Colossus War Machine

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We Squats would like to trademark our Colossus designs so some other dickbags can't steal out ideas and call it their own.

The Colossus is the quintessential Squat super heavy vehicle. It is so successful in fact, that it spurned off a blatant rip-off from the Imperium in the form of the Leviathan (The Squats later stole some of the Leviathans back in their armory). The Colossus is on par with the size of the largest Titan and Capitol Imperialis. They are fucking big.

The Colossus is a ridiculous fighting machine, its firepower only overshadowed by the strongest Titans. Unlike the Leviathan, which devotes a lot of internal space to carrying troops, the Colossus carries no troops but is packed with heavier turrets, fire control centers, magazines and extra Void Shield generators. The fact that it is Super Heavy means that it can only be really affected by other Super Heavies.


The Squat Colossus are vast machines the size of a city block, which act as movable mining installations. They are used to scout worlds and move from ore seam to ore seam, creating highly efficient automated mining facilities before moving on. The Squats have taken this design and replaced the mining equipment with weapons of war, producing two kinds of vehicle, the Leviathan and the Colossus. The Colossus is used as mobile fortress bristling with weaponry.


The Colossus is heavily armed to the point it can reduce an entire tank division into scraps of metal. If the troop heavy Leviathan can reduce Titans into metallic goop than the more weapon heavy Colossus can smack a Warlord Battle Titan in its proverbial metal ass. Boasting a Doomsday Cannon which is a Macrocannon whose shot can be felt several miles away, a Thunderer Cannon whose impact can cause nearby mountains to suffer critical existence failure in the form of giant mud slides, 4 Plasma Missiles to vaporize large blobs or armies and tanks, 8 Battle Cannons to destroy and turn enemy armor into Swiss cheese, 16 Heavy Bolters to mulch infantry into a fine red paste as well as the ability to also carry an Iron Eagle Gyrocopter for reconnaissance purposes. The Colossus is protected by thick armor plates and 6 void shields to shrug off blows from even a Imperator Titan.

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