can only be used once per battle.
Plasma Repeater 24" Rapid Fire 1 3 0 1 Two-Handed
Spike Grenade 6" Grenade D3 5 -1 2 Blast
Plasma Rifle 18" Assault 2 3 0 1 One-Handed
Ravager 24" Assault D6 4 -1 1 Two-Handed, Blast
Plasma Cannon 36" Heavy 3 5 -1 2 Two-Handed
Twin Plasma Cannon 36" Heavy 6 5 -1 2 -
Heavy Plasma Cannon 36" Heavy 3 6 -2 2 -
Needler 18" Assault 2 3 0 1 One Handed. Each time you make a wound roll of 6+ for this weapon, that hit is resolved with an AP of -3. All failed To Hit rolls made with this weapon may be re-rolled.
Heavy Needler 24" Heavy 4 6 -1 1 Each time you make a wound roll of 6+ for this weapon, that hit is resolved with an AP of -3. All failed To Hit rolls made with this weapon may be re-rolled.
Covenant Carbine 30" Rapid Fire 1 4 0 1 Two-Handed
Stalker Rifle 36" Rapid Fire 1 4 0 1 Two-Handed. This weapon may target a CHARACTER even if it is not the closest enemy unit.
Concussion Cannon 36" Heavy 2D6 5 -1 1 Blast
Brute Shot (Shooting) 24" Assault D6 3 0 1 Two-Handed, Blast
Brute Shot (Melee) Melee Melee +2 -1 1 -
Spiker (Shooting) 12" Assault 2 3 0 1 One-Handed
Spiker (Melee) Melee Melee User 0 1 Each time the bearer fights, it makes 1 additional attack with this weapon.
Mauler 12" Pistol 1 3 0 1 If the target is within half range, add 1 to this weapon’s Strength.
Mangler 9" Pistol 1 4 0 1 -
Scrap Cannon 48" Heavy 2 7 -1 2 -
Skewer 18" Assault 1 8 -3 3 -
Fuel Rod Gun 36" Assault D6 5 -1 1 Two-Handed, Blast
Twin Fuel Rod Pods 36" Heavy 6D6 6 -2 1 Blast. Add 1 to all To Hit rolls made for this weapon against AIRCRAFT units.
Fuel Rod Cannon 36" Heavy D6 6 -2 1 Blast
Fuel Rod Beam 36" Heavy 1 8 -4 D3+3 -
Fuel Rod Storm 48" Assault 10 4 0 1 This weapon re-rolls failed To Hit rolls.
Plasma Grenade 6" Grenade D6 4 -1 1 Blast
Plasma Launcher 36" Heavy 4 6 -1 D3 Two-Handed. All failed To Hit rolls with this weapon may be re-rolled.
Plasma Mortar 48" Heavy D6 5 -1 1 Blast. This weapon can target units that are not visible to the bearer. Each time an attack is made with this weapon, the target does not receive the benefits of Light Cover against that attack.
Disruptor 12" Pistol 1 5 -2 1 Each time a successful hit roll is made for an attack with this weapon, if the target is a VEHICLE unit (excluding TITANIC units) whose characteristics change as it loses wounds, then, until the start of your next Shooting phase, it halves the number of wounds it has remaining when determining what characteristics to use.
Shock Rifle 30" Rapid Fire 1 6 -2 D3 Each time a successful hit roll is made for an attack with this weapon, if the target is a VEHICLE unit (excluding TITANIC units) whose characteristics change as it loses wounds, then, until the start of your next Shooting phase, it halves the number of wounds it has remaining when determining what characteristics to use.
Bloodfuel Rifle 18" Assault D6 5 -2 1 Blast. Each time an attack is made with this weapon, on an unmodified wound roll of 6, that attack has a Damage characteristic of 2.
Firebomb 6" Grenade D6 4 0 1 Blast. Add 1 to wound rolls for this weapon when targeting an INFANTRY unit.
Shotgun 12" Assault 2 3 0 1 If the target is within half range, add 1 to this weapon’s Strength.
Autogun 24" Rapid Fire 1 3 0 1 -
Missile Launcher When attacking with this weapon, choose one of the two profiles below.
Frag Missile 48" Heavy D6 4 0 1 Blast
Krak Missile 48" Heavy 1 8 -2 D6 -
Hydra 36" Heavy 1 4 -2 2 -
Plasma Beam 72" Heavy 2D3 16 -4 D6+3 Blast
Tyrant Gun 120" Heavy 3 18 -5 D6+6 Add 1 to all To Hit rolls made for this weapon against AIRCRAFT units.
Energy Sword Melee Melee +1 -3 2 Each time the bearer fights, it makes 1 additional attack with this weapon.
Gravity Hammer Melee Melee x2 -3 4 When attacking with this weapon, you must subtract 1 from the To Hit roll.
Titanic Stride Melee Melee User -3 3 Make 2 To Hit rolls for each attack made with this weapon instead of 1.

Ranged Weaponry[edit]

Banished Plasma Weapons- Like the Covenant, the Banished employ a wide variety of plasma weapons in their arsenal. However, their plasma weapons are seldom used in contrast to the large supply of Brute weaponry. Banished plasma weapons have tweaked and modified it to the degree to be considered sacrilege by the Covenant Empire, thus Banished plasma weapons have a wide range of unique or powerful properties in contrast to the mainstream Covenant.

Banished Needler Weapons- Like the Covenant, the Banished utilize these specialized weapons in their armoury which fire armor-piercing crystal shards that have a limited tracking intelligence that allows for fired needles to hit targets unerringly. When these shards manage to penetrate armour they then explode, causing massive trauma similar to that of an Imperial bolt weapon, though a reaction between a cluster of needles causes a much larger explosion more akin to a frag grenade. However, they are in lesser quantities due to being cut off from the main production industry found in Suban, one of the moons of the Elite homeworld Sanghelios.

Banished Shock Weapons- The Banished are far more liberal and pragmatic than whatever dogma is plaguing the Covenant system. Facing numerically superior armour from both the Covenant and the Imperium, the Banished had begun in the construction of shock weapons - analogous to the Arc weaponry used by the Imperium.

Brute Weapons- Brutes tend to use their special brand of firearms, all of which feature sharp blade attachments to make them more suitable for the melee of close combat that most Brutes favour.

Siphon Weapons- By reverse engineering the Vampire's stasis beam into a mobile and practical usage, Banished weapon smith have created a slew of 'Siphon' Weapons designed to steal the life of enemy units and then return the vampiric powers into a healing equipment among allies.

Human Weapons- While Covenant dogma considers non-covenant weapons to be unclean, which sometimes leads to the most dogmatic warriors preferring to fight with an empty weapon rather than picking up foreign weapons, the Banished's abandonment of the Covenant religion has meant that they've eagerly scavenged weapons created by other factions whenever possible. Most of the time, these weapons are relegated to being trophies after battle due to being unable to resupply the weapon with ammunition, but the Banished have seized some of the simpler mobile manufactorums from the Imperium and thus can create shotguns, autoguns and missile launchers and the ammunition that these weapons fire for their use. More worryingly, Banished infantry have been sighted using a new weapon they call Hydra's which operate suspiciously like the Stalker Bolt Rifle.

Melee Weaponry[edit]

Energy Sword- While the blade is composed of plasma, the sword‘s hilt is a magnetic field generator that projects two envelopes of magnetic energy, which contain the sword‘s plasma. With sufficient momentum and force an energy sword can cut into the thickest of armor.

Gravity Hammer- A large hammer that excels as a powerful melee weapon and is a highly symbolic Jiralhane weapon that is analogous to the Sangheili's Energy Sword. The Gravity Hammer can also be used to manipulate gravity, allowing it to push opponents away or pull them towards the wielder, as well as deflect incoming projectiles and in some cases, create a localized gravity well.

Miscellaneous Equipment[edit]

Plasma Grenades- These are timed devices that can stick to enemy vehicles or infantry and explode with a burst of superheated plasma.

Spike Grenades- The primary fragmentary armament of choice for Jiralhanae infantry, these explode in a hail of heated spikes that only the most foolhardy of enemies would take on directly.

Firebombs- Primary used by Jiralhanae elite infantry, these explode in a gout of flames that make a mockery of cover.

Shrapnel Mines- Used by the Banished as a growing replacement for Plasma Grenades, throwable mines that cause severe laceration and physical damage. After your army deploys, scouts redeploy and infiltrators deploy, but before the roll to Seize the Initiative, you may booby-trap a single piece of battlefield terrain in your deployment zone for each unit with Shrapnel Mines. The piece of area terrain should be marked with a small marker to remind both players that it has been booby-trapped. Enemy models treat booby-trapped pieces of area terrain as dangerous terrain. Note that booby-traping the same piece of area terrain multiple times has no additional effect. Models with the Infiltrate or Scout special rules may equipped with Shrapnel Mines and may booby-trap a single piece of area terrain anywhere on the table.

Guardian Shield- A shield that is equipped to high ranking Unggoy, Kig-Yar and some light or immobile weapons and vehicles. It grants a 5++ invulnerable save.

Sangheili Combat Harness- Worn by most ranks of Sangheili squad leaders and units, the regenerative energy shielding of the armour grants superb protection against most small arms fire, and even limited protection against heavier weaponry. It grants a 4+ armour save and 6++ invulnerable save.

Jiralhanae Combat Harness- While most Jiralhanae prefer to rely on their natural toughness to ignore enemy firearms, a coming shift in power dictated that they don their armour once more. While lacking a more durable form of energy shielding, it provides a generous modicum of protection to its bearer. It grants a 4+ armour save.

Jiralhanae Assault Harness- Worn by higher ranking Jiralhanae units, it still notably lacks a cohesive energy shield system, but is comparatively more durable and perfect for close-combat assaults. It grants a 3+ armour save.

Heroes Harness- This harness is worn by the greatest of the Covenant. Only the War Chieftans and Warlords of the Jiralhanae are granted these privileges.

Stealth Harness- Available in both Sangheili and Jiralhanae versions, this is granted to Covenant special forces and incorporates a cloaking field that renders the wearer nearly invisible. The Sangheili version does not have an energy shield since there is not enough power to maintain both an energy shield and cloaking mechanism. It grants a 4+ armour save and the Stealth and Shrouded special rules. Note that the bonuses from these special rules only apply to the models wearing the armour, it does not benefit models such as Independent Characters that have joined the unit.

Unggoy Harness- A simplistic design, it integrates a methane re-breather system for Grunts. Provides a 6+ armour save.

Bonded Armor- This armour is made from the same material that starship hulls are made from, only the Megalekgolo from the Banished can carry its weight. Grants a 3+ armour save.

Active Camouflage- Unlike the Stealth Harness, active camouflage is not meant to be used in combat. Merely to get into position.

Ironclad Armor- The lack of Covenant resources meant that the Banished are forced to improvise. One of the most formidable armours is centimetres-thick, molecular-enhanced iron, steel and titanium welded together by high-pressurized lasers. Aptly named ironclads, these pieces of armour could shrug off and reflect even the heaviest of firepower.

Vehicle Wargear[edit]

Vehicular Energy Shielding- A powerful energy field protects the vehicle. Grants a 2++ invulnerable save. Each layer of Vehicular Energy Shielding only protects against a single glancing or penetrating hit per shooting phase and has no effect against melee attacks.

Salvaged Armor- Whilst rickety and unpleasant to look at, what the Banished lacks in grace and finesse, it comes with weight and defence. Wielded together with random bits of sharp metal, blades and spikes, these armour pieces are just as dangerous to fight up close as it is afar. Every model that rolls a one on its To Hit rolls when attacking the vehicle in melee combat suffers an S4 AP- hit.

Unique HQ Characters[edit]


Atriox, supreme leader of the Banished.

"Tell your leaders that it is Atriox himself who made your little demons flee in fear. Tell them that the Harbinger has come to knock on their doors. For I am Atriox, fear me or die trying" ~Atriox upon capturing a Space Marine Scout after slaughtering an entire squad of Adeptus Astartes.

Atriox is the leader of the Banished and a cunning and ruthless one indeed. Wielding the the infamous Gravity Mace known as 'Chainbreaker' which was crafted from the pieces of a Gravity Hammer and an enhanced power gauntlet that increased his notorious strength of his kind to obscene levels. Atriox is a tactical genius even among the most respected Covenant leaders. His unnamed armour is custom-built and decorated with trophies of those he has defeated. An interesting aspect of it is that observation shows that it is not solely of Covenant origin, incorporating elements of construction from Human, Tau, Ork and even Eldar and Necron origins. Unconfirmed rumours say that it was built by a rogue Archmagos, Big Mek, Cryptek, Bonesinger, Earth caste engineer or even by a collaboration of all of the above. His deep level of cunning has earned him infamy in much of the galaxy. Imperial, Covenant and Eldar commanders have learned well to stay away from him lest they invite his wrath.

Power 12, Points per model 240

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Atriox 5" 2+ 3+ 4 5 6 5 9 2+

Atriox is a single model armed with Chainbreaker, a Power Gauntlet and Firebombs. Your army may only include one Atriox.
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Chainbreaker Melee Melee +3 -1 3 -
Power Gauntlet Melee Melee x2 -4 D3+1 Each time an attack is made with this weapon, subtract 1 from that attack’s hit roll, and if that attack is allocated to a VEHICLE model, that attack has a Damage characteristic of 3.

  • Atriox's Wrath
  • Custom Armor: Each time an attack is allocated towards ATRIOX, worsen the Armor Penetration characteristic of that attack by 2.
  • Chieftain: Friendly BANISHED INFANTRY units within 6" of this model may re-roll failed Charge rolls.
  • Indisputed Leader: If Atriox is in your army, he must be your Warlord. In addition, friendly BANISHED INFANTRY units within 6" of Atriox automatically pass their Leadership test to determine if they receive the benefits of Atriox's Wrath.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED


"Hehehehehehe.....You're a stubborn one Greenskin. Let us satiate our hunger for war and blood with a warm toast!" ~Decimus fighting Warboss Back Breaka on Concordia IV.

Decimus is the right-hand man of Atriox and a monster indeed. Whilst Atriox stays behind to command his troops, Decimus is the one who leads his troops into battle (Or kills them if they dare defy his orders) and ensures victory for the Banished. Decimus is a frightening beast to fight. Donning in a powered exoskeleton not unlike those of the fabled Grey Knight Dreadknights, albeit in a smaller and more mobile form. Decimus crushes and maims his opponent into a bloodied stain. Equipped with a Gravity Claw and a giant Gravity Mace, it is known that even Terminator Armor is pried open like canned meat only to have the occupant torn to shreds by the gravitational impulses released from Decimus. His loyalty to Atriox is second to none and only through intense artillery would it stop Decimus in his tracks.

Power 14, Points per model 280

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Decimus 5" 2+ 3+ 5 5 8 5 9 2+

Decimus is a single model armed with a Gravity Mace and Gravity Claw. Your army may only include one Decimus.
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Gravity Mace Melee Melee +4 -2 3 Each time an attack is made with this weapon, subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll.
Gravity Claw 48" Heavy D3 8 -4 D6 Blast

  • Atriox's Wrath
  • Exo-suit: Grants a 5+ invulnerable save. Decimus does not suffer the penalty to To Hit rolls incurred for firing heavy weapons in the same turn he has moved. During deployment, Decimus can be set up high in the skies instead of setting him up on the battlefield. If you do, then in the Reinforcements step of one of your Movement phases you can set up Decimus anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models.
  • Chieftain: Friendly BANISHED INFANTRY units within 6" of this model may re-roll failed Charge rolls.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Let 'Volir - 150pts[edit]

"On my mark...eradicate their worthless souls!" ~Shipmaster Let 'Volir, as he unleashes a Glassing Beam on the planet HR-42g1.

Let 'Volir, more commonly known as the Shipmaster, is the leader of the Banished Navy and commander of the Assault Carrier, Enduring Conviction. Unlike other members of the Banished, the Shipmaster went rogue after a heretical revelation spoken through a psychic prophecy which made him and his men abandon the Covenant. Likewise, the Covenant branded him a heretic and traitor, demanding his capture and immediate public execution. With nowhere to go, the Shipmaster met Atriox and reluctantly pledged allegiance to him in exchange for protection. Despite him and his men being Sangheili, the Shipmaster quickly grew to become a valuable asset to the Banished growing navy and armada. Whilst he does not like ground combat as it is out of his expertise, the Shipmaster is still capable and proven combatant on the ground. Armed with an Energy Sword, a Plasma Rifle and a specialized communication set. Where he falls in mediocrity, he exceeds in commanding pin-point orbital bombardments under the command of his ship, quickly turning the tables and ensuing merciless victory under the Banished.

Colony - 290pts[edit]

"Quaking Growl......" ~Colony's main form of communication.

The unknown and mysterious Mgalekgolo pair known only as Colony is believed to either be a representative for all Lekgolo within the Banished or is charged with the command and operations of all the Lekgolo within the Banished army. Colony served under Atriox not out of any religious or ideological creed, but out of necessity in achieving its agenda on the Ark, focusing much of its attention on the activities near the resting place of the Forerunner Keyships. Colony undertook various missions to investigate this site outside the knowledge of other Banished leaders, though Atriox is aware of Colony's motivations. As the de facto leader of the entire Lekgolo swarm in the Banished, Colony is equipped with a highly advanced communication array, granting all nearby Lekgolo units to gain a boost in their defences and gifting allied vehicles with the aid of Lekgolo worms, increasing the vehicle's defence capabilities. Furthermore, Colony is armed with a modified sensor array that allows Colony to drop down living barriers and obstructions, blocking enemy vehicles for the price of sacrificing a few Lekgolo worms. When pressed into combat, Colony dress in highly flexible but powerful armour and a modified Assault Cannon that has been fused with Forerunner technology from Colony's past ambitions in experimenting in the Ark's surroundings. Colony is a powerful commander on the battlefield and it shows.

Yam-Blim - 25pts[edit]

Okey Dokey, my Grunty intuition says that I am gonna survive this one! ~Yam-Blim reading his inner magic ball on prophecies, or as most Humans call it, Paranoia.

Yam-Blim was just a normal Unggoy Thrall-Taskmaster working under the Banished until a fateful event in which an Eldar Guardian blew parts of his brain off. Due to unknown circumstances, Yam-Blim survived the incident and now has a cybernetic brain to replace the one he lost. However, this has led Yam-Blim to become paranoid and eccentric and his strange survival spewed superstition among the Unggoy which later proclaimed him as a prophet. Thus whilst, Yam-Blim still wields a standard Needler, his reputation has sowed a mysterious aura that makes allied troops around him become... strange. Suffice it to say, his aura can go from making the lowliest Unggoy into killing machines to making the mightiest Jiralhanae reduced into an uncontrollable sexual beast in heat... much to the trauma of many women (And men!) on the battlefield. Due to this, Atriox has been interested in the development of Yam-Blim and his 'specialness', sending him on near suicidal missions to test on newfound abilities.

Yapyap THE DESTROYER - 120pts[edit]

And so proclaimed the Throne of Woe that it is I, Yapyap THE DESTROYER shall be the supreme overlord of all sentient beings in the Galaxy and the true heir of the Food Nipple Empire! ~Yapyap self-proclaiming himself as the supreme dictator of the entire universe.

Yapyap THE DESTROYER is the self-proclaimed supreme leader of an entire Unggoy army. But before this, he was simply known as Yapyap, a low-ranking Deacon in the Covenant's Ministry of Sanitation before the ill-fated kidnapping by the Banished. Yapyap rose through the chain of command within the Banished due to being slower than the other Grunts at avoiding eye contact when a job needed to be filled. He remained under the ruthless mercy of the Banished until his fateful chance of discovering the legendary Throne of Woe. Empowered by the Throne's power (whether by benign benevolence or malicious malevolence), Yapyap matured into a strong and independent Unggoy who needed no Brute and proceeded to open a large rebellion against the Banished in favour of locating the fabled Golden Methane Hydrate Mines of Sabator, hidden somewhere on the Ark. However, despite the 'rebellion', the Banished did not officially recognise Yapyap's blue-blooded independence. Atriox saw the benefit of Yapyap's 'ingenuity' and has on occasion persuaded the rebellious Unggoy to temporarily assist the Banished by waving a golden food nipple dyed in food colouring. In battle, Yapyap often sits upon the Throne of Woe which has been modified with several methane cannons to both buff fellow Unggoys and choke/cripple enemy infantry via 'explosive methane parties'. Yapyap is also notorious for losing more Unggoy than it is conceivably possible, yet somehow the Throne of Woe manages to produce more Unggoy reinforcements for Yapyap after he argued with and kicked the Throne in the process.

Voridus - 250pts[edit]

Brothers...Prepare yourselves.... ~Voridus warning his troops of the coming Flood.

Voridus along with his brother Pavium form the chief overseer of the Banished raiding parties. Brash, reckless and arrogant, Voridus has inadvertently pulled his brother into more trouble with Atriox than it's worth. Nevertheless, Voridus has proven himself to be a capable and highly dangerous warrior. Unlike most Jiralhanae, Voridus has been quite keen on experimenting with prototypical substances on live test subjects. Called Infusion Gel, this highly corrosive and flammable substance breaks down and burns their victims alive whilst Voridus and his pack laugh maniacally as their enemies suffer a slow and excruciating death. Curiously, Voridus and the rest of the Banished are immune to this volatile chemical substance with some Banished units even incorporating these chemicals in their bodies, perhaps genetic engineering was the result of this madness? Though he takes to the field with a standard gravity hammer, once he acquires enough resources he replaces it with an Infused Hammer, which creates energy pools with each strike and synergizes with his armor. Voridus can also intentionally release the gel from his tanks when he activates his Salt the Earth ability, leaving wide energy pools in his wake, creating an area of denial effect from advancing or surrounding enemies.

Pavium - 250pts[edit]

Voridus you fool! Listen to Atriox's orders or the next we would end up as trophies around his neck! ~Pavium berating his brother over the Vitek Incident.

Pavium along with his brother Voridus form the chief overseer of the Banished raiding parties. Pavium is a veteran of countless battles with both the Covenant and the dreaded Flood. Unlike his brother, Pavium is calmer, and more methodical in thinking. His age in war has made him 'tame' and weary for Jiralhanae standards. Yet his calm demeanour masks a formidable and merciless character. Whilst Voridus specialize in line-breaking and crowd control, Pavium excels in defences and siege warfare. On the battlefield, Pavium is a walking tank armed with a Heavy Mortar System for direct bombardment and a Target Designator for calling out high-value targets for combined fire; allowing the ability to overwatch. Targets 'painted' by Pavium’s designator cannot benefit from stealth and take decreased defences. Pavium is also armed with a massive Tower Shield, a gift from Atriox that allows formidable defence up to and including tanks.


Nothing... nothing ends. My death will inspire a thousand others. Tell them I died well. ~Escharum while dying to wounds inflicted by Master Chief John 117.

Escharum was once Atriox's mentor who was described by Escharum as his finest recruit. When Atriox rebelled against the Covenant and created the Banished, he recruited his former mentor to his cause. Despite being both elderly and sick he is still a capable warrior with his Scrap Cannon and personal Gravity Axe, the Diminisher of Hope. While he was slain in battle by Master Chief John 117, his valiance impressed John who held him as he died and honoured his final request by sending the video recording from his helmet of their fight to the local Banished forces.

The Harbinger[edit]

The Harbinger is an enigmatic woman from a species called Xalanyn and appears to be the only one of her kind that is currently active. She claims that the rest of her kind are imprisoned and intends to free them. The Harbinger was released by Escharum to gain control over a Forerunner installation. Despite having been released by Escharum and working with him, the two leaders and their factions have a clear distrust of each other. The Harbinger fights by releasing a powerful blast of energy at enemies while frequently teleporting to both avoid attacks and disorient her opponents.


Grunt (Unggoy) Cannon Fodder[edit]

Power 1, Points per model 1

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Grunt Cannon Fodder 5" 6+ 6+ 2 3 1 1 4 6+

This unit contains 30 Grunt Cannon Fodders armed with mere claws and rocks. The unit may contain 20 additional Grunt Cannon Fodders (Power Rating +1) or 30 additional Grunt Cannon Fodders (Power Rating +2)
Wargear Options:
  • None. Cannon Fodders come in cheap. Use them effectively.
  • Mob Up: If a unit of Grunts includes 20 or more models, you can add 1 to their To Hit rolls.
  • It's The Gas! I Don't Know What I Am Doing!: Any Grunt within 20" of a Methan Wagon gains +1 to WS, BS, A and Ld.
  • Sticks And Stones: Against enemy aircraft, Cannon Fodders can grab the nearest rock to throw at it. Range of thrown rocks will be treated like grenades, but stats will be treated as a Pistol 1, S2, AP0 and Damage 1 weapon.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Grunt (Unggoy) Suicide Squad[edit]

Power 1, Points per model 2

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Grunt Suicide Squad 5" 6+ 6+ 2 3 1 1 4 6+

This unit contains 15 Grunt Suicide Bombers armed with Plasma Pistols and Plasma Grenades. The unit may contain 25 additional Grunt Suicide Bombers (Power Rating +1)
Wargear Options:
  • Every Grunt Suicide Bomber is armed with a Plasma Pistol. They cannot trade their weapons for anything else.
  • Mob Up: If a unit of Grunts includes 20 or more models, you can add 1 to their To Hit rolls.
  • It's The Gas! I Don't Know What I Am Doing!: Any Grunt within 20" of a Methan Wagon gains +1 to WS, BS, A and Ld.
  • A Birthday Surprise: Once activated, any chosen Grunt Suicide Squad would activate their methane tanks and charge directly to the target. Their Movement speed will double and become immune to Leadership checks. Once they detonate, treat each Grunt as a Melta Bomb.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Grunt (Unggoy) Mob[edit]

Power 2, Points per model 3

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Grunt 5" 5+ 5+ 2 3 1 1 4 6+

This unit contains 10 Grunts armed with Plasma Pistols and Plasma grenades. The unit may contain 10 additional Grunts (Power Rating +1) or 2 additional Grunt Mules (Power Rating +2)
Wargear Options:
  • For every 10 Grunts, one Grunt may take an item from the Special Weapons list.
  • Any Grunt may replace his Plasma Pistol with a Needler or a Disruptor
  • Any Grunt may replace his Plasma Grenades with Dynamo Grenades or Shrapnel Mines.
  • Mob Up: If a unit of Grunts includes 20 or more models, you can add 1 to their To Hit rolls.
  • It's The Gas! I Don't Know What I Am Doing!: Any Grunt within 20" of a Methan Wagon gains +1 to WS, BS, A and Ld.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Jackal (Kig-Yar) Lance[edit]

Power 2, Points per model 7

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Jackal 6" 5+ 3+ 2 3 1 1 6 5+

This unit contains 5 Jackals armed with Plasma Pistols. The unit may contain 5 additional Jackals (Power Rating +2) or 10 additional Jackals (Power Rating +4) or 15 additional Jackals (Power Rating +6).
Wargear Options:
  • Any model replaces their Plasma Pistol with an item from the Jackal Weapons list.
  • Any model armed with a Plasma Pistol or Needler may take a Point Defense Gauntlet
  • Sneaky: During deployment, you may set up this unit as hidden on the battlefield instead of placing him on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement phases, he may reveal himself – set him up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" from any enemy models.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Elite (Sangheili) Squad[edit]

Power 4, Points per model 10

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Elite 6" 3+ 3+ 4 3 1 1 7 4+

This unit contains 2 Elite Tactical Rangers armed with Covenant Carbines, Pulse Carbines, Stalker Rifles and Plasma Grenades. The unit may contain 5 additional Elite Tactical Rangers (Power Rating +2) or 10 additional Elite Tactical Rangers (Power Rating +2).
Wargear Options:
  • Any model may replace their Standard Weapons with an item from the Standard Weapons list.
  • Any Elite Tactical Ranger may upgrade to a Beam Rifle: +4pts
  • Move Through Cover
  • Combat Harness (Elite): Grants a 6+ invulnerable save.
  • Assault Harness (Elite Ultra): Grants a 5+ invulnerable save.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Brute (Jiralhanae) Pack[edit]

Power 4, Points per model 10

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Brute 5" 4+ 5+ 4 4 1 2 6 4+
Brute Captain 5" 3+ 4+ 4 4 1 3 7 3+

This unit contains 4 Brutes and 1 Brute Captain armed with Spikers and Spike Grenades. The unit may contain 5 additional Brutes (Power Rating +2) or 1 additional Grunt Mule (Power Rating +2).
Wargear Options:
  • Any model may replace their Spiker with an item from the Standard Weapons list.
  • Any Brute may take an additional Spiker: +3pts
  • Any Brute Captain may upgrade to a Ravager or Skewer: +4pts
  • Any Brute may take Flame Grenades
Abilities: Berserk
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Thanolekgolo Swarm[edit]

Power 2, Points per model 11

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Thanolekgolo Swarm 6" 5+ - 3 3 3 3 4 7+

This unit contains 3 Thanolekgolo Swarms. The unit may contain 3 additional Thanolekgolo Swarms (Power Rating +2) or 6 additional Thanolekgolo Swarms (Power Rating +4).
  • Technological Consumption: Against VEHICLES, this unit gains a +2 bonus to hit and wound rolls.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Shade Turrets[edit]

Power 3, Points per model 20

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Shade Turret 0" - 4+ 4 4 3 - 5 3+

This unit contains 1 Shade Turret. The unit may contain 1 additional Shade Turret (Power Rating +3) or 2 additional Shade Turrets (Power Rating +6). Each Shade Turret is armed with a Fuel Rod Gun.
Wargear Options:
  • Any Shade Turret may exchange its Fuel Rod Gun for a:
-Heavy Plasma Cannon
-Twin Plasma Cannon
-Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Any Shade Turret may be equipped with a Guardian Shield
  • Artillery Battery: The first time this unit is set up, all models in this unit must be placed within 6" of each other. From that point onwards, each operates independently and is treated as a separate unit for all rules purposes.
  • Explodes: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield. On a 6+ it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  • Skyfire: Add 1 to all To Hit rolls made for this model against targets that can FLY. Subtract 1 from the To Hit rolls made for this model against all other targets.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED


Hunter (Mgalekgolo) Bond[edit]

Power 7, Points per model 45

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Hunter 5" 3+ 4+ 6 5 3 3 9 3+

This unit contains 2 Hunters. It may contain up to two additional Hunters (Power +7) or up to four additional Hunters (Power +14). Each Hunter is armed with a Fuel Rod Cannon and Hunter's Shield.
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Hunter Shield Melee Melee +2 -1 2 -

Wargear Options:
  • Any Hunter may replace its Fuel Rod Cannon with a
-Fuel Rod Beam
-Fuel Rod Storm
  • Any Hunter may take a:
-Fuel Rod Beam
-Fuel Rod Storm
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Heavy Support[edit]


Power 10, Points per model 150

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Blisterback * 6+ * 7 6 12 * 7 4+

Remaining W M BS A
7-12+ 13" 4+ 3
4-6 9" 5+ D3
1-3 5" 6+ 1
This unit contains one Blisterback equipped with six Annihilator Siege Missiles (artillery mode) and a Medium Plasma Cannon (flyer mode).
Name Range S AP Damage Type Abilities
Annihilator Siege Misssiles 100" 10 -2 D4 Heavy 2D6 This weapon can target units that are not visible to the bearer. Any targeted unit with Keywords VEHICLE and BUILDING that has been hit on a successful wound roll of a 6, must take one mortal wound.
Medium Plasma Cannon 28" 6 -2 4 Heavy 4

Wargear Options:
  • May take a layer of Vehicular Energy Shielding
  • Transform: This model can transform from a static artillery piece to a heavy flyer and vice versa. Transformation can only be done during the Movement Phase. When the model transforms, it is unable to participate in the Shooting Phase until the next turn. In artillery mode, the model's Keywords are VEHICLE and GUN EMPLACEMENT and it cannot move. In flyer mode, the model's Keywords are VEHICLE and FLY.
  • Airborne: In flyer mode, this model cannot charge, can only be charged by units that can FLY, and can only attack or be attacked in the Flight phase by units that can FLY.
  • Crash and Burn: In flyer mode, if this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield. On a 6 it crashes in a fiery explosion and each unit within 6" suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  • Explodes: In artillery mode, if this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield. On a 6+ it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers D3 mortal wounds.
Faction Keywords: BANISHED

Info on Banished Vehicles[edit]

An invasion of the Banished Army.

Banished Land Vehicles[edit]

Skitterer: A small Banished walker, the development of A.I. within the Covenant Empire has been restricted due to religious dogma and paranoia among the upper echelons of the Covenant hierarchy. Thus, development in implementing Lekgolo worms into a machine's mainframe was seen as an alternative to A.I. research. The Banished under the guidance of Colony was more liberal in their tinkering of such techniques and their innovation paid off in the form of the Skitterer. The Skitterer is a diminutive walker resembling miniature Scarabs, they are armed with devastating Twin-linked Beam Cannons that are effective against both infantry and vehicles. Cheap and easy to manufacture, the Skitterer is unique in that it can link with allied infantry and vehicles by transforming into a hovering turret that allows it to Overwatch.

Banished Ghost: Under the leadership of Atriox, all Ghosts that were salvaged during the war with the Covenant were outfitted with Salvaged Armor, greatly increasing their defence and health. However, the increased defence comes at a cost and Banished Vehicles are thus more expensive and harder to maintain than their mainstream counterpart.

Banished Wraith: In a similar vein to the Banished Ghost, the Banished Wraith offers a more superior defence rating than its Covenant counterpart in trade with cost and reliability. Banished Wraiths are also given the Scroched ability like the Covenant's, which shoots out a flaming sticky plasma gel that ignores cover saves. Due to its increased defence, it is more encouraged for a Banished Wraith to be used as a more mobile artillery in contrast to those of other factions.

  • Ironclad Wraith: An upgraded Wraith equipped with Ironclad Armor, boosting its defences even more. Unlike conventional Wraiths, the high defence of an Ironclad Wraith allows it to act as a mobile shield for infantry and even act as a main battle tank despite being artillery; reflecting a certain number of enemy projectiles right back to the attacker due to its Ironclad Armor. The increased weight has changed the classification of Ironclad Wraiths as heavy artillery. Ironclad Wraiths were so notorious that Imperial Commanders issued a standard order to use heavy anti-tank weaponry to ward it off.
Marauder assault.

Wraith Invader: Under Pavium's guidance, the Wraith Invader is a Banished exclusive vehicle scavenged from damaged and destroyed Wraiths. Whilst the Covenant and its religious dogma have led to technological stagnation and bureaucratic breakdown of creative thought, the Banished are far more liberal on practicality and efficiency. Thus the Wraith Invader is the byproduct of Banished pragmatism and ingenuity. Essentially an armoured IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), the Wraith Invader is an analogue of the Imperium's Chimera. It is armed with a Siphoning Beam like the Bloodfuel Locusts and can carry up to 10 units of infantry which they can fire out of the Wraith Invader.

Marauder: Marauders are the Banished frontline tank and the first vehicle in the heat of the battlefield. Marauders are in some aspects, a larger cousin to the Prowler, boasting a modified Class-2 Medium Plasma Mortar that can tear apart both infantry, vehicle and air units at will. Marauders offer a high defence at the front and side armours but are weak at the rear, they are fast tanks that can be upgraded with a missile launcher for further anti-air firepower or with active camo to provide better stealth and ambush attacks.

Chopper: A Brute-made vehicle. Primitive, crude, but incredibly effective, the Chopper shares most stats with a Ghost but is slower, comes with two light anti-vehicle cannons and has a special ability called "Charged" which can instantly destroy lighter vehicles and inflict heavy damage to tanks.

  • Terror Choppers: Terror Choppers are a distinct pattern of Brute Choppers that are even more geared towards ripping and maiming apart infantry and light vehicles. They are armed with several abnormally large blades that are sharp enough to slice through power armour and cut open the side of enemy tanks with impunity, these Terror Choppers earned their namesake for the bloody carnage they cause, becoming a violent battering ram for the Banished forces.

Prowler: The Brutes version of the Covenant mainline Spectre and Imperium Tauros. Like anything made by the Brutes, they are crude, primitive and brutish in both design and effect. Shaped like an angler fish for psychological warfare, they have similar stats as the Spectre but have more armour on both the front, left and right sides. However, they are slow and sluggish compared to other races' reconnaissance vehicles.

War-Skiff: A cousin of the Prowler, the Qavardu Workshop War-Skiff runs on a similar drive engine as the Prowler, which is a skimmer supported by two hover sledges. It is considered the more stripped-down and heavy troop transport brother of the Prowler, capable of ferrying several Banished troops rather than the Prowler's typical two. Moreover, it is armed with the same rotating plasma cannon as the Prowler and can be upgraded with two Annihilator Siege Missiles. Due to the lack of armour, it has inferior armour saves compared to both the Prowler and Spectre.

Banished Locust: Unlike the Covenant's Locusts, those from the Banished have a decreased shield power to compensate for a more powerful mining laser. Thus, the inefficient power means that the Banished Locusts are at severe risk of termination when not sufficiently covered by infantry and tanks. To go around this, Banished Locusts are equipped with Salvaged Armor to deter any would-be assault units and offer the vehicle a better chance at survival.

  • Bloodfuel Locust: Bloodfuel Locusts are specialized vehicles armed with a Siphon cannon. As such, Bloodfuel Locusts are meant for a more anti-infantry role, draining the life force of enemy units and replenishing allied troops with its "Siphon" special ability. The combination of the Locust's fantastic range and its vampiric effects makes this a dangerous vehicle to face. Fortunately, its Siphon cannon makes the Bloodfuel Locust useless against vehicles and it still suffers from the vulnerability of most conventional Locusts. Best to use it as a support vehicle.

Reaver: Reavers are the Banished main anti-air walker that is analogue to the Imperial Guard's Sentinels. Reavers are fast and nimble vehicles that use their speed and agility to get out of harm's way. It lacks sufficient armour, thus Reavers must be on the move and avoid confrontation against enemy armour. They are all armed with twin-linked missile launchers that could also function as a jump pack, allowing the Reavers to attain terrain advantage, create a devastating ground slam or offer a great escape against overwhelming firepower. For self-defence, Reavers are also equipped with a single plasma cannon, however, it is still inadequate to fight ground troops. Reavers can be upgraded with active camo to enable stealth.

Blisterback (Land): The Blisterback is a specialized Banished artillery offering a superior range, firepower and homing capabilities than the conventional Wraith battle tanks. The Blisterback is unique as it can transform from a highly mobile air unit into a sturdy but static artillery platform. On land, the Blisterback is supported by six legs and uses its six powerful Annihilator Siege Missiles to break apart vehicles and mulch infantry. As such, Blisterbacks on land are one of the most threatening and adaptable elements of the Banished as their high fire rate, long range and powerful attacks make an enemy think twice about the situation. Fortunately, Blisterbacks on land are vulnerable to air vehicles as it lacks any anti-air defence systems and its missile cannot lock on to air unit. Additionally, Blisterbacks cannot counter ground infantry if it is too close to their minimum firing distance, turning the Blisterback into a sitting duck against demolition experts and guerilla soldiers.

Methane Wagon: The Methane Wagon is a bizarre contraption crafted by the likes of Yapyap THE DESTROYER. Essentially a heavily modified Covenant Shadow, the Methane Wagon is seen by some as nothing more than compensation for Yapyap's lack of a fleet of gold-plated warships. Nevertheless, the Methane Wagon proves to be an essential weapon for the Banished as its three methane fuel tanks buff fellow Unggoy toughness and WS by +1 within 8" of the vehicle. Although the Methane Wagon is armed with two Plasma Cannon sponsons, its main armament is the infamous Methane Cannon; shooting a specialized missile that buffs selected Unggoys with a +2 to toughness and WS for one turn, whilst choking and damaging enemy infantry in a cloud of Balaho's famous 'Mama Yip-Lop's Enriched Methane Packs with Several Secret Herbs and Spices'. Just don't fire it at enemy vehicles and aircraft as it is completely useless.

Goblin: After decades of research in secrecy and rumoured technological heresy, a group of lowly Unggoys have developed a diminutive bipedal walker that, under the supervision and approval of the Great Hierarchs has become the Covenant's key answer to the Tau Crisis Battle Suits plaguing Covenant logistics with their heavy armaments and quick speed. Named the Goblin due to their small size of a walker, these machines are not to be underestimated as their duty as an anti-walker has befallen countless Tau weapons of war that took it for granted. The Goblin is armed with a Heavy Needler, an EMP Pulse and a Power Fist which makes this one of the best anti-vehicle units in the Covenant as well as an in-built grenade launcher and Shardstorm Launcher for anti-infantry purposes. Additionally, the Goblin can be retrofitted with a modified and miniaturized Focus Cannon found typically on larger Covenant walkers and a Plasmablaster Launcher which replaces the Shardstorm Launcher's Needles with homing Plasma Grenades. It is armed with a powerful jump pack that enables the machine to traverse anywhere and has a special ability called "Needle Barrage" which allows the Goblin to fire a barrage of Needles from its Shardstorm Launcher on eight specific targets; main downfalls include its relatively weak shields on the canopy, making it vulnerable to Artillery.

Banished Air Vehicles[edit]

Reinforced Banshees assaulting a Covenant base.

Reinforced Banshee: The main aerial vehicle for the Banished. Similar to the Covenant counterparts, Reinforced or Banished Banshees are fast, nimble and agile. However, they are also refitted with heavier armor known as Salvaged Armor which adds weight and slows it down a little but is compensated for higher defense. Other than its usual weapons and shields found in regular Banshees, Reinforced Banshees also carry a compartment of explosive charges enabling the Reinforced Banshee to use a unique rule called "Divine Charge" which allows a Reinforced Banshee to go on a suicide dive and take out whatever it hits with it.

Gravemaker: The Gravemaker, otherwise known as the Battle Nest, is a Banished gunship used as a low-altitude air support. Sometimes called "The Flying Brick" by Imperial forces due to its ungainly and bulky appearance. The Gravemaker is ridiculously armoured, making it incredibly tough. It is armed with four Heavy Spike Autocannons and its open-top nature also means that Banished infantry can hitch a ride and provide further firing support, transforming the gunship into a mobile, flying watchtower. However, due to its heavy armour, it is incredibly sluggish and slow in movement, making it vulnerable to not only anti-air systems but even infantry counter-fire.

Spirit: A light Banished troop transport of Covenant origin, nothing has changed other than a more vicious appearance, it still retains a large cargo hold which causes it to be classified as a Super-Heavy, only equipped with one Heavy Plasma Cannon.

Phantom Gunship: A heavily modified version of the Covenant's Phantom. The Banished has stripped down the size and armour of the Phantom to create a more nimble variant that can house six Banished Infantrymen to act as an airborne Imperial Guard Chimera. Considered sacrilege and heresy by the mainstream Covenant, the Banished ignored such threats and continued in the manufacturing of Phantom Gunships to help support ground troops. Armed with one frontal Heavy Plasma Cannon, the Phantom Gunship's six side-mounted Plasma Turrets are only usable if six corresponding Banished units are chosen to man the weapons.

Shroud: An unusual Banished support vehicle that envelopes itself and a large army of Banished forces under an almost undetectable cloaking field, any allied unit or vehicle chosen by the Shroud will be given the Infiltrate and Move Through Cover Special Rules (Units or vehicles already having those special rules will remain unaffected). The Shroud is only equipped with the most minimal of point-defense systems meaning that protection of the Shroud is absolute if to guarantee its survival, a Shroud could use its point-defense systems against enemy aircraft, infantry and vehicles as a last resort weapon, but fleeing is still encouraged to extend its lifespan.

Siege-Hauler: The Siege-Hauler is a superheavy Banished dropship that is designed to ferry heavier equipment loads or vehicles. Although it bears a resemblance to the Spirit, the Siege-Hauler is heavily armoured, making it cumbersome but tough. Due to its armour, the Siege-Hauler has increased toughness all-round. It is also able to carry up to four Wraiths or eight Prowlers due to its immense bulk. The only downside is that the Siege-Hauler lacks any weapons, so they are treated more as an important logistics vehicle.

Blisterback (Air): The Blisterback is a specialized Banished artillery offering a superior range, firepower and homing capabilities than the conventional Wraith battle tanks. The Blisterback is unique as it can transform from a highly mobile air unit into a sturdy but static artillery platform. On air, the Blisterback identifies as a heavy aircraft, although despite having a considerable defence rating, it lacks sufficient firepower for an aircraft its size unless it transforms into artillery mode. Despite only being equipped with a single medium plasma cannon and being slow, the Blisterback still offers a nimble and highly mobile mode of transportation and unlike most artillery units from other factions, the Blisterback's ability to fly enables it to reach and land on impossible or difficult terrain.

Griever: The Griever fighter-bomber is the pre-eminent Banished strategic bomber used to lay waste to entire battlefields in a single bombing run. Heavily armed and heavily armoured, the Griever is more of a heavy bomber than it is a fighter-bomber. One of the most outstanding elements of the Griever is its resilience. Even if you take out its energy shields, its sheer hull toughness makes the Griever more akin to a flying tank than an actual aircraft. Its primary armament consists of one Heavy Plasma Mortar, which can rip apart even entrenched bunkers with a single bombing run. Other than its Mortar, the Griever is also armed with six Plasma Beam Projectors and Two Spike Cannons for mass anti-infantry and targeted dogfighting engagements. Against superheavies, the Griever is armed with two Plasma Lances that can easily breach the hull of a Baneblade and a Covenant Scarab. True to its name, the Griever is a force to be reckoned with and one of the most formidable air assets of the Banished with its only downside being its cost.

Banished Drop Pods[edit]

Single-Occupant Insertion Pod: A light and small orbital drop pod meant to carry one Banished individual, most notably a Sangheili into the midst of battle. Its small size and usage of one unit means these pods can be launched into orbit without any noticeable trace, making them useful during stealth approaches. Furthermore, its small size means that it is much cheaper than conventional multi-occupant drop pods. Like most drop pods, it has the Deep Strike special rules.

Multiple-Occupant Insertion Pod: A much larger orbital drop pod meant to ferry an entire lance or group of Banished units into the battle, usually can house 5 or more models of any unit type making it akin to a Space Marine drop pod. Like most drop pods, it has the Deep Strike special rules, however, these drop pods are split into three identifiable classes. The lack of any armament means that it has little tactical use after deploying its cargo.

  • Individual Breaching Carapace: The Banished' mainstay conventional multi-occupant insertion pod and the most common type, its use of a gravitational rocket propellant located at the bottom of the pod makes for a much safer journey than that of other drop pods, preventing unwanted casualties. Is capable of carrying 5 models.
  • Squad Breaching Carapace: Similar to the Individual Breaching Carapace although only able to house only 3 models at a time. They are much smaller in regard and thus, only used when trying to achieve a tactical advantage.
  • Mass Deployment Carapace: The largest of the multi-occupant drop pod family and the most valuable, being only used to overwhelm the enemy by sheer force of numbers, surprise and shock. These drop pods are fitted with an advanced form of gravitational rockets, allowing them to re-embark and be a reusable source of troop deployment. Its large housing space allows it to carry up to 15-20 models at once, making it highly valuable on the battlefield.

Banished Apocalypse Units[edit]

Salvaged Scarab: Salvaged Scarabs are heavily modified Scarabs that, despite their crude appearances, are tougher and more advanced than their mainstream cousins. The Banished forgo the Scarab's single Heavy Anti-Air Cannon for six heavy Thrasher Missile Pods modified with even more advanced targeting trajectory to home against enemy aircraft and ground units. The Salvaged Scarab boasts a much more potent Heavy Focus Cannon which deals considerably more damage and is equipped with Salvaged Armor. Additionally, Salvaged Scarabs unlike conventional Scarabs are equipped with a powerful energy shield that could take considerable punishment and even survive a few direct hits from an Imperial Titan.

  • Volatile Scarab: A heavily modified Scarab commissioned, overseen and approved by Voridus himself. These Scarabs replace their Focus Cannon with an Infusion Cannon that sprays its deadly and toxic ichor towards their enemies. Infantry burns and tanks corrode under the miasma of volatility from this weapon. The Volatile Scarab retains its Thrasher Missile Pods but also gains two giant tanks of Infusion Gel on its side that can release its contents if the Scarab is surrounded by a horde of enemies, showering them in a rain of burning acidic gel.

Lich: An Air Titan utilized by both the Covenant and Banished, the same size as a Scarab but armed with four heavy Plasma Cannons and a giant Electrical Impulse Cannon which like the Vampire has a massive EMP strike on any vehicle. Each vehicle hit by the EMP Laser has to wait 8 turns, be heavily armoured and share no vulnerability at the rear. Could carry over 40 troops but is slow, cumbersome and expensive to produce. Acts as a Support Titan.

Banished Fortifications[edit]

Tyrant: One of the most oft-used triple A pieces the Banished and Covenant use is the Type-38 Tyrant. The giant cannon fires powerful plasma bolts in three-round bursts that are powerful and long-ranged enough for it to even be capable of acting as ground-to-space defences. The Tyrant is not only an artillery piece; it is also a fortification unto itself with multiple levels and cover for the troops stationed there. The Tyrant is powered by a pinch fusion reactor that gives it practically unlimited ammunition. The cost of this is that if the reactor core is destroyed, the artillery will explode.

Weevil: The Weevil is the heaviest artillery piece in the Banished/Covenant that can lob plasma over impressive distances. The differences between it and the Tyrant are only in the gun, they are both built on the same chassis design. Unlike the Tyrant it can only be used for ground engagements but is still capable of devastating anything that is in its range.

Lekgolo Barriers: Under the command of Colony, Lekgolo Barriers are living fortifications used to prevent enemy vehicles from traversing an important or strategic location. Enemy infantry passing through the barricades suffer a difficult terrain test as the Lekgolo worms will try to harm and hinder the movements of enemy forces.

Deployable Watchtower: One of the staples of any temporary fortification built by the Banished is the deployable watchtower. It can be placed and carried by spirits and provides high ground for snipers and troops equipped with heavy weapons.

Plasma Turret: A more permanent fortification is the automated plasma turret that comes in small, medium and large sizes. Each size is tougher and has more firepower than the last. It is also a modular piece of defence that can be outfitted against infantry, vehicles, and aircraft as needed.

Mega Turret: A giant, static turret used by both Banished and Covenant forces. These behemoths act as defensive artillery by lobbing giant and devastating Plasma Torpedoes that can destroy super-heavy vehicles or a large platoon of infantry in a single shot. They can switch into two firing modes, "Lingering Death" which ignores cover and creates an area denial effect that lasts two turns, reducing infantry to ash and "Compound Detonators" which creates a high-strength explosion that can turn even the strongest vehicles inside out.

Shield Generator: A deployable Banished fortification that protects allied infantry and vehicles with a strong energy shield within a radius of 24". An opponent who roles anything lower than a 5+ automatically fails to wound no matter the BS.

Banished Command Base: Banished Command Bases, unlike the Covenant, are constructed in the long term for resource mining, government building and communications, it is equipped with communications equipment, weapon and ammunition stockpiles, barracks, a war room and even a teleporter so that leaders can be rapidly reinforced in combat.

Temporary Strongpoint: The Temporary Strongpoint is built whenever the Banished needs to quickly fortify an important area but does not have the time to erect more permanent fortifications or the need to stay in that area for a prolonged period. The Strongpoint consists of multiple Deployable Watchtowers, deployable cover, emplaced plasma cannons and sometimes a landing pad.

Banished Fortress The Banished like to employ more siegecraft defences in their buildings and it shows. Banished Fortresses are an upgrade to the Banished Command Base and are used as military training grounds, manufacturing of advanced and heavy vehicles and are defended by multiple energy shields, walls, traps such as a minefield and defensive turrets that can shoot a low orbiting ship out of the sky.

Banished Star fighters[edit]

Seraph: A specialized starfighter of the Banished Armada that is only in limited numbers, boasting several pulse lasers and medium plasma cannons, as well as several plasma charges for bombing runs, coupled with relatively strong shields. Usually accompanied by several Space Banshees or three extra Seraphs as wingmen and scouts. Can enter Slipspace for scouting purposes.

Space Banshee: Just like their aerial cousins, but is much faster and much more agile. Could also do Slipspace jumps for scouting and reconnaissance purposes.

Tarasque: The Banished lack of sufficient resources in contrast to the Covenant means that they are forced to use much more obsolete starfighters. Tarasques are an outdated and archaic starfighter that is being made to act as a placeholder for the Banished' lack of Seraphs. Boasting four Plasma Pulse Lasers and six Plasma Missiles, their compact shape and size allow them to suffer the worst of damage.

Gigas: The Gigas-class Fighter Bomber is the oldest archaic starfighter still being used by both the Banished Armada and the Covenant Navy since their time in their home universe, although out-dated they still boast over a dozen Plasma Charges for bombing runs and three Pulse Lasers for both self-defence and anti-infantry.

Banished Star-ships[edit]

Brief Summary: Though the Banished Armada is smaller than the Covenant, they still make enough of an impression to cause caution and second thoughts towards foes standing in the way of Atriox. The Banished Armada's flagship is the Enduring Conviction accompanied by at least five CCS-class Battlecruisers and at one point a captured SDV-class heavy corvette Elegy's Lament. Similar to the Covenant, the Banished use Slipspace technology which is still considered a baffling, dangerous and revolutionary piece of technology of the Tech-Priests of Mars.

However, the greatest piece of technology the Banished has allegedly claimed is a super-megastructure dwarfing everything in sheer size and weight. Called the Ark, the Banished has laid claims of ownership on this marvel of technological engineering of the long-lost Forerunners. Despite the claims, however, it seems that the defence systems of the Ark have not yet identified the Banished as friendly occupiers and multiple reports of conflicts between the Ark's defences and the Banished have created an awkward and complicated relationship.

Enduring Conviction. The most famous flagship of the Banished Armada.

Banished Corvettes: Banished Corvettes are used to provide a much more supportive role to Banished ground forces, although equipped with a mediocre amount of medium Plasma Torpedoes and a few Pulse Lasers, they nonetheless do their job competently.

Banished Stealth Ships: The Covenant originally were in the process of designing a class of stealth ships in their holy war against their enemies. However, when the Banished raided the Forge World of Resplendent Desire, they also took both the blueprints and the several ships under construction with them. It represented the greatest technological and strategic loss of the Covenant in over 500 years. With the blueprints in hand, Atriox began the construction of the Drekar and the Intrusion Corvette, ships with one of the most advanced active camouflage and stealth systems of any faction. These Stealth Ships although lightly armoured, were heavily armed with Plasma Mines and Lances; capable of both reconnaissance and surprise attacks on unsuspecting prey.

Banished Cruisers: Come in both light, medium and heavy types, the most numerous but also one of the weakest. Banished Cruisers are often hybrids of different classes and thus their weapon and structural blueprints are complicated at best. Banished Cruisers are used to offer support from their larger ships with Plasma Torpedoes and Energy Projectors as well as harassing enemy ships with swarms of combat fighters.

The Ark. Main base of operations for the Banished. All attempted invasions have resulted in the destruction of an entire fleet by the Ark's sentinels. Only the Banished have successfully avoided the Ark's full wrath and now control a large section of it.

Banished Dreadnoughts: A new class of Banished naval design. After several run-ins with Covenant and Chaos long-range firepower, the Banished took some design cues from allied Ork Freebooterz mercenaries and made a ship that fits the crude but pragmatic doctrines of the Banished. The result was the Dreadnought, a class of short-ranged, giant battering rams that are meant to freeze enemy vessels and pummel them to oblivion with their reinforced hulls. Banished Dreadnoughts are armed with the usual Plasma Torpedoes, Lances and Laser Batteries, but they are also armed with an Ultraheavy Stasis Beam like those found on the Covenant Vampires as well as a Superheavy Grav-Impacter. What these weapons systems do, is that they freeze an enemy vessel on the spot; shutting down its electronic systems and making the ship a sitting duck, before the Dreadnought rams it at full speed. This was the unfortunate fate of the Chaos Battleship The Sunken Heart, which was taken by surprise as several Dreadnoughts lay hidden within the gas clouds of the Invictus nebula.

Banished Assault Carrier: Banished Assault Carriers are no different from that of the Covenant Navy. Banished Assault Carriers have a flotilla of Plasma Torpedoes, Multiple Pulse Lasers and five Energy Projectors, with stronger shields as well. Usually at the length of 5km, weaker than their Imperium counterpart carriers but come in somewhat better numbers to compensate. As the name suggests, Assault Carriers prefer not to engage directly but instead prefer to hang back and let their fighters and bombers do the work.

Banished Destroyers: Banished Destroyers are almost identical to that of the Covenant and as such, provide assisting support to their Cruisers and Carriers into battle. Like the Covenant Destroyer, Banished Destroyers are usually regulated to Glassing once a battle is over.

Installation 00: Whilst the Banished do not have complete control of the Ark, it still retains one of the most vital and strategic space installations in the Galaxy. As such, the ownership of the Ark is of the utmost importance to Atriox as its capability to create the devastating Halos may make a sufficient bargaining chip to any rival that stands in Atriox's way.

Info on Banished Infantry[edit]

Light Infantry[edit]

Unggoy Cannon Fodder: Small, mean and all teeth, Unggoy Cannon Fodder are perhaps at the lowest of the totem pole in the Banished hierarchy (Unggoy Suicide Squads debated). Whilst they may lack any actual firearms or weapons, Unggoy Cannon Fodder are still not to be underestimated as they swarm unsuspecting enemy units in a wave of five-foot methane breathers. Cheap and easily disposable, a large number of Unggoy Cannon Fodder are noted to even take down a Carnifex through the sacred martial arts of knee-biting.

Unggoy Mob: Unlike conventional Unggoy Lances, the Banished have trained and utilized their Unggoy as effective swarm units, these Unggoy Mobs are only kept together by the ruthlessness of the Jiralhanae. These Grunts are armed with the common and standard issue Plasma Pistols which have a special ability called "Overcharged" which allows for a more powerful and accurate shot once per game. Can be upgraded with a Needler which allows for better accuracy due to its homing function and more power through rending. Instead of the more common Plasma Grenades, Unggoy Mobs are armed with Shrapnel Mines that can maim and hinder the movement speed of enemy infantry and Dynamo Grenades to impair and disrupt vehicles, however the lack of Deacons within the more secular Banished means that the regular Unggoy are less likely to be riled up and used as suicide fodder.

  • Grunt Mules: Sometimes, a certain Unggoy has proven himself to be an excellent weapons vendor on legs. The Banished have found a use for these burlier Unggoys; turning them into a living supply depot. Thanks to extra ammunition being far more available, a squad containing a Grunt Mule may re-roll To Hit rolls of 1 with ranged weapons.

Unggoy Suicide Squad: Due to the lack of Deacons to persuade the regular Unggoy to go on a suicide charge, the Banished has instead decided to use a form of Social Darwinism. Unlike the more common breed of Unggoy most seen by enemy forces, the Banished has instead chosen select breeds of Unggoy they deemed as even more expendable, thus these different-looking Grunts are forced to be equipped with a specialized methane backpack set to explode violently when close to enemy infantry or vehicles. To compensate for this, Unggoy Suicide Squads number a dozen each and are relatively cheap to boot. Unlike the special ability "Zeal" found with the benefit of Deacons, these Suicide Squads instead have their own unique rule called "A Birthday Surprise" which sends the entire squad on a suicide run, increasing their movement speed and granting them Fearless special rules.

Kig-Yar Lance: Like their Covenant counterpart, the Banished is known to employ Jackals to do their scouting duties and to assist their superiors. These Jackals bear the same role and duty as those from the Covenant, sporting shield gauntlets and come equipped with standard weapons like Plasma Pistols and Needlers. However, they are also known to pick up the Stalker Rifle for sniping duties if needed.

  • T'vaoan Squad: Also known as Skirmishers. T'vaoans are the more brutish cousins of the Kig-Yar. Stronger, faster and more agile, Skirmishers have found a role within the Banished as excellent scout units and assassins; often assisting their Sangheili superiors in the Tactical Ranger teams for support. They are armed with Pulse Carbines, Needlers and Stalker Rifles.

Thanolekgolo Swarm: The weakest form of Lekgolo is the Lekgolo themselves, these meter-long worms, while individually weak on their own, make up their disadvantages by overwhelming the enemy with numbers and voracity, these forms are called Thanolekgolo. What's more, their unstoppable appetite for metal, plastic and technology makes them a threat to the machinery and vehicles of their opponents by not only consuming the vulnerable wires or components but also causing them to malfunction or even take complete control over their unfortunate targets, causing chaos and mayhem within the enemy's ranks. These swarms have a special ability called "Technological Consumption" which grants them the ability to cause significant damage to a targeted machine, however, they are vulnerable towards flame and melta weaponry and are completely useless against air units.

Sangheili Squad: Cocky, arrogant and naive. These youngbloods are sent into the thick of battle to hone their skills at war-making. But don't let their age fool you. A single Sangheili Minor is still a worthy adversary. Akin to an Eldar Guardian, the Sangheili are slower than the Guardians but stronger in melee range. Can be armed with a wide variety of weapons such as Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles, Needlers, Needle Rifles, Concussion Rifles, Fuel Rod Cannons and many more.

Jiralhanae Pack: As the Banished are predominantly made of Brutes, it is of no surprise that their most common front line infantry save the Unggoy are the Jiralhanae themselves. Due to their viciousness and love of violence, they have earned a place in some Ork societies, often used as Mercenaries and Bodyguards among famous Ork Warbosses. Armed with a Brute Spiker, Ravager, Skewer, Spike Grenades, Dynamo Grenades or a Brute Shot.

Heavy Infantry[edit]

Mgalekgolo Pack: These heavily armoured walking behemoths are the Banished answers to a Spacemarine Terminator and Eldar Wraith-Guard. Standing at 13 feet tall and weighing 5 tons, they easily dwarf any enemy short of a tank. Ridiculously fast and agile for their size, armed and with an Assault Cannon which is a heavily modified Fuel Rod Cannon. This Assault Cannon can be switched in three modes, a single-shot blast, a beam to destroy armor and a machine gun mode. Furthermore, it comes with a special ability called "Bond-Brothers" which once a single Hunter dies the other Hunter RAGES getting the Furious Charge, Rage, and Feel No Pain special rules.

Goliath: A Goliath is the result of a Mgalekgolo colony not splitting up into two separate and independent bodies. This usually does not happen as refusing to do so usually causes the colony to suffer serious mental scars but Colony has been forcing its subordinates to stay together. These hulking brutes forego all forms of range combat in favour of ripping, crushing and maiming whatever poor soul is forced to face them. Unlike normal Hunters Goliaths are quadrupedal, resembling a giant ancient Terran ape known as the Gorilla. Inside the Goliath’s armoured shell, most of the Lekgolo in the gestalt adapt to function as corded pseudo-muscle and thick-skinned protective bands, with a minimum of sensory and cognitive function. Due to their ravenous hunger for nutrients and minerals, Goliaths are typically unstable. However, those under Colony's leadership have managed to take form indefinitely under unknown circumstances. Goliaths are only armed with two Starship-plated fists that can shatter Plasteel like splintered wood and crush even a noble Space Marine with a simple grapple. Goliaths are more heavily armed and resilient than the normal Hunter pair and automatically get the Furious Charge, Rage, Fearless and Feel No Pain special rules.

Augmented Heavy Unggoys: Seen as a major improvement of the regular Unggoy Heavy Weapons Team from the Covenant, the Augmented Heavy Unggoy use strange machinery found on the Ark, hence making them part Grunt, part machine, all awesome. Even without their new battle armor the Augmented Heavy Unggoy are bad to the bone, and their chainmail undervests, mirrorshade lenses, and bad attitudes prove it. Augmented Heavy Unggoy are armed with EMP-enhanced Fuel Rod Cannons that have a special ability that immobilises a vehicle for one turn. Augmented Heavy Unggoy do not falter in close combat, unlike their kin, if anything they are known to hold their own as they are taught the ancient martial arts of Balaho and several useful rope knot tricks.

Jiralhanae Grenadiers: A elite heavy unit crafted from Voridus himself. These Brute Grenadiers duel-wield Banished Grenade Launchers loaded with Infusion Gel, showering enemy units in a pool of toxic chemicals. Units targeted must pass a roll of 4+ to avoid losing a wound for two turns. The Grenadiers are protected with a specially modified iatrochemical-enhanced armor which grants the Grenadiers a unique ability called Gep Siphon, which by passing a roll of 5+, temporarily boosts AP +1, toughness +1 and regains any lost wounds by +1.

Brute Berserkers: Brute Berserkers are a specialist infantry unit employed by the Banished. They are formed from Brutes that have become mentally unstable, most commonly due to brain damage suffered in combat or when undergoing one of Voridus's Fusion Gel "modifications". Brute Berserkers wield no guns and fight entirely with either their bare fists or plasma gloves. They also carry Dynamo Grenades to improve their effectiveness against vehicles. However, Brute Berserkers can often be unreliable troops, they must test leadership to avoid attempting to charge the closest enemy within range, regardless of hazards in the way or better targets being available.

  • Brute Rider: Another unit spawned from the megalomaniacal ideas of Yapyap THE DESTROYER. As its name implies, it is a Brute with a Grunt Jockey riding upon it. Of course, the oddity of a Grunt and Brute pairing is not a perfect match with frequent 'accidents' at the fists of the Brutes if they get too bossy. Among other quirks, some Brute Riders tend to develop an obsession with biofuels, power management, and gladiatorial fights. Still, this odd pairing does have its benefits as the Unggoy's superior senses go well with the Jiralhanae's strength and resilience. The Grunt rider handles throwing grenades so that his mount can focus on combat but more importantly, Brute Riders do not have to test leadership to avoid attempting to charge the closest enemy within range, reducing the likelihood of unfavourable matchups, ignoring better targets for closer ones or charging an enemy with some hazard between them and the brutes.

Shade: A stationary gun that can either be equipped with a Heavy Plasma Cannon, Fuel Rod Cannon or an Anti-Air Plasma Charge. Cannot move but is tough and has heavy suppressive firepower.

Spike Turrets: Spike Turrets are the Banished analogues to the Covenant Plasma Turret but are cheaper to offset a decrease in toughness, they are stationary guns that can be equipped with a Heavy Shrapnel Cannon, Fuel Rod Cannon or an Anti-Air Plasma Charge. Cannot move but is tough and has heavy suppressive firepower.

Specialized Infantry[edit]

Bloodfuel Unggoys: Certain Unggoys are given privileged access to Siphon Weapons, becoming a potent anti-infantry team dedicated to draining the life force of the enemy whilst healing wounded allies at the same time. Bloodfuel Unggoys come in a group of three and have the "Siphon" special ability.

Jiralhanae Snipers: Most Jiralhanae prefer melee combat, their weapons being close-ranged and often meant for firing at an opponent while moving into melee range. This is not so for the Jiralhanae Snipers who prefer to slay enemies from as far as possible. Jiralhanae Snipers always carry a Disrupter Pistol as a secondary weapon and wield a Shock Rifle or Skewer as a primary weapon. In addition, they carry a backpack with an antenna that's linked to a helmet-mounted sensor system so that they can better detect and shoot enemies.

Huragok Squad: A very useful support unit, dubbed as Engineers in Low Gothic, these Xenos are an anomaly among the Universe, studied by Xenologists they are regarded as "Living Computers" and are noted to be created entirely artificially, despite their appearance. Although fragile, these units are vital in the Banished army as they give them two unique abilities called "Flatuence Harmony" which allows them to repair vehicles, and "Protection of the Hierarchs" which gives ALL units a powerful energy shield, granting or improving their invulnerable save.

  • Infused Huragok: Under constant experiments by Voridus, this new type of Engineer has adapted and incorporated Infusion Gel within its own body. Whilst they still act as regular Huragoks, these Infused Engineers have replaced their "Flatuence Harmony" and "Protection of the Hierarchs" with a weapon called "Infusion Spit" which works on a similar level with the Jiralhanae Grenadiers.

Skimmers: The Banished have no Drones present in their forces and Atriox even gave up the opportunity to change that when he decided to smash a device that would allow him to mind control an army of Drones, declaring that he will only accept willing followers. However, the Banished have very recently gotten a species with a similar tactical niche that they call Gasgira or Skimmers as humans call them. Skimmers are a xenos species with two tridactyl (three-fingered) hands and four legs ending with feet bent backwards in a hyperextended position that hinders terrestrial locomotion. Their bodies share many features with The Harbinger. Skimmers rely on thruster packs for locomotion but unlike Drones who surround armies in swarms to pepper them with weak shots, Skimmers are fewer in number and tend to fly closer to the ground but carry heavier and/or longer-ranged weapons such as autoguns, shock rifles or even missile launchers in addition to Dynamo grenades for flushing out enemies. Skimmers are an enigma to the Imperium, they have no presence in the Covenant that the Banished split off from and have no other records of a previous existence, seemingly having materialized out of nothing to fight alongside the Banished. To even say they are part of the Banished is a misnomer as intercepted communications and interrogations of prisoners have revealed that the Banished know as much about the Skimmers as the Imperium and that Skimmers are actually under the command of their reluctant ally, The Harbinger. The presence of Skimmers is only tolerated by the other species, with most members disparagingly referring to them as "it", "bugs" or "the creature".

Elite Infantry[edit]

Ironclad Mgalekgolo defending his allies from Cadian Infantrymen.

Jiralhanae Veterans: These Veteran Jiralhanae show skill and brutal cunningness that can impress Ork Kommandos. Glimmering in brightly coloured armour, these brutes show authority to their lesser brethren through combat prowess. Jiralhanae Veterans come in a massive variety. Some wear more ornate helmets, which marks them as having a leadership quality while the veterans who have the same combat skills but lack leadership ability wear helmets identical to Brute Warriors but painted to match their armour. Brute Veterans have access to almost the whole Banished armoury. While Veterans might simply be more capable Brute Warriors, they have also been known to wear jump packs or energy shields, giving them either more protection or more mobility.

Spec-Ops Team: A group of highly trained "Special Operation" Sangheili. These squads are employed on high-risk missions with low survival rates and employ a wide range of weaponry to execute their job in the most efficient way possible. Outside of combat, they are easily identified by their black armour. Spec-Ops Sangheili are skilled enough to give Astartes a challenge, but more important is their use of both shields and active camouflage in combination. The Banished have solved the power issues that cause Stealth Sangheili to have to abandon shields for their camouflage, so Special Operation Sangheili will use Active Camo in battle instead of just to get into position, making them even more dangerous than the Covenant equivalent.

Ironclad Mgalekgolos: The Banished has seen the wasted potential of the Covenant and has decided that there should no longer be any weak points to the mighty Hunters. Sacrificing flexibility with the fabled Ironclad Armor that covers all exposed points. Ironclad Hunters are a juggernaut to be reckoned with. Boasting to be a rival to Terminators, its armour means that there will be a chance that all ranged weapons being fired upon these beasts will be reflected back at the attacker. Ironclad Hunters share the same equipment and rules as regular hunters, the only downside is that they are significantly slower and less agile than their other brethren as they are meant to act as a mobile defensive wall for allied infantry.

HQ Infantry[edit]

Atriox's Chosen firing upon an Ork stronghold.

Elite Warlords: Fallen Sangheili veterans who have found new purpose serving under Atriox and Let 'Volir, these Warlords have found a new purpose in defending the Banished after their disillusionment from the Covenant's religion and have instead repurposed their skills and combat prowess to fight foes whom they deemed as worthy of a challenge. Some Warlords still bear the uniform of the Honor Guards, but it is more scarred and worn down from countless fighting due to lack of maintenance. Despite this, they still inspire fear and awe within the Banished. Warlords are the Banished equivalents of Covenant Councillors and Zealots, wielding the full variety of weapons available and often equipping active camouflage to appear where they would be the most dangerous.

Jiralhane Chieftains: These are the Alpha males of the pecking order in Jiralhanae society. These lumbering brutes carry authority and might over others, and carry skill and cunning that would make even an Astartes think twice about their situation. Immensely powerful in both close and range combat, it is quite common for these monsters to rip apart vehicles with their bare hands and are powerful enough to challenge Nobz and Bosses. These Patriarchs have access to the full arsenal of Jiralhanae weapons, including the heaviest weapons like the mighty Gravity Hammer or Plasma Cannons.

Mgalekgolo Captain: Mgalekgolo Captains are Mgalekgolo 'officers' deployed by Colony to locations where some element of its plan or Banished operations requires direct intervention from overwhelming force. In a sense, Mgalekgolo Captains hold the line against innumerable odds. Captains make sure Banished Lekgolo colonies and gestalts operate at full efficiency during battles. Each Captain is linked directly to "Colony" and its distant bond-brother over a specially modified battlenet relay, often going into battle without its Bond-Brother. Thus, Mgalekgolo Captains share the privilege of acting independently and not flying into an uncontrollable rage if their bond brother dies. Additionally, Captains are armed with a modified Siphon Assault Cannon which is an Assault Cannon with the Siphon ability to heal nearby allies in the process.

Grunt Ultra: The Banished have a less discriminatory and more meritocratic mindset than the Covenant, something that has been inherited from Atriox's philosophy though the extent to which this gets inherited can vary from individual to individual. This means that Elites and Brutes within The Banished work far better together, The Banished is more capable of forming alliances with other species, and a Grunt who proves capable can gain some authority over other species in The Banished. The Grunt Ultra is the closest that the secular Banished has to the Deacons from the theocratic covenant. A Grunt that develops the combat prowess to become an Ultra will usually become a pilot to a Locust, Goblin or other heavy vehicle but sometimes a Grunt will stay on foot due to the belief that they have leadership capabilities or even rarely due to personal request. Grunt Ultras have a similar appearance to Deacons but instead of driving other grunts into a suicidal zeal, they can bolster the ability to withstand the combat stress of other units since no one of another species will want to be witnessed displaying less valour than a Grunt!