Colonel Carus Brom

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Carus Bomb dropping the F-bomb.


– Carus Brom in Dawn of War.

Carus Brom AKA Carus Bomb, is a Colonel in Dawn of War who commands the Imperial Guard stationed on the planet Tartarus. He may not have as much grit as General Sturnn, or be totally badass like Vance Motherfucking Stubbs, but his nobility demands a certain amount of respect. One thing to note about Colonel Brom is that he does not tolerate any pussies who attempt to flee from their certain deaths. He also appears to be somewhat naive, and had to be told by Gabriel Mangelos that Orks only retreat to regroup. He also wanted to hold the spaceport at Magna Bonum, but Gabe put a stop to this (because who gives a flying fuck about spaceports).


Despite a valiant effort from the human fodder under his command, Brom was facing certain defeat against an Ork WAAAGH! on Tartarus before Gabe, along with the Blood Ravens, came to his assistance. Later on, he willingly obliged all of Gabe's requests for military support despite the majority of his Imperial Forces being otherwise engaged with the Ork WAAAGH. In an attempt to piss Gabe off, Inquisitor Mordecai Toth seized command of all remaining Imperial Forces present on Tartarus, therefore superseding Brom's command. Apparently, he is believed to have escaped from Taratarus along with the remaining human fodder before the planet's subsequent demise after it was consumed by the Warp Storm.

However, in the Dawn of War (Novel) by Cassern S. Goto, he actually becomes a HERETIC, and attempts to kill Gabe, but ultimately fails and is consequently exterminated. Apparently, he was not content with being a pushover, and therefore became corrupted by Chaos. He, along with the other traitor Guardsmen, were inevitably slain when they foolishly attacked the Blood Ravens. Unfortunately, it's not confirmed which ending is true.


  • He eventually reappears in the Eldar ending for Dawn of War: Soulstorm, however, it is not actually him - just his character model.
  • His weapons of choice include a Power Sword and a Bolt Pistol. He also wears a stunning red cape for aesthetic purposes.
  • It is noted that he has a rather tall head. This is true.
  • He is one of the only human characters to have a mohawk haircut outside of Necromunda and Catachan.
  • He is also very posh, and consequently speaks as such.


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