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This Creature Creation Table is for use in making your own creatures in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is made directly to work with Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Creature Feature, which is just the updated Creature Feature from the good ole days. These tables are mainly for /tg/ just to make some random creatures for 40k tabletop, not Dark Heresy. It goes over background and some characteristics before going into the design and statistics.

Creature Lifestyle[edit]

Terrain of homeworld (d100)
1-20 Jungle - "It thrives in a dense saturated jungle filled with diverse wildlife."
21-35 Desert - "Sandy and/or dry landscape stretches far across the land."
36–45 Ice - "Vast glaciers and ice form the mainstay of the creature's home."
46-55 Swamp - "Swamps and marshes make up much of the coastal terrain."
56-65 Plains - "It lives among the fertile plains of a temperate world."
66-75 Wooded - "Large forests and tall trees are what it calls home."
76-82 Lava/Magma - "The creature prefers the hot temperatures and dead landscape near volcanoes."
83-88 Warp Maligned World - "This planet/environment has been touched by the Warp and disturbed by Chaotic movements."
89-96 Urban - "Somehow the creature is able to sustain itself and thrive in and around cities where more intelligent species dwell."
97-100 No atmosphere/Space - "Survival in Space or otherwise seemingly lifeless environments is where it survives."

What is the creature's diet? (d10)
1–3 Carnivore - "The Creature is a natural carnivore, killing prey outright when given the chance."
4 Herbivore - "Though still dangerous, this creature attacks out of defense or anger instead of hunger."
5-6 Omnivore - "Can attack out of hunger, but usually goes after other food sources first. Omnivores can also show slightly higher intelligence."
7-8 Scavenger - "Feasts only on dead animals or things that inexplicably end up in its mouth by accident. Doesn't mean it won't strike back."
9 Killer for fun - "This creature's eating habits are unknown, but it doesn't eat its prey. Regardless, it still enjoys slaughtering and killing. A True Bastard."
10 Doesn't Eat - "It has evolved in such a way that it lives off some other form of sustenance such as sunlight, radiation, chemical compounds or the warp itself. It may not even have a mouth."

How does the creature reproduce? (d10)
1–2 Asexual - "The Creature effectively clones itself by splitting into two beings with identical genetic code."
3-6 Allogamy/Autogamy - "Normal reproduction between two species with an egg and sperm."
7-8 Parasitic - "The creature cannot reproduce without a host from another species, e.g.: as a food source."
9-10 Lone Wolf - "The creature is the last of its kind and can't reproduce. It ain't happy!"

Main Sense? (d10)
1-2 Sight
3-4 Smell
5-6 Hearing
7 Touch
8 Taste (re-roll if the creature doesn't eat.)
9 Its 5 main senses are largely equal
10 6th sense

Creature Conflicts[edit]

What major faction has had to deal most with the species? (d100)
1-40 Imperial Guard, PDF, or some kind of human resistance
41-50 Orks
51-60 The Forces of Chaos (likely inside a warpstorm)
61-70 Space Marines (likely on a recruiting world, or even possibly a hulk)
71-85 Eldar
86-90 Dark Eldar
91-95 Tyranids
96-100 Any other races not listed (includes tau/necron) or other xenos creatures

What role (generally) does (or did) the species as a whole play? (d100)
1-8 Farmed/Grown/Engineered - "Cultivated as food for the masses, no matter how dangerous or tame."
9-25 Hunted - "Attacked as sport for the challenge, a ritual, or rarity in material."
26-45 Left Alone - "The species is largely ignored by other more intelligent species, or it is futile to try and eradicate them."
46-57 Trainable - "Often trained to form a bond with their owner, or is suitably broken/enslaved for use."
58-85 Dangerous - "Threatening, either through its skill or the sheer amount of them on a world. No one tries to tame or hunt them."
86-95 Imminent threat - "Their nature makes them a danger to every species. They are confronted for it, by everyone."
96-100 Dormant - "The species usually stays in hibernation or stasis for long periods of time. They are largely unknown by the galaxy at large."

Personal Creature's Exemplary Action (d10)
1 Nothing of note... Yet!
2-4 Taken down and possibly eaten scores of human hunters, guardsman, PDF, or neophytes. A terror on the galaxy's most widespread species.
5 Took down a Tempestus Kill Team while they were on a an important mission. A good catch.
6 Killed an Adeptus Astartes or Two. Just humanity's finest is all, no biggie.
7 Manage to kill a few of Eldar Aspect Warriors that blindly walked upon its path. They were hard to manage kills, but worth it.
8 Slaughtered a group of Orks armed to the teef with looted weapons. They had mistakenly sought another fight.
9 Killed one, or some of the many other xeno's creatures in the galaxy. Take your pick (necrons or tau or dark eldar encouraged).
10 Destroyed a warp spawned creature or a pack of daemons. The Chaos Gods are angered. (you can roll for daemon type if wished).

Creature Design[edit]

Reminder that Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Creature Feature contains more detailed descriptions of many things in these tables from here on out, especially the Ability descriptions.

Roll (d6) Size WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Points
1-2 Small 4 0 3 3 1 4 1 10 6+ 3
3-4 Medium 4 0 4 4 1 4 1 10 6+ 9
5-6 Large 4 0 5 5 1 4 1 10 6+ 15

Roll (d10) Locomotion Small Cost Medium Cost Large Cost
1–3 Biped (Infantry) 0 0 0
4-7 Quadruped (Beasts) 3 7 10
8–9 Winged (Jump Infantry) 4 10 13
10 Rooted (Unit remains as infantry, but must remain stationary. It gains Fearless and is classified as "Flora" for purposes of this creation process) -2 -4 -6

(Only roll if Fauna) Skin/Surface type (d12)
1-2 Exoskeleton - "The creature's surface is hard or like bone. Often used by insects or arachnids.
3-5 Fur/Hairs - "Usually a warm blooded creature whose skin has fur or some kind of hair. Often found in mammalia."
6-7 Feathers - "Feathers make up the creature's surface. Many avian creatures have feathers."
8 Scales - "Usually cold blooded with scales. Often reptilian in nature."
9 Leathery skin- "Beast with a hide similar to that of furry creature, only less hair and tougher to peirce."
10 Smooth/Slimey - "Characterized by a skin that is mostly smooth, often slimy, to the touch. Found sometimes in Amphibians."
11 Amalgamation - "The creature is either mutant-like or looks spawned from the warp. It is a mismatch of many aspects of other creatures, and a scary sight to behold."
12 Other - "Anything from skin of rock to slime or from transparency to bark. Choose whatever is cool or fits best."

(Only roll if Flora) Skin/Surface type (d2)
1 Bark or woody - "The Fauna is a little stiffer and harder. That doesn't mean it can't move and swing however."
2 Non-Woody - "The plant can easily bend to attack or defend itself. "

This is where it gets complicated...

Roll 1d3 for each of these attributes that a creature can have, so 11d3 for small, or 10d3 for medium or large (since you won't roll for Weak). On a 1-2, don't grant that attribute; on a 3, grant it. If the attribute is Additive, roll a second D3 when granted, and apply it as many times as you rolled on the second die.

Non-Additive Attributes Small Cost Medium Cost Large Cost Additive
Tough: +1 Toughness 3 3 6 No
Strong: +1 Strength 3 3 6 No
Agile: Gain Fleet 5 5 10 No
Armoured: 5+ armour save 2 2 5 No
Heavily Armoured: 4+ armour save; if you get this and Armoured, remove Armoured. 5 5 8 No
Predator: +1 WS 2 2 4 No
Slow-Witted: Counts as Initiative 1 -1 -3 -5 No
Weak: -1 Strength and Toughness -1 - - Yes
Resilient: +1 Wound 5 10 15 Yes
Extra Attack: +1A 3 4 5 Yes
Quick Reflexes: +1 I 1 1 2 Yes

Creature Abilities[edit]

Roll on this chart to determine the amount of abilities the creature can take. Rolling here determines how many d35's are to be rolled on the next table after. Small to Medium Creatures have a limit of 25 points whilst Large have a limit of 50 points. If you roll up an ability and don't have enough points to use it, then don't take the ability and stop rolling (This is the end of the "9-10" roll naturally.)

Number of Abilities the Creature has?(d10)
1–2 Take 3 abilities for small/medium creatures, 5 for Large creatures
3-4 Take 4 abilities for small/medium creatures, 6 for Large creatures
5-6 Take 5 abilities for small/medium creatures, 7 for Large creatures
7-8 Take 6 abilities for small/medium creatures, 8 for Large creatures
9-10 Keep rolling for abilities until you hit an ability that would put you over your creature size's allotted point limit.

Abilities (Roll d35's determined by the table above)(points cost corresponds as (s/m/l).

(A "-" denotes that ability isn't usable by that size type)

Acid Blood ... (4/3/3) 1
Agile Flora (Flora Only) ... (3/3/3) 2
Burrowing ... (3/5/5) 3
Camouflage ... (2/2/3) 4
Defensive Spines ... (3/3/3) 5
Deadly Attack ... (-/6/8) 6
Defensive Maneuver ... (3/3/3) 7
Disorienting Attack ... (-/4/4) 8
Dodge ... (7/7/-) 9
Duplicating Attack (special) 10
Enhanced Senses ... (3/3/3) 11
Entangle ... (5/5/5) 12
Extended Attack (Flora Only) ... (3/3/3) 13
Fearful Presence ... (2/2/2) 14
Fission ... (-/3/6) 15
Gaping Maw ... (-/-/4) 16
Hit and Run ... (5/8/-) 17
Horns/Spiky ... (3/4/5) 18
Intimidation ... (-/2/2) 19
Lure ... (3/3/4) 20
Massive ... (-/-/20) 21
Mind Control ... (5/5/5) 22
Musk ... (5/6/6) 23
No Pain (Flora Only) ... (2/2/2) 24
Plague Ridden ... (6/6/6) 25
Poisoned ... (6/5/5) 26
Ranged Attack ... (3/3/3) (Roll an additional d4: 1-Scatter Range, 2-Multi-shot etc.) 27
Razor Sharp Claws ... (6/7/7) 28
Regeneration ... (7/7/7) 29
Resilience ... (5/5/5) (Roll an additional d3: 1-Solid Slug, 2-Heat Based etc.) 30
Rush Attack ... (-/7/7) 31
Spine Burst (Flora Only)... (3/3/3) 32
Spore Cloud (Flora Only)... (2/2/2) 33
Stun ... (5/5/5) 34
Vampirism ... (4/4/6) 35

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