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Yaaaay for da bloood gawd!

Oh, Crull. The Chaos Lord of Winter Assault and the leader of a World Eaters Warband called the Blood Legion. Crull is noted for being quite arguably the third-most one-dimensional Chaos Lord in Dawn of War's history, only barely edging out against Bale and Carron due to actually having something distantly resembling character development, a trait not shared by his contemporaries. Like every single Chaos Lord that isn't Araghast or Eliphas in the entire goddamned series, he's marked by awkward dialogue and hilariously easy-to-misinterpret quotes. He's one of the few Chaos Lords to use an Axe of Khorne, a Daemon Weapon from 4th Edition, which cannot seem to decide if it wants to be an axe or a mace.

In spite of his apparent violent demeanor, apparent bloodthirstiness and routine screaming of "Blood for the Blood God!" Crull is not a terribly good Khornate. He has Sorcerers in his World Eaters warband, though he clearly doesn't like them, which the Blood God disappoint, and his use of tactics makes Abaddon look like Creed, because said tactics require controlling an imperial psyker (A FUCKING PSYKER MIND YOU) to brainwash guardsmen and sacrifice them to the blood god. This tactic is not only cowardly, but also a shameful display to all Khonrnate followers and their belief of "my sledgehammer is mightier than your gun". His lines are often over-the-top hammy and exceptionally obnoxious, since he says little that isn't a threat, curse, or epithet (the worst is when the Eldar attack in one level and repeats the same, very long, threat to them every, single, time, they attack), and even those lack enough creativity to even make them interesting. Suffice to say, he comes across as an annoying shit who gets what he deserves when a much better character, Gorgutz da 'Ead Unter, kicks STOMPS da living shit out of him and takes his skull for a trophy, following Crull's attempt to ham-handedly try to double-cross the warboss on Lorn V (even though a Tzeentch lord (NOT KHORNATE MIND YOU) like Neroth (WRONG ONE, DUMBASS) Nemeroth could beat up Grimskull and throw him around like a toy, but not crull, A FUCKING KHORNATE LORD.).

He's still better than Bale and Carron though. But absolute shit compared to the badassery of Araghast and Eliphas.

Eliphas the Inheritor would recover Crull's skull from Gorgutz' bosspole and use it to curry the Blood God's favor during the battle for Kronus, but would ultimately lose the battle for the planet and wind up in the warp for a while until a certain recipient of armlessness jokes decided to stop sulking for a few minutes and do something cool for a change and drag Eliphas' ass up out of the warp in Dawn of War II.

Nothing is known regarding what became of Crull's skull following this.

It's been rumored that Crull choose to follow Chaos (specifically Khorne) for the dental, and judging by his teeth they're pretty good shape for a Chaos Lord, being remarkably clean in spite of being jagged and pointy. It is believed that he taught Cultist-chan the importance of good oral hygiene, a theory that arose when some of the Dawn of War players noticed a sound similar to gargling when he yells out some of his more famous speeches. Also the fact that, if you know your shit, it's funny to hear Nappa yelling these lines, and having shouting contests with Vegeta.

A collection of Crull's funnier statements[edit]

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