Commissar Raege

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Commissar Raege. Haaawwwt-*BLAM!*

Commissar Conrad Raege aka Commissar Raege (this actually thought to be an alias, but it fits) is a female Imperial Commissar. She is usually seen wielding a powerfist and a dour attitude. She was responsible for training Commissar Fuklaw.

Raege was brought up as a boy by her psyker father who didn't think girls could make good soldiers, and received her scar from him when a local boy apparently saw through the disguise and called her 'pretty'. Displayed high combat aptitude in training and became a particularly RAGE filled, *BLAM!*-happy commissar as a result, which says a lot. Raege once killed 143 troops in a single night for expressing doubt or cowardice. Assigned to train a young John Fuklaw as punishment, but not allowed to kill him, she developed into a more balanced leader and taught him how to focus his rage, two things that served them both well against the enemies of the Imperium.

There is also disturbingly much writefaggotry about her.

Raege's assistant, the ever-bubbly psyker Boone, is the star of Colossal Fagot's quest, Boone Quest.

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