Conclave Victorum

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The Fidelis Vigil Ex Victorum, to use its formal name, coordinates and, in recent years, governs the activities of Inquisitors throughout the Victorum Sector. Given the sector's apparent strength and stability, the Inquisitorial presence in the sector at times seems overblown and overzealous to other Imperial organizations. To the vigilant eyes of The Holy Order of the Emperor's Inquisition, their weakness in the sector is a disaster brought on by hubris, overconfidence, and a complete failure to understand the dark history of these benighted stars.

The Ordos of The Conclave[edit]

Unsurprisingly, the Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Xenos command the largest membership among the hundred-odd Inquisitors remaining in the sector. Having once been a bright, shining star in the ranks of the Temple of the Saviour Emperor, and thus tainted, the Ordo Hereticus maintains a constant watch over its rulers and prelates. The Ordo Xenos, no less vigilant, knows that the sector's rich traffic in interstellar trade makes it dangerously exposed to alien influences brought from strange and distant stars, not least of which are Eldar pirates and corsairs drawn by the sector's bounty. Finally, the Ordo Malleus has maintained a presence in the sector since its earliest days, vigilant for any reappearance of the Falx Gladocracy's malefic technology.

It is known that the Ordo Barbarus maintains some presence in the sector, though its agents prefer to go unnoticed and unrecognized by the wider Inquisition. So too does the Ordo Sanctorum operate in secrecy, its purview overlapping with the Ordo Hereticus and its fanatically anti-Ecclesiarchal Inquisitors treading lightly lest they draw the attentions of the Sector Synod. More public is the Ordo Machinum, its presence absolutely demanded by the Warp-touched machines left by the Falxian Gladocracy and the unorthodoxy of some of the sector's notable tech-magi.

Factions: Majoris & Minoris[edit]



The dominant faction in the Victorum Conclave, the Amalathians are much to blame for the Inquisition's present weakness and division. Having prosecuted a shadow war against the rival Recongregator doctrine in the recent past, they turned a fractious band of watchful sentinels into a splintered, paranoid mass of distrustful rivals united only in their suspicion of one another. Few Inquisitors see much difference.

Lord Inquisitor Aquillonius Qatasoum is the undisputed head of the Amalathians of the Conclave Victorum. By his will, the renowned Inquisitor Forbe was seized and executed, and countless billions consigned to the fires of the Warp, all in the pursuit of an ideal and purified Inquisition, united in its purpose and rejecting innovations that promised only corruption and taint. A native-born son of Babylum, Lord Qatasoum is a fervent man of the Emperor and faithful to His vision for the Imperium.


Particularly vibrant in the Victorum Sector, Inquisitors of a Thorian mindset have been drawn to this region since the earliest days of the Imperium. Even before the time of Sebastian Thor, those who looked to the masses of humanity for signs of greatness and divine imprint have considered the Victorum Sector particularly blessed in talent and potential, and they have only waxed stronger since the overthrow of the Temple.


Monodomination has found fertile ground in the Victorum Sector. Here, where bands of damned xenos pirates follow the stench of innumerable witches of all stripes and countless abhuman and mutant slaves, many impressionable and passionate Inquisitors soon cleave to the black and white purity preached by the Monodominants.

The Black Badge[edit]

A minor Puritan faction consisting of fewer than a dozen Inquisitors and Interrogators, the Black Badge's ranks are made up exclusively of former Arbitrators and Imperial legal prelates. The Black Badges are an unofficial faction, identified solely by the mailed fist emblem they stamp upon their bolt casings. Though publicly they may belong to one or another faction, or operate entirely independently of the greater Ordos, the Black Badges are united by their past experience in the ranks of the Imperium's lawbearers in rooting out corruption and taint amongst their own. Whether it is a Xanthite witch or fanatic Monodominant, those who bear the Badge guard against the abuse of power by those who wield the ultimate sanction. It is this purpose that has turned them against Lord Inquisitor Qatasoum, and may bring upon them their own destruction.


An offshoot of the Thorians, the Consanctorians are a minor faction unique to the Victorum Sector but are not alone in their beliefs. Those who study the minutiae of Inquisitorial factions recognize the Ardentite philosophies at their core, and dismiss them as harmless Emperor-botherers who surely serve some good.


Inquisitors of the Crusaders faction seek to inspire the faith and wrath of all members of the Imperium, from the greatest Lord down to the lowliest hive worker. Thus, they undertake their investigations and purges with the greatest possible pomp and theater, conscripting masses of fervent mobs, glory-seeking Guard officers, and other colorful props and pawns.

Homo Veritas[edit]

Little regarded by most Inquisitors, Homo Veritas is a faction teetering on the knife's edge of acceptability. Unwilling to abandon Mankind to its fate, the Inquisitors of this minor and isolated faction attempt to exploit the abhuman and mutant underclass of the sector as best and as gently as they can. They justify consorting with such tainted beings on the grounds that, notwithstanding their outward appearance, the human soul within them warrants as much guidance and protection from the evils of the Warp, Xenos, and Heresy as any full-blooded human. Indeed, given their taint and greater vulnerability to such influences, Inquisitors should spend as much or more time within their accursed hovels as among the hive spires and worker habs of the untainted.


A dangerous and nearly-outcast Puritan faction, the Obliate philosophy originated in the Segmentum Pacificus. It fiercely condemns the use of psychic powers and warp knowledge, including Imperial-sanctioned psykers like Navigators and Astropaths, and is notorious for the servitor-like nature of those warp-touched individuals unfortunate enough to be seconded to their use. Particularly strong in the sectors about Hydraphur, the Obliates influence touches any sector with significant warp traffic, and Victorum is no exception. Somewhat uniquely, its adherents are not confined to the Inqusition and may be found among the ranks of the Adeptus Astra Telepathic and the Scholastica Psykana, where they are much opposed by more experienced (and cynical) adepts. Often confused for Monodominants, they are if anything more extreme and are regarded as dangerously naive by more experienced Inquisitors. In the Victorum Sector, only three Inquisitors are openly sympathetic to this philosophy, but their allies and acolytes mean it has adherents throughout the sector.



Xanthism has been driven underground by Lord Inquisitor Qatasoum, but despite all appearances it has survived, and indeed thrived in the ranks of the conclave.


Long have the Istvaanians grown fat on the blood spilled by the warriors and civilians of the Victorum Sector. Their hidden hand can be seen in the bloodshed of the Gareox Prerogative, the purging of the Plague of Unbelief, and the strife engulfing the once-rich Gros Pajan system. The Inquisition War of Lord Qatasoum, however, was nothing of their doing and they suffered grievously from it.


Essentially extinct in the Victorum Sector, those Recongregators who survived the Rostrum Purge fled beyond the borders of the sector, leaving behind fearful acolytes operating under the strictest and most paranoid secrecy. Their remaining agents bear the scars of Qatasoum's War and seek bloody vengeance upon their former comrades in the Inquisition.


Of a kind with other minor factions found wherever the influence of the Inquisition waxes strong, Magisterian Inquisitors propose that, as they already wield ultimate power, they should rule the Imperium itself. These deluded individuals rarely survive the intrigues of Imperial politics, and are frequently purged by their fellow Inquisitors. In the Victorum Sector however, as in a few other places throughout the galaxy, the Magisterians have managed to establish a self-perpetuating lineage of Inquisitor lords manipulating whole worlds and systems from the shadows.


In stark contrast to their fellow Inquisitors, the embittered Reclusians see little to nothing redeemable in the present state of mankind. Bound by their oaths, and despairing of the state of the human soul, they seek solace in the purity of destruction and the purging of taint from the masses and leadership of the Imperium.

The Rostrum Conclave[edit]

Once seen as a potential rival to the Victorum Conclave itself, this body of arch-Radicals was purged by Lord Inquisitor Qatasoum and his allied Amalathians in a short and brutal Inquisition War. Democratic, open-minded, and willing to use any and all tools to protect Mankind and the Imperium, they represented the worst excesses of Radical ideology.


The most recent incarnation of an ancient and terrible heresy, the Tech-Arcanists pursue the demonic tech-lore of the Falx Gladocracy with the obsession of the posessed.

Inquisitorial Holdings[edit]