Crimson Dancer

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Yet another Champion of the Spheres created by... wait, no, this time it's by Drop Dead Studios themselves! Released in a book of the same name, the Crimson Dancer is the long awaited official Blood and Duelist specializing Champion class; the Crimson Dancer inflicts Bloodletting to assist them in using Duelist and Blood sphere abilities; and Bloodletting (alongside other factors) lets them obtain Vitae to perform special abilities, including self healing, remove conditions from themselves, remove bleed effects, beef up their spherecasting, regain Martial Focus, getting skill bonuses or get bonus movement toward bleeding creatures. Vitae also prevents them from bleeding; making them both great users of Blood + Duelist sphere as well as (with a GM's permission) a hard counter to other Blood + Duelist sphere users. Similar to the Reaper, the Crimson Dancer also gets a special subclass; known as Crimson Paths; though there are currently two Paths. They also gain Hemolytic Arts every 3 levels, gain the ability to use their Crimson Dancer level as their Blood caster level against exsanguinated foes, stops aging and can even gain vitae by maximizing damage dealt to them.

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