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Corean symbol.png
Four swords joined at the pommel
Aliases The Avenger, the Champion, the Forgefather, the Shining One
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank God
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio 3E: Chivalry, craftwork, strength, protection, wisdom
5E: Chivalry, craft, fire, guardianship, smithing, valor
Domains 3E: Fire, Good, Law, Protection, War
5E: Forge, Light, War
Home Plane House of Corean (Mithril Heaven)
Worshippers Dwarves, guardians, Hollow Legionnaires, knights monks, paladins, smiths
Favoured Weapon Corean's Honor (Longsword)

Corean (pronounced either CORE-ay-ahn or KOR-ay-un) is the god of chivalry, crafts, and protection in Scarn. He's the son of Denev and Kadum.


Though originally hesitant to go to war with the titans, what befell Enkili and Tanil caused him to support war. He was the leader of the gods and their forces during the Divine War, having also slain the titan Golthagga, and aided in the defeating many of the titan, most notably Golthagga and his father Kadum.


Corean has no set from, but most often appears as a great champion. His other forms are those of a smith in a leather apron and breeches, holding a hammer and tongs, and that of an old priest.


Corean is mainly served through the Adamantine Church, the largest organization devoted to the Shining One in Ghelspad. The church is divided to four holy orders, clerics belong to the gold knights, paladins to the silver knights, cavaliers to the iron knights, and actual knights belong to the mithril order, and they're dedicated to the extermination of evil in all of its forms and the destruction of the titans and their spawn. The church does have a history of overzealous heroism however, and the redeemed titanspawn aren't welcome among their ranks. Outside of the church, Corean is followed by the elves of Uria, along with his mother Denev, who granted their island home to them in exchange for eternal devotion, the Gleaming Valley houses the Hollow Legionnaires and hollow knights created by Corean and other worshippers of the god, and the city-state of Mithril was built around the giant mithril golem Corean created to help dispose of Kadum.

Cult of the Forge[edit]

The Cult of the forge is a heretical group of smiths, wizards, and alchemists that evolved from an old cult of the titan. The cult worships the Zme-dah, or the World Forge, that Golthagga used to create his spawn and Corean used to reignite the stars. The members believe that since the titan and the god needed the forge to accomplish their tasks, the forge itself is divine, and that the two were either manifestations or worshippers of the forge. The cults worship of both Golthagga and Corean has made them many enemies among the followers of Corean, and the Adamantine Church's more zealous members have called for their persecution, but Corean's own herald has rebuked the demands.

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