Craftworld Driag-Nahl

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Specialty Artillery, Heavy Weapons, Traps, Fortifications
Hero Alandis Fændrýn, Kingslayer
Colours Bone, Charcoal, Amber

"Driag-nahl? yeah I remember that hellhole. We went in thinking we'd crack it with ease and use the soulstones and infinity circuit as bargaining chips with other groups. But what we found... was more like the Iron Cage and we were the Fists. Who the fuck puts a Pulsar Cannon at the end of a hallway behind a façade?"

– unnamed Iron Warrior

"Driag Nahl? Real weird Aeldar. They look like any other Aeldar but once you get close and start really looking the differences become apparent. There's this... paranoia about them, this "fear" if you will. Their constant need, a want to improve on what they have and how they look at problems makes them almost... Human if I say so. Some would call it blasphemous but I see 'em as kindred spirits."

– Unknown Stormtrooper on Craftworld Drag-Nahl

A trap-laden, (comparatively) highly industrialized Eldar jungle craftworld skilled in mechanized warfare and sneaky beaky with a distaste for the old Eldar empire. Aligned with the Ynnari, and have decent relations with the Imperium of Mon'keigh, which by the latter's standards translate into absolutely amazing.


History and Homeworld[edit]

Houses of Draig-Nahl[edit]

House Fændrýn, the Chainbreakers[edit]

The oldest "clan" of Driag-Nahl, House Fændrýn predates the fall of the Eldar as a family name, as they were the logistical center for all other slave artisans, serving as heads of house for their collective masters. They were disgusted with their masters cruelty and degenerate behavior, seeing them as honourless dandies. When the fall of the empire was nigh, Asurdan Fændrýn the head of house called for munity, and in the slave revolt took the pleasure ship Host of Dreams. Unfortunately he did not foresee the horrors trapped within, but his single act of courage and leadership was the birth of the Eldar of what would become Draigh-Nahl. The House is now venerated as leaders and generals, with a keen eye for quality and a mastery of fine detail. In recent memory the Autarch, Alandis Kingslayer, hails from this lineage, and watches over the maiden world and orbiting craftworld with a watchful eye. While the house is largely stationed planet side, many continue to rule, work, serve, and fight in Draigh-Nahl proper, alongside the manic Swordsorn of House Cahlith. Between the two houses, they comprise the majority of the Aspect Temples, and while the Swordsworn worship them, and the rest of the houses fear or loath them, those of Fændrýn have a grim understanding of their Aspect Warriors, and those who dedicate themselves to a temple are given ceremonial funerals to mark their passing into a War Mask.

House Beleháthorn, the Emberswift[edit]

It took a certain amount of insanity to buck from the reigns of an immensely powerful fiefdom, especially in a time where unity was needed the most, but it took true brazen foolhardiness too not only steal their prized pleasure ship, but fly it away in the second most devastating warp Storm ever convinced, only being overshadowed by the Cicatrix Maledictum. To this end, Asurdan Fændrýn recruited a band of pirates, rakes, rastabouts, and swindlers to claim and sail the Host of Dreams. While technically part of the artisans, most were menial labourers serving as indentured servants in the face of debts or judicial punishment. However a fair portion had a great deal of mechanical prowess in their own right, relishing in getting the best performance out of flyers and bikes, as any good pirate or daredevil ne'er-do-well would. When they begrudgingly agreed to escape their bonds alongside the other bound artisans and workers, they quickly found themselves dealing with more than they bargained for. Daemons and bizarre abominations in the lower reaches of the sprawling ship broke out in hideous skirmishes, and the ship itself had controls that bordered on madness, purpose built for some orchestra of flesh crafted wretches. Never the less, the criminal scum and racer mechanics brought their fellows to safety, and earned a place of honour in the burgeoning craftworld. In time they bonded over common ancestry, as well as temperament and interest, into a house to match all the others. Thus came House Beleháthorn, outriders, ace pilots, and rogues. Over time they took in Corsairs and exiles from elsewhere, and developed a fondness for traps such as mines and more...simple measure, especially when deployed by a speeding jet bike. Beleháthorn is characterized by razor sharp humour and a wry, sardonic nature, often taunting those caught in their traps, or struggling to keep up in a dogfight. It's often rumored as an open secret that the house worships Cegorach, but any Eldar from the house will tell you that they are ardent worshipers of Vaul, same as anyone. They consider his trick he pulled on Khaine proof that he has a sense of humour, or at the very least that he's clever, and the fact that he challenged him at all marks him as a rebel to admire. Of all the houses, Beleháthorn has the best relationship with other Eldar, as they don't view Dark Eldar and Corsairs as reckless degenerates, or Harlequins as feckless annoyances, but rather all as kindred spirits.

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