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Cryx is one of the main factions in Warmachine and one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms. Well, technically, it isn't, but who cares about such pedantics? While most factions in Warmachine have some humanizing elements to them, Cryx is a straight evil faction.

Cryx is an archipelago ruled over by the godlike dragon Lord Toruk. Toruk likes undead, and he likes pirates, so he decided to combine the two into undead pirates, supported by both undead and pirates. Being a steampunk fantasy setting however Toruk is not satisfied with just a bunch of ill-washed scum. So he has his iron-wraiths (or what this cross of necromancers and engineers are called) constructed various brutal torture machines on legs to suck out the souls their victims and spread the work of the good old Dragonfather.

Toruk set up the kingdom to help him search for and take down his dragonspawn. Once this is achieved it is doubtful that Toruk will care what else happens as long as his kingdom covers the entire planet.

They like to raid Cygnar, which is one of the main reasons Cygnar has the best navy of all the Iron Kingdoms. The other Iron Kingdoms too have suffered Cryx's predations but don't seem to regard them as the most serious threat to existence (this could be most of the setting is power mad loons or fanatics with a cause too focused on their own goals to see the bigger picture). Only the Circle Orboros and Legion of Everblight seem to realise the threat Cryx truly poses, and in both cases the pot is calling the kettle black.

Considering the horrors that regularly come out of this place it is amazing the human nations haven't got together to get rid of them, although they would all be fried alive if Toruk decided to give them a good thrashing himself. Seriously even Godzilla would struggle to take on this guy.

They recently tried to do exactly that. Realizing the threat Cryx poised after they attacked and overran Cygnar's military strongpoint of Point Bourne, Khador and Cygnar put their current war on hold to team up and push Cryx out of the Thornwood. While they were able to retake Point Bourne, their combined force got their asses handed to them, in the Thornwood.


Cryx has an interesting variety of warcasters most of whom are undead. These undead warcasters are usually called ironliches or lichlords and they serve Lord Toruk as generals usually with a certain area of specialization. Lichlords vary in appearance widely, but in general think of a D&D lich that got a steampunk makeover. Lord Toruk favors undead servants, because he has a hard time remembering or differentiating mortal servants due to their short life spans. Most of their warcasters started in other factions and came to the dark side so to speak. Unlike the warcasters of other factions Cryxian warcasters are mostly immortal and so have a lot more experience when it comes to combat and magic. Most Cryxian warcasters have access to some pretty crippling debuff spells and a few have access to teleportation. It is rarely a waste of your turn to let your warcaster do magic unlike some other factions. Others like Terminus and Venethrax are monstrous sized killing machines who prefer to lay about with their equally monstrous swords. Most of the warcasters also prefer infantry to warjacks although a few of the squishier casters really like their bonejacks (cryx lightjack) to arc spells through. It isn’t that big of a loss since our infantry in Cryx is pretty strong. Most armies will be your warcaster your favorite character jack and infantry and solos. Maybe some bonejacks thrown in to arc spells. Some warcasters like Mortenebra and Skarre’s epic form do take a lot of jacks though.

Lichlord Asphyxious[edit]

A long time ago Asphyxious was a druid of circle Orboros when he saw Lord Toruk fly overhead. He decided he would rather be a dragon disciple than be a druid anymore so he went and sought Toruk out. He found Toruk and requested to serve him. Toruk asked him to prove his loyalty by walking into a volcano. Asphyxious did so and Toruk took his ashes and resurrected him as an ironlich. He has schemed his way up the ladder disposing of rivals by letting enemy forces know where they would be. He took on Deneghra as an apprentice. He and Terminus hate each other mostly because Asphyxious wants Terminus out of the way and Terminus sees through the convenient disappearances and untimely deaths of Asphyxious rivals for what they are. Asphyxious is mostly responsible for prosecuting the war on cygnar and the other races on the continent directly and he has negotiated with the cephalyx for use of their caverns to hide manufacturing plants and stage his forces right under cygnar and khador's noses. He almost ascended to godhood using an Orgoth altar, but a bunch of other warcasters from multiple factions including his own (Vladimir, Testament of Menoth, Harbinger of Menoth, Haley, Nemo, Terminus, and the Witch Coven of Garlghast) worked together and stopped him. Asphyxious isn't all guile though. His prime form can wreck a colossal in one turn if he feats, and his magic is pretty strong as well. He also has a personal centipede shaped bonejack called Cankerworm that can tear a weapon off a defeated enemy warjack and use it.

Wraith Witch Deneghra[edit]

Cryx heard that a powerful warcaster was born in a certain village so they raided the village and kidnapped her. Unfortunately one powerful warcaster was actually two powerful warcasters Victoria Haley and her sister Deneghra. Victoria Haley well grew up to be Major Victoria Haley and Deneghra grew up in the nightmare empire. Asphyxious realizing their error too late decided to train Deneghra as his personal padawan learner. He also told her that her sister had stolen the other half of her soul and that to be complete she would need to kill her sister. Eventually Deneghra and Victoria faced off with Deneghra slicing off Haley's arm and Haley using Denny's own slayer warjack to hold her still while she sliced her open and left her to bleed to death.(not all sisters have an Anna and Elsa relationship) Asphyxious arriving like Darth Sidious too late to the scene picked up his apprentice and rushed her back to the lab where he brought her back to life as a now undead wraith witch. Deneghra is still learning to use her new shadow like powers and she took the slayer that had held her in its arms while she died and customized it into her personal warjack called nightmare. She is sentimental like that. The warjack may have also felt bad when it realized it helped kill her when under Haley’s control and carried her back to Asphyxious (warjacks in the ironkingdoms can develop personalities over time and develop quirks. It isn’t spelled out how close this can come to actual emotions). Warwitch Deneghra (Deneghra before Haley killed her) is the Cryx battlebox caster and she is probably the strongest battlebox caster overall.

Lichlord Terminus[edit]

So Terminus was a pretty normal looking lichlord until Toruk blessed him with a terrible rusting disease. He grew wings and took on more of a dragon like form if dragons were made of rusty jagged metal. Asphyxious is jealous of him because he thinks Toruk loves Terminus best. Some of Asphyxious and Terminus fights end with Toruk telling both of them to play nice. Terminus is gigantic and despite his wings being made of rust and bone can fly. (that is always a horrifying revelation for the opponent who assumed the wings were decorative) He was the one who discovered the witchcoven of Garlghast and inducted them into Toruk's army. He is also quite the strategist. Skarre Ravenmane is also devoted to him and serves as his captain on the high seas. Thagrosh is probably Everblights attempt at having his own Terminus. Every faction has a caster who has an odd set of abilities to set them norm. Terminus is this for Cryx, rather than focusing on debuffs, he is geared towards offense. To go with it he is an absolute beast in melee, easily one of strongest melee casters in the game

Goreshade the Bastard[edit]

This story is a bastard to tell but here it goes. A long time ago in Ios there was an elf named Ghyrrshyld who ruled over one of the powerful Iosan houses. This was around the time elven children began being born without souls. His wife gave birth to a soulless and Ghyrrshyld promptly went crazy. He marched into the Iosan council chamber and bashed the child's head into the conference chamber in front of all of them. Ghyrrshyld went into deep study and began doing strange experiments on soulless elven children and some children that weren't soulless. He tried to seize control of Ios on the ground that the council wasn't doing shit about children being born soulless (which was true) and his side was defeated. He escaped though and through a forbidden ritual transformed himself into an eldritch. An immortal vampire like creature (minus the bloodrinking and bats) and fled to the only faction open minded enough to accept such an unholy creature Cryx. Since joining he has mastered the ability of summoning strange shadow creatures from the void called banes. He is on a mission to finish off the Iosan gods because he believes it will free the elven race. He almost killed Nyssor (elven winter god), but he got interrupted before he could. He still stole his frost sword though. He also got an undead horse recently. Winning!

Skarre Ravenmane[edit]

Is a hottie. Think Eva Green's character from 300 rise of an empire except with some horns on her head. The satyxis are a race of amazon women who were mutated when Toruk flew over their island and dripped blood on them (he was bleeding from a battle with one of his progeny) mutating them into demon women who practice blood magic. Skarre Ravenmane is the strongest of them all and sails as captain of Cryx's black fleet. She is the one that kidnapped Deneghra and Victoria Haley hates her for it. Haley almost killed Skarre, but Skarre managed to save herself by revealing some information about Asphyxious plans. She serves Terminus loyally and wreaks terror on Cygnar and Khador vessels at sea. She rescued Terminus and the Witch Coven of Garlghast when Asphyxious banished them to another dimension. Her headbutt attack called great rack is the butt of many jokes. Although it isn't her butt they are referencing.

The Witch Coven of Garlghast[edit]

Is actually three women and one floating giant black metal orb. One day the three women and their beach ball which they call Egregore delivered themselves to Cryx forces and asked to speak with Terminus. They met with Terminus and after asking them to prove their gift of prophecy he was impressed and allowed them to join Cryx. Terminus being a general also demands that they participate in combat and their shadow magic when all three of them work together is more than up to the challenge. The Egregore acts as a sort of focal point to channel their spells through increasing their power. When all three of them are alive on the table at the same time they have the best focus pool of all of the cryx warcasters. They are kind of like the fates in Hercules except they are hot instead of three shriveled old women, and rather than sharing an eye they share a gigantic floating black metal ball which is most likely sentient and Orgoth in origin. Terminus would be Hades in this comparison which kind of fits.

Lichlord Venethrax[edit]

is the lichlord assigned with hunting down Toruk's progeny and exterminating them. He spends most of his time looking for lore on where they might be since almost all of the dragons are in hiding (with good reason Toruk wants to eat their hearts and become whole again). He almost killed a dragon by himself, but his weak sauce army died and he had to retreat. He is pretty single minded and really wants to deliver a dragon heart (Athanc) to Toruk. He has a special sword called wyrmbane which wrecks dragonspawn and just beasts in general. On the tabletop his feat screws over legion of everblight because it creates a crap ton of cloud effects that eyeless sight can’t see through.

Lord Exhumator Scaverous[edit]

One of the reasons Cryx has been so successful is they can cheat when it comes to research and development. For example let’s say Cygnar has a hotshot inventor who is making breakthroughs. Other nations have to go to a bunch of trouble to try and capture him and then hopefully get him to work for them which probably won't work, because you’ll probably get shot by gun mages. Cryx can just wait for him to die, go to his grave, steal his body, and resurrect him somewhere as their loyal undead servant. This means Cryx pretty much gets all the best inventors and minds eventually. Lord Exhumator Scaverous is the one in charge of gathering this information and putting it to good use. He also has a huge scythe and can use telekinesis spells like Rahn from Scyrah. Scaverous as a whole is pretty much the Cryxian version of Rahn right down to what their feats do.

Master Necrotech Mortenebra[edit]

Was a brilliant priestess of Cyriss who was working on a way for the followers of Cyriss to transfer their souls to machine bodies and decided the best way to do this was kidnap a lichlord and dissect him since they already seemed to be a soul transferred to a metal body. She did this (the lichlord didn't make it) and perfected the process. However she felt that there was something taking control and influencing their minds after the process was done. The other priests told her to stfu and that the influence she detected was just the benevolent hand of Cyriss guiding them. Mortenebra promptly told them to fuck off and went and joined Cryx who in an incredibly forgiving act (considering she had just played operation with one of their lichlords and killed him) welcomed her with open arms. There was some speculation Asphyxious had a hand in the previous lichlord falling into her hands as it resulted in his promotion. Mortenebra is a virtuoso when it comes to getting the most out of her helljacks and bonejacks and she is one of the few warcasters in Cryx who likes taking a multitude of them. Asphyxious puts her in charge of most of the manufacturing he is responsible for so he can do other stuff.

Sturgis The Corrupted[edit]

Was a Cygnar warcaster named Dalin Sturgis who died and got brought back to life as a Cryxian warcaster. He has a double sided spear and each blade has a different magical ability.


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