Commissar and Leftovers

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Commissar and Leftovers (Комиссар и Недобитки) is a Russian YouTube series of short Warhammer 40,000 videos. The series deals with a platoon of Imperial Guard composed of leftovers (duh!) from all kinds of regiments. Krieg, Vostroyans, Valhallans, Savlar... all serving under a Commissar (duh once again!) played by an unclear gendered being named Sasha Kladbische (Lex Cemetery). As of 2016, the series are 9 short episodes (a few of them are based upon old jokes), along with two epic music videos about the Imperium. The videos have English subtitles (not always the best), so anyone can watch them. But don't you dare criticize, or else... you'll be leading the attack tomorrow.

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