Company of Misery

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Company Of Misery
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Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Chaos Undivided
Colours Red with black trim and excessive black flames

Those unfortunate souls were once known as the Desolate Brotherhood and since their gene-seed degradation they were sent on impossible mission on Death Worlds, Space Hulks and Quarantined Worlds, the Imperium hoping that they would most likely die and everyone would forget about those poor bastards.

Sadly for the Imperium, they always finished their mission and for this they were assigned to an even more impossible mission which sent them into a spiral of despair. During this mission in the Acidic Swamps on the world of Misery, they said "FUCK IT!" and pulled a Night Lords and Iron Warriors on the Imperium. The Brotherhood changed their name to Company of Misery and are now sworn enemies of the Imperium. It's a little weird and lame of a backstory, though, since the missions they were sent on A) needed to get done and B) are the sort of missions and places Astartes excel and would probably want to recruit from.

I forgot to mention that they are another warband in the category "Why the fuck do we even exist?". A lot of potential, but barely used.

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