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– FPS Doug-Pure Pwnage Episode 3

- Kurdoss supernaturally malding as he always does.

WH47 4r3 Y0U 60NN4 D0 WH3N W3 C0M3 F0r Y0U?!?

Kurdoss is a pathetic being, damned to never hold any true "ruling" power, (as a combatant he's quite powerful, what with being "technically" second in command of the Nighthaunt.) Nagash's curses, near-constant verbal and physical CBT from Lady Olynder as well as the vicious mockery by his two attendants lead him only able to derive any sort of pleasure from his unlife by taking the lives of the living and similarly cursing them as well to eternal torment.

Well... he almost does.

You see, believe it or not, Kurdoss is a pretty important part of the Nighthaunt, and is thusly protected by a crack team of bodyguards. Very good bodyguards. Bodyguards that are so good they won't let their "king" sully his hands with killing his opponents. That's right, Kurdoss is constantly surrounded by an entire entourage of kill-stealing elite snipers. Every time Kurdoss is on the verge of finishing off an opponent, be it a simple peon or even the enemies leader themself, at the moment of the kill the glory & satisfaction that would come with it, is dragged away kicking and screaming with a spectral bolt to the head, as one of his bodyguards kills them with unerring accuracy. It doesn't matter if Kurdoss himself is between them and the target, they'll simply shoot through the throne, like some sort of ghost John Wick.

So in yet another sick twist of fate, the only beings in the Nighthaunt that genuinely care for him and his safety are the source of his greatest pain. Better luck next time, man.

On The Tabletop[edit]

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