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Colchis. Big, fanatical and very MUCH dead.

Colchis is where the pod of the Primarch Lorgar Aurelian landed and then became the homeworld of the Word Bearers Legion. Colchis was a pretty big world before it was fucked by the Inquisition. It was around three times the size of Earth and rotated so slowly that a day on Colchis lasted 170 hours, so people had to sleep during long periods of light. The people who lived on this desert world lived almost exclusively in the big cities like the capital, Vharadesh known as the city of flowers.


Colchis was once a pretty advanced world, though it then turned into a shitty Feudal World, the landscapes covered with ruins of factories and other signs of its former prosperity. Colchis was controlled by a cult called The Covenant (Not that one) which was the major religion who spread the teachings of the four great prophets Khaane, Tezen, Slanat and Narag. The planet had devolved into Mad-Max levels of technology and culture, with most of the population gathering in the city-states controlled by the Covenant. If you weren't religious enough you got exiled to live in the deserts like wandering techno-nomads.

The Covenant were strictly hierarchical; arguing that Priests were too holy to do any work, but other lower ranked members of the church could be gifted with positions of authority and be trusted to own weapons. Everyone else was a slave or a worthless outcast and would not be permitted to join the church (or own weapons) based on the argument that if they were more faithful, then they wouldn't be slaves in the first place.

That all started to change when a Primarch pod crashed into a river and was found by some desert outcasts called the Declined where they named him Lorgar or "Rain Caller". He would be collected by Kor Phaeron who had also been exiled from the Covenant, and thought that the young golden superboy could get him back into the cities and give him a seat at the big boy table. Kor Phaeron put up with the boy's ravings about certain golden-plated abs in his dreams and eventually relented in allowing him to preach the religious heresy of the One True God, seeing how effective it was in whipping up religious fervour for a crusade. Kor Phaeron also eventually started entertaining the ridiculous notion that slaves could also join in religion and also be trusted with weapons to fight for said religion, mostly because he had reached the point where he could no longer beat Lorgar for disobedience (and started to suspect that Lorgar was only going along with it for appearances) and that Phaeron's religious officers refused to support him any longer, so an army of slaves was better than nothing at all.

Lorgar's crusade unified the masses and eventually destroyed the Covenant and replaced it with the worship of the coming God-Emperor. All while Kor Phaeron had secretly kept the faith of the Old gods alive in the background.

Big E then landed, giving Lorgar the Word Bearers after a month of celebrating.

Post Heresy[edit]

During the Great Scouring that took place after the Heresy was over, the big blue sons of Roboute Guilliman came across Colchis, which at this point had become a pretty shitty place. Since they were still kind of butthurt about the whole getting-backstabbed-at-Calth thing, they went down and fucked the planet up in person, after which they and the Inquisition decided to bombard it with cyclone torpedoes until the ruined world literally exploded, Colchis' special geological structure causing a chain reaction, killing all of the humans which were barely clinging to life in a destroyed, post-heresy planet. Like Nostramo, Colchis is an asteroid field.

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