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Me Igor catch bullet for Master!

The Igor to the Cryptek's Dr. Frankenstein.

Used as slaves and bodyguards by Crypteks, Cryptothralls are not truly sentient beings and are instead enslaved to their master's will. They are engrammatically compelled to protect their masters with their Living Metal bodies and fierce short-range weaponry which consists of scything limbs and Scouring Eyes.

Despite being overglorified Servitors, Cryptothralls are actually formidable adversaries – especially when galvanised into action by the presence of their Cryptek masters, serving as their sword and shield. As such, these long-limbed Necrons serve as formidable bodyguards.


Always taken in pairs, individually they are a S5 T5 2W unit with 3 attacks in melee (performed with an AP-1 modifier) and a fairly nasty 2 shots of S5 AP-2 1d at range. Their additional rules make them even better at following along their masters : when close to a Cryptek they make it untargettable while conversely setting their WS and BS to 3+ (this is NOT a +1 to hit, meaning it can be buffed further to a 2+) and doubling their attack stat for a lovely 12 attacks on a 3+ for anyone trying to harm their master.

Considering they have Living Metal AND Reanimation Protocols on top, they are probably one of the best bodyguard units in the game, especially when near a Technomancer. Suddenly instead of shooting a frail T4 robot nerd, the enemy will first have to chew through these two lads, either plinking them with inefficient low strength shots or wasting their valuable anti-elite fire on two silly looking scrap heaps. And they don't even take up a slot in the army - there is literally no reason not to take them if you can fit their point cost.

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