Cthulhu Dice

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Silly little gambling game from Steve Jackson for 3-5 players.


Each player gets three "sanity" tokens. Clear a space in the middle to represent the gaping maw of the Great Old Ones. You're also going to use a d12 marked with these sides: four Tentacles, five Yellow Signs, an Elder Sign, Great Cthulhu, and an Eye of Thoth

What you see What you get
Tentacle The player takes one sanity from the opponent, EVEN IF it's the opponent that rolls the die in defense!
Yellow Sign The target loses a sanity point to the Great Old Ones.
Elder Sign The roller regains a sanity point from the Great Old Ones, if there are any sanity points in the gaping maw.
Great Cthulhu ALL players lose a sanity point to the Great Old Ones.
Eye of Thoth The roller may choose any of the above results.

Each player points at an opponent that hasn't lost all their sanity yet, and rolls the die to cast a "curse." Then the opponent rolls the die as a counter-curse. If any player has lost all their sanity points, they have "gone mad," and any sanity points they could regain go to the gaping maw of the Great Old Ones instead.... but they can still roll the die and cast curses and counter-curses.


The winner is the last player who stll has sanity points... unless a roll of Great Cthulhu means nobody has sanity left, in which case the stars are right, and R'lyeh shall rise from the sea... IA IA CTHULHU FHTAGN!!


Curse the player that has the most sanity other than yourself. That's it. This actually makes it more strategic than LCR or Candyland, but that's like being the tallest midget.