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Just look at the neckbeard on that dweeb.

Crypteks are the Necrons' equivalent of wizards, although their powers come from an extremely advanced understanding of science, rather than magic (their name comes from "crypt" + "technology"... I know it makes us sad too). The word you are looking for here is "cryptic". 'Cryptek' is actually the ancient Necrontyr word for nerd. Nerd is a Terran word from the 21st century, with synonyms like "everyone who has commented on this thread." And so the cycle of the evolution of diction continues...Just as Planned.

Like wizards nerds, they tended to isolate themselves from the affairs of their fellow Necrontyr, and this has remained the case after being upgraded into Necrons (and the feeling is mutual — most nobles aren't very interested in how their technology works, so they leave the Crypteks in peace, much the same way the popular kids show little interest when they see you playing with dice and little figurines that the spergiest among you flips out over anyone touching). Those that do associate with others generally do so for patronage DKP — they join the royal court of an Overlord or Phaeron and lend their powers and advice in exchange for a first pick of the spoils of war, rare technology, or other favors. Of course, while Crypteks usually don't bother with the political affairs of the noble courts, they are always busy with their own inter-academic rivalries and the struggles of organizing DnD groups when your character sheet needs to be engraved on a 30ft obelisk.


Crypteks specialize in one of several disciplines to focus their studies and gain more powerful tools.

  • Harbingers of Despair or "psychomancers" are all about manipulating minds, mostly causing fear.
  • Harbingers of Destruction or "plasmancers" shoot fire and light to wreck things.
  • Harbingers of Eternity or "chronomancers" play tricks with time -- speeding it up, slowing it down, shifting people into or out of phase with it, or even (in the case of Orikan the Diviner) running it backwards.
  • Harbingers of the Storm or "ethermancers" control the air and weather, and in battle, they call down the lightning.
  • Harbingers of Transmogrification or "geomancers" are rather like alchemists -- they can transmute matter from one form into another, or animate it temporarily (which is good for causing earthquakes). Somehow they are able to rock your armor off, OW YEAH!!!!
  • Astromancers read the patterns and movement of the stars to predict the future. Don't ask me how it works.
  • Biomancers are the guys who do experiments on organic races.

There are other disciplines, but the first five are the only ones who go to battle on a regular basis.

And then the 7th struck. Taking away this glorious collection of stuff and gear we were introduced to a the HQ that now (for some fun reason) cost the same as a 5th lord with a rec orb. And fun fact: it is giving them +1 to their Reanimation. Now that would not be so bad was it not for the T4 and the 4+ save...

Still as a HQ if you dont have the points to make a reclamation legion you should take this guy and just simply stick him to the most important unit (that would be Immortals or a huge group of Warriors) should keep them alive.

Can take a little thing that gives you a 5++ against shooting.

Famous Crypteks[edit]

Forces of the Necrons
Command: Cryptek - Destroyer Lord - Necron Lord - Necron Overlord - Phaeron
Troops: C'tan Shards - Deathmarks - Flayed Ones - Immortals
Lychguards - Necron Warriors - Triarch Praetorians
Constructs: Canoptek Spyder - Canoptek Wraith - Crypt Stalker
Scarab - Tomb Sentinel - Tomb Stalker - Seraptek Heavy Construct
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