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Confrontation is a flagrantly furry wargame produced by Rackham (now Cadwallon) with one of the best sculptures currently on the market. Yes there are 2 factions of giant wolf people but even they are brutally awesome.


The Alchemists of Dirz[edit]

Mad desert dwelling scientists who worship an outer god. All of their units are clones and basically if they see something big nasty and brutally destructive they clone it and unleash it on their enemies. Their unique system is mutation what allows them to change their stats mid combat.

The Undead of Acheron[edit]

Fallen mages opening a gate to the underworld and pulling out a never stopping torrent of undead.


Giant wolf people who worship the moon goddess Yllia. They live in tribes and use runic magic. They have basic weapons but because they are large models from the start they can kill very hard.


Wolfs who found out that Yllia hated them and started a campaign to kill every god. They are civilized live in cities and forge weapons. They have archers that fire ballista bolts and a guy called the Tyrant who's simple walking counts as a charge. Their stats lean towards defense more than their loyal kin. If the Wolfen rape shit these guys rape even more.

Daïkinee Elves[edit]

Not so sissy elves fighting suited in bug carapace and using giant friggin warbugs. They are a later faction so they have fewer figures.

Cynwall Elves[edit]

Armored high elves with a stick up their asses and lots of mechs and dragons. Almost everything they have is an elite figure, and they field the two most overpowered pieces of beating in the whole game. Every Cynwall army has one of these constructs that with a mage can break anything anytime.

Akkyshan Elves[edit]

Basically dark elves who follow a Spider goddess with dark magic. They are a literal pain in the ass because they use fear and suffering of their enemies

Ophidian Empire[edit]

Snake people with human warriors boosted by dark magic. Their basic troops can rape entire units alone and they do it while there are slaves chained to their bodies, yes they are that awesome.

Kingdom of Alahan[edit]

A good guy faction. They are followers of light and chivalry. They field a truckload of knights and their units have the biggest base armor in the game.

Holy Griffin Empire[edit]

Like Alahan but with inquisitors and light fanatics who want to burn everything. They use militia men and templars and have their fill of canons and guns. If you like your factions less armored but with guns and pure zealotry they are for you.


They are orks. Big green and very strong. They were created by the Dirz to do their shit, but the Orks decided to fuck with their masters and created a nomadic nature loving people. This doesn't mean they won't smash your face in with a giant friggin axe if you take a piss under their trees, though.

Dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor[edit]

Steampunk dwarfs. They are small and wield giant hammers and axes. Or they are clad in steam-powered armor. Their most awesome unit are the jetpacked dwarfs that smash everything quite hard and a steam golem.

Mid-Nor Dwarf[edit]

Under the dwarven lands there is a rat god. The dwarfs couldn't kill it. Their heroes couldn't kill it. So they left one of them behind to fight the beast. This guy fought bravely but got tired after a while and with no beer he accepted an offer to fuck up the pussy dwarfs who left him behind. From the corpses of the fallen the Rat god stitched together an army of puppets and sent them to kill maim and burn. They have some of the best looking figures in the game.


This is why you want to play confrontation. Goblins have 3 types. Regular gobos are meh but the other two goddamn. They have pirate goblins with giant guns and hats and ale. If that isn't awesome enough there is a Samurai gobo army. Samurai, Geisha and Ninja goblins. They have a giant spiked wheel with a gobo inside slicing your units up. Basically they ramp up the fun factor of this game by a LOT.

Kelt Sessairs[edit]

Keltic warriors and amazons with centaurs and minotaurs. One of the good-aligned factions.

Kelt Drunes[edit]

Former Sessairs that were cursed by their gods and have one hell of a grudge. They went evil and have a selection of mutants, undead and other nasty beasties.


If you don't believe me how awesome this game is check out some of the minis. [1] (BROKEN LINK!)

Rackham went under but now the minis are sold by Cadwallon - and they even publish new minis! On the other hand it can be quite a while between production runs.

For a while the license for the minis had fallen to a vidya game studio called Cyanide Studios. They licensed the minis for distribution in extremely limited quantities and selection via Cool Mini or Not. You can find them here: [2]

A facebook web card game based around the minis is also available.

There is a collector's edition, under the branding Confrontation: Classic, of some of the best minis from each faction that is being kickstarted by a company called Sans Detour. More good news/bad news. Good news! They are making them in plastic from the original models and you get a crap load of them in the box, along with the updated 3.5 rules! Bad news! The plastic they will be made from is unknown as of the start of the kickstarter in April 2018, this collector's box is just to build hype for their ACTUAL rebirth called Confrontation Resurrection, after this production run there will be little to no support for Confrontation: Classic and the cost of entry is steep. This funded in under 2 hours, so it's obvious the community is behind it but we'll see if Sans Detour can deliver on their promise of, "Only the best for Confrontation because it deserves the best." Flashbacks to Robotech RPG Tactics are strong in the comments section of the kickstarter.

Morgan Freeman voice: They didn't deliver.

As of October 2019, Sans-Detour has published zero, ZERO, updates regarding the Kickstarter release of Confrontation. Rumors have abounded that SD dove into the project despite being totally unprepared for how hard it would be to release a new version of a game that had been OOP for 10 years. In any case, this seems to yet another poorly conceived, and quite dead, Kickstarter failure with over 400,000 Euros vanished into thin air.

The Killing Blow Lands.

As of October 2020 Sans-Detour is dead with a capital "D". According to a French kickstarter equivalent located here Sans-Detour had been having legal trouble over a previous project even before the revised Confrontation project was brought to KS. The company has declared bankruptcy and has apparently been liquidated, leaving backers on multiple platforms holding the bag, without even the courtesy of a mea culpa message before they turned the lights off. Not uncommon for crowd funding games, but still more than a bit pathetic.

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