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Starship troopers in space, wait they were already in space

The generically named Corporation or Galactic Co Prosperity Sphere nowadays are the main human faction and definitely the bad guys in Warpath. The Corporation is spreading like a dirty great cancer across the galaxy, exploiting and killing all who oppose them, with the aim of getting a trading monopoly over the entire fucking universe. They are an analogy for Games Workshop. Their models also look like the Imperial Guard, though now they also have Space Marines working with them.

...Yeah...tooooootally GW in SPHESS. With slave customers and games such as dreadball included.

As of 2017, their armies are composed of GCPS marines, which are roughly imperial guard equivalents, but with the name of spesh marins and a starship troopers look.

Soon they will have a not retarded taurox equivalent too in the form of the mule transport.


Enforcers are the Corporation's answer to Space Marines. They are not quite an army in their own right, but they have 3 different unit types and a commander unit which means you could make a corp army using only these guys. The models don't actually look much like Space Marines at all, more like Iron Man with a beefy laser rifle. Oh, and they ALL have jump jets (yes, even the heavy weapons unit)!

They are the closest thing you will get to reasonable marines, making use of sniper rifles, camouflage and engineering corps that dont believe technology is magical. Also despite being slimmer due to not having shoulderpads of power, they are actually a head taller than gw spesh mareens(some say primarais were created to compensate for that).

Overall enforcers are an interesting variant on the post-human archtype, though lorewise they are more similar to imperial stormtroopers than spesh mareens (since like stormtroopers they are enhanced humans that recieved military training instead of monastic knights utterly transformed into murderous machimes), some have even played dreadball before joining the ranks (thus making enforcers an army of former high school jocks).

After being originally released in restic, nowadays they are finally hard plastic and gorgeous, available mainly as normal troops (armed with laser guns or wristblades, which despite not being nearly as cool as chainswords might actually be more useful in a fight), peacekeepers (terminator equivalents that actually look like tartaros pattern terminators if they got a more square form, also like grim Buzz Lightyear) and enforcers on JETBIKES, thats right, this space marines know how to roll, which would also make them possible replacement for people who want to field a Saim-Hann host without selling kidneys since enforcers are 20 bucks for 4 vs Gw 35 for 3.

They also have Striders, which look like beefed up dreadnoughts (though admittedly missing some of the heraldry that makes dreadnoughts such a classic) and their Acusser flier that is basically bigger than a stormtalon, but smaller than a stormhawk and looks like a more advanced Valkyrie, so it could be either thing.

Overall enforcers are an interesting bunch of models, if you prefer some more realistic and serious approach to the super human archtype.

When it comes to mantic games, enforcers play like the elite army in deadzone, though Asterians and Forge Fathers are more expensive troopswise and a jack of all trades in warpath.

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