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A lightning bolt crossed by a sword
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Cerilian
Portfolio Battle, storms
Domains Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War
Home Plane Cuiraécen's Feasthall (Ysgard)
Worshippers Fighters, guards, knights, soldiers
Favoured Weapon Longsword, spear

Cuiraécen (pronounced koo-RAY-eh-ken), also called Khirdai, Kirken, or Kirche, is the Cerilian god of battles and storms. He's the son of Haelyn and Nesirie, and is involved in a love triangle with Laerme and Eloéle.


Cuiraécen was born in the third century after the Battle at Deismaar, and at first he served as the herald of his father. A hundred years later he had insipred orders of knighthood within his fathers church, and 200 years after that he had founded his first church in Western Ghoere.


Cuiraécen appears often as a young and mighty warrior clad in gleaming chainmail, wearing a helmet crested with a white horsetail. He occasionally rides a horse, a chestnut-colored charger, but prefers to walk. His other form is that of storm giant wielding a huge spear.


Cuiraécen is worshipped everywhere except in the Rjurik Highlands. His faith appeals mainly to those whose profession is tied to war and fighting, with farmers and peasants often asking him to steer a storm away from them or to protect them from raiders or enemy armies, and nobles praying to him when preparing for war. He shares two holy days with his father, Haelyn's Festival and Godsday, and his own holy day in the first day spring, the Day of Rebirth, when storm season begins.

His church is very loosely organized, having no real center of worship or overall hierarchy, so the temples often vary from region to region. His churches often follow one of the two main purposes, War for war's sake and The defense of those whom no one else can or will protect, with a third minor one followed by some individuals, where he's worshipped as Haelyn's herald and champion. The churches teach that they must never show fear before an enemy, refuse from a just battle, and seek those who oppress the weak and defenseless and battle them, though what defines a "just battle" and what oppression means are a matter of debate.

Chosen of Khirdai[edit]

The church of Cuiraécen in Aftane, it's hierarch, Taril Herad, is a henchman of the Red Kings that rule the land. Originally a defensive order, Taril purged the "weak-willed" from their ranks and elevated those as aggressive as him to power.

Church of Storm's Height[edit]

The church in Osoerde, its members are divided between those loyal to the rebel William Moergen, and those loyal to the usurper Jaeson Raenech.

The Fortress[edit]

An order in Chimaeron, they protect Eastern Anuire from the Chimaera, and ensure that the Gorgon doesn't attempt to attack through Kiergard.

Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen[edit]

The church of Boeruine, with refuges in Five Peaks and Thurazor, they are considered an extension of the realms ruler, Aeric Boeruine. Their critics say that they sow seeds of war simply to keep their purses lined, but this overlooks the contributions they've made to the defense of Anuirean realms.

Militant Order of Cuiraécen[edit]

An aggressive order of knights, soldiers, and militant priests supported by the opposing Iron Guard of Ghoere and the Guardians of Mhoried. They consider themselves the rock upon which the armies of the Gorgon must break against.

Stormlord Seerband[edit]

The church in Rohrmarch, their high priest, Kurt Warkinde, is trying to get his liege, Prince Oden, to attack Kiergard after they defeat King Alaric in the south. Warkinde himself is assured that the armies of the Gorgon are no match for an army blesse by Kirche.

White Sword of Khirdai[edit]

The church in Min Dhousai, with the High Bladelord, Faroud min Gheirut, and the church supporting them against their enemies, and being incorporated into the realms defenses. They also have found popularity in Merasef.

The Deities & Faiths of Birthright
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Haelyn - Moradin Nesirie - Taelinri Cuiraécen - Laerme
Land's Protectorate
Neutral Avani Erik - Ruornil Eloéle - Sera
Evil Karthatok - Kriesha
The Serpent - Torazan
The Cold Rider Belinik - Yeenoghu