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PDF version of the codex - Click to download.

This codex was made for my Russian fellow and big fan of the Thousand Sons. The main idea was to make a magic-heavy army and to somehow make ridiculously expensive Thousand Sons be relevant against horde armies. Pdf on the right contain a relevant version of the codex. The codex has recently being updated to 7e.

Now put on your robe and wizard hat.


  • Q: Why there is no codex on this page?
A: I'm too lazy to mirror all edits here, and honestly see no reason for it. Read the PDF on the right.
  • Q: So what are those changes?
A: Mostly general anti-power creep stuff to keep up with a recent SM buffs, but also major changes were made to Athaenean spells and the Indirect Effect special rule.
  • Q: What happened to Spireguard?
A: They were redundant, and got replaced with a slightly tweaked Astra Militarum Glorious Imperial Guard.
  • Q: Where are codex-specific FOCs, formations and objectives?
A: Just because GW is ruining the game with stupid unnecessary gimmicks that take away players' creativity, that doesn't mean I have to.
  • Q: Why aren't Magnus and Ahrman Lords of War?
A: See above about GW's stupidity. LoW slot is for giant warmachines and gargantuan monsters. Faction leaders are just that: leaders, and thus belong to HQ.