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Space 0din, a /tg/ namefag, designed an Ork codex that wasn't the mess GW's department shat together. It un-nerfs all the ridiculous horseshit that's been foisted on the Boyz for a few editions now. Early iterations took inspiration from Wulfen before he scaled it back, because fucking nobody ought to have at-initiative S8 AP2. Shoota Boyz are shooty, Choppa Boyz are choppy, Nobz are an absolute fucking nightmare in close combat, the melee army has invulnerable saves again (what the absolute fuck, GW?), Killa Kanz are no longer paperweights, and the Decurion can be fielded outside of Apocalypse games. The shitload of vehicles & walkers that mysteriously could never be squadded are squaddable. Waaagh! works for shooting lists as well as choppy ones.

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Now fellas lets all pray to our green godz: Oh great Gork and Mork make thy codex good - pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood... Oh wait it is GW making it. Forget it, it will be crap, boring or underpowered in comparison to just about everything else, so there prropably will be need for another fanmade codex that will have sense.

jk the new ork codex is actually good

Version 7 (the most recent one) can be downloaded here

Version 5 can be downloaded here

Version 4 can be downloaded here


May 13th, 2016

  • 'Ere We Go! Changed to provide a +2 Initiative
  • Dok's Tools & Cybork Body limit FNP to 3+
  • Power Choppa up to 17 points, dropped two-handed

June 9th, 2016

  • Decurion added.
  • Decurion formations toned down: no longer twin-links Deffguns to stack with Waaagh!.
  • 'Uge Choppa changed to 10 pts (5 for Nobz), has old Choppa rule (best armor save is 4+).
  • Killkannon changed from Ordnance to Primary Weapon.
  • Bubble Field Gubbinz offer 5+ Invuln save for 10 points.
  • Deff Rolla returned to D6 S6 AP- hits.
  • Boss Zagstruk's HoW is S10 AP2, since his POWER KLAW should double his S5 (Jesus, GW).
  • Stikkbomb Chukka does the same 5+ save thing as the Stikkbomb Flinga.
  • Proppa Choppy is no longer Hatred, but re-rolls of 1 in all rounds of CC.
  • Gun Wagons are available as transports to more units (Nobz, Tankbustas, Burna Boyz, etc.).
  • Tellyport Jenerata on Deff Dreads offers Shrouded to the models on the turn they arrive from DS instead of always(but mandatory for whole unit to take).
  • Gun Wagons can trade transport space to carry Mek Gunz.
  • Tankbusta Bombs are not grenades, so may be used by each member of the squad.
  • Deffguns are back to Salvo D3/D3+1 (max 3). Lootas 75 for squad, 16 for additional--may change.