Colour Sergeant Jarran Kell

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Color Sergeant Jarran Kell is the right-hand man to Lord-Castellan Creed and possibly a descendant of BRIAN BLESSED. He's a big guy who has the triple duty of keeping his commander alive, keeping his banner aloft and bellow into the vox system he's hooked up to to make sure the whole battlefield hears Creed's orders (which is stupid, the enemy... *BLAM* IT IS AWESOME! BE SILENT, HERETIC!). Apparently, the pair met when they were both expendable redshirts in the Conscript regiments, and the quiet, brooding Creed somehow managed to forge an unbreakable friendship with the boisterous, expansive Kell. Now, Kell is aware of how Creed is the only hope that Cadia has for survival during the 13th Black Crusade.

He's dead now. He sacrificed himself to push Creed onto a Valkyrie so he wouldn't get mega-wrecked by Abaddon. He will be missed. (But still playable).

Not to mention he spat blood in Abaddon's face and died with "Cadia Stands" on his lips.

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