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He likes men.


Commissar Holt is a badass muthafucka who enjoys pimp slapping the shit out of stuck up Imperial governors for stories of their ineptitude. He is originally from the Warhammer 40k computer game Final Liberation, which about only two people played.

Commissar from Warhammer Epic 40,000: Final Liberation. (You're gonna need the patch...)

Kane loves him.


Holt was notified of an impending Ork Waaagh! heading for the Imperial planet of Volistad, and immediately diverted to the planet. With the help of an Ultramarines detachment, Holt was able to establish a base on the planet for external reinforcements to land. Being pre-pre-Wardian in their sueness, the Ultramarines there led by Captain Agrippa expressed his gratitude for the Commissar's rescue and even said that "no living Commissar holds no more respect". Course, this might imply that this has to be some time before any other badass Commissar alive became badass.

He also managed (with the help of the Commander General, AKA you) to get some cogboys to an unnoticed cargo bay and managed to summon a fucking Warhound titan. At some point, those same cogboys would also uncover a fuckmothering IMPERATOR BATTLE TITAN.

+-+Needs work+-+


He arm wrestled Commissar Yarrick and won. Yarrick got out of it only by sheer luck, though, when the Orks appeared and kidnapped Yarrick. However, Holt did not let this pass, and he proceeded to destroy 134 Trukks, 200 squads of Shoota Boyz, 15 Nobs, a Warboss, and a Mekboy carrying a Shokk Attakk Gun simply by giving them the *SLAP* COMMISSAR Holt! look.

Another (Retarded) story about Holt is where the fuck he went; as he was leading ten million conscripts into battle against Chaos, the Warp unexpectedly opened and daemons started appearing. Not about to retreat, Holt charged into the daemon horde, shooting them with his bolter and slicing them with his power sword. Suddenly, a Daemon Prince appeared; Holt instantly squared it up and charged, cutting the foul daemon in half. As he stood triumphantly, he tripped, while standing still, over a fallen guardsman and fell into the Warp. There, he saw the most vile, unholy, and Mary Sue force in the Warp; Kaldor Draigo.

Holt has gladly executed numerous Imperial Governors for mistreating troops that would be far more suited dying for the Emperor.

Holt in Deathwatch[edit]

Fantasy Flight Games once again proved they were beardiest of companies, showing their collective raging hard-on for Holt with a large number of (All new!) quotes throughout the Deathwatch gameline, collected below:

  • "Space Marines are men in the same way a knife is a piece of metal. Space Marines are forged, not born. They are the finest weapons of the Emperor's Will."
  • "A finely crafted weapon is like a finely-crafted battle plan. Both will serve you well."
  • "No one man, however exalted or base, is more important than the mission."
  • "I have watched massive Titans striding the battlefield. I have seen entire armoured divisions at war with the Ork hordes. I have borne witness to the firepower of an orbital lance strike. Yet among all these, none compare to the effectiveness of the Adeptus Astartes at war."
  • "No foe is more pernicious when dug-in than the forces of the Archenemy."
  • "All too often, the difference between victory and defeat lies with one man."
  • "The coward represents as great a threat as a traitor. The traitor at least stands by his convictions."


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