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The color pie is a set philosophies that inform much of the mechanics of Magic.


White embodies law, order, community, healing, and light. White is the color of goody-two-shoes, as well as the zealous and totalitarian. The White mana symbol is a sun, and its land is plains.

White characters include:

White creatures include:

  • Angels

White classes include:

  • Solider
  • Cleric


Blue embodies logic, thought, observation, prescience, and arcane magic. The Blue mana symbol is a droplet of water, its land is islands.

Blue characters include:

Blue creatures include:

  • Aquatic life
  • Changelings

Blue classes include:

  • Wizard
  • Pirate


Black embodies self-interest, moral relativism, and power at any cost. Black is the color of demons and undead, but also respect of the individual over the collective. It is explicitly the color of the Constitution of the United States, creating an unusual situation where America is Black (Individual) Red (Freedom) and Blue (pursuit of perfection through knowledge). The Black mana symbol is a skull, its land is swamps.

Black characters include:

  • Liliana
  • Drana
  • Sheoldred

Black creatures include

  • Demons
  • Undead

Black classes include

  • Cultists
  • Necromancers


Red embodies passion, freedom, and rage. The Red mana symbol is a ball of fire, its land is mountains.

Red characters include:

Red creatures include:

  • Dragons
  • Goblins
  • Elemental

Red classes include:

  • Barbarian
  • Shaman


Green embodies destiny, nature-over-nurture, the food chain, and really big, angry green monsters. The Green mana symbol is a tree, its land is forests.

Green characters include:

Green creatures include:

  • Non-Aquatic Animals
  • Most Elves

Green classes include:

  • Druids

Colorless and Devoid[edit]

Basically the "color" of Artifact Creatures (though some colored ones have appeared) and eldritch abomination, as well as a decent chunk of artifacts. Colorless costs can be paid with any mana, which means they can be put in any deck with room for them. Blue does this the most, as it has weak creatures on its own and many abilities which interact with artifacts. Once had an empty diamond as a symbol and "wastes" as a land, but this was dropped after the one set that used it as a gimmick.