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She's so adorable, she'll cahptoor your heart!

Cultist-chan is literally Hitler a young female member of a chaos cult who usually talks with a speech impediment. She is well known for her role in HS40K. Her original creator named her Cultist while most of /tg/ calls her Cultist-chan.

Absolutely. Godsdamned. Adorable. *BLAM* Heresy!

Recently another drawfag made a less adorable version of her.

No exceptions. Not even for Cultist-chan.

She is the definition of Extra Heretical.

Board Origins[edit]

Back when a particular drawfag was first taking requests (around 2007 or 2008), one anon, under the impression that he only did Warhammer 40k artwork attempted to trick him into drawing Vampire: The Masquerade artwork by requesting a “cute female cultist feeding waffles to a 3 headed chaos spawn”. The anon figured this would be close enough to the image he had in mind of a female tzimisce feeding waffles to a vozdt. The Vampire loving anon was satisfied and a handful more found themselves enamored with the purple haired, jaggedy-toothed gobshite, in spite of (or perhaps because of) her hideous speech impediment which mimicked the worthless cultist units from Dawn of Bald, an idea stolen from “Da Real World 40k”.

According to a recent post in a /tg/ thread, her creator said: "After the first one which was just the request, I did another scribble of a 40k slumber party. And one anon asked why the "cute cultist" wasn't at it. SO I drew the one with her at the telephone by way of explanation. This seemed to get her the sympathy vote, demand went up and soon Liebowitz was writing HS40K. He at one stage, refused to write the next chapter until I made art to go with it, and then a cycle began."


As an adult, Cultist-chan stands at just shy of 5’4”. She appears undernourished and clad in rags, and based on color correspondence, seem to be hand-me-downs from her Sororita associate. She is believed to smell strange, but not actually bad, but that’s probably based purely on the how pious whoever can smell her is; to those pure of faith, she smells of filth and decay, to those devoted to chaos, she smells good, to those unsure of where they stand, she smells mostly of bacon, which may be for better or worse depending on how you feel about bacon. She has an excess of teeth, a majority of which are sharp and irregular in length but otherwise in good condition, as cultist dislikes sweet food.

She has cheesy lectoos of each god’s symbol on her. When asked why she got 5 cheesy lectoos instead of 1 chaos undivided mark, she explained that she didn’t pick them, and that she has always had them. Her marks of Tzeentch and Nurgle are on her stomach, left and right side respectively, her mark of Slaanesh is on her left thigh, her mark of Malal on her left forearm (usually covered by her arm wraps) and her mark of Khorne is, strangely, on the sole of her left foot.

An alternate theory is they aren't lectoos at all, and that she is the second of only two beings (after Abbadon) ever to bear the mark of all four Chaos gods. Just why in the Warp she would be granted such a privilege despite being basically a weak and unaccomplished cultist is anyone's guess, but perhaps even the Ruinous Powers have a sense of humor.

She also has other basic tattoos across her body. Her shoe size is 7 (because, you know, Nurgle).

Cultist-chan has 2 piercings on her shoulder blades that she hooks a large chaos wheel to, both as a sign of devotion and (speculatively) as a weapon, she has been seen wielding it as such in some pictures but is probably too weak to throw it any distance.


Cultist-chan is tunnel-visioned in her devotion to the dark gods and considers her position to be her name. She sees herself as one of many, hence often saying “we” instead of “I”. Any name she ever had has been lost over a century ago.

In-Game Stats 7th Edition[edit]

Cultist Cost: 35 points - WS: 3 BS: 3 S: 3 T: 3 W: 1 I: 4 A: 2 Ld: 7 Sv: 6+/6+
Unit type: Infantry - Number/Squad: 1


  • Laspistol
  • Septis Spike : Poisoned CC weapon & all Chaos Icon

Cultist Special Rules:

  • Special Character
  • Independent Character
  • FHOR CHAOOOOOS! : Cultist is always fearless
  • Hwee Kaptoored Eet Fhor Kay-oss! : Any unit Cultist joins counts as a scoring unit. (Might become Objective Secured the next time we can be arsed)
  • Insignificant : Cultist takes up no room in transports, or on the FoC.
  • Stubborn
  • Favored of the Dark Gods: Upon death, roll a D6, on a 2+ Cultist returns to ongoing reserves

Cultist may take her pet Chaos Spawn, Kay-oss, for an additional 50 points.
Kay-oss Cost: 50 points - WS: 3 BS: 0 S: 5 T: 5 W: 3 I: 3 A: D6+2 Ld: 10 Sv: -

Kay-oss Special Rules:

  • Feel No Pain
  • Devotion : When Cultist is slain, Kay-oss gains the Fearless and Mindless special rules.
  • Detonation : When killed in close combat, Kay-oss immediately inflicts 1D6+2 Strength 6 hits on his opponent.
  • "Look Out, Mistress!" Any wounds inflicted against Cultist may always be shifted to Kay-oss.

Cultist and Kay-oss may be included in any Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Daemon, or Traitor Guard army.

In-Game Stats 8th Edition[edit]

This unit contains 1 Cultist-chan (Power Rating 4). This model may be accompanied by Kay-oss (Power Rating +4). Only one of this unit may be included in your army.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Points
Cultist-chan 6" 4+ 4+ 3 3 2 2 6 6+ 55
Kay-oss 7" 4+ - 5 5 5 3D3 9 5+ 60
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Septis Spike Melee Melee User -1 1 you can re-roll failed wound rolls for this weapon. In addition,

the bearer gets the Icon of Everything ability.

Laspistol 12" Pistol 1 3 0 1 -
Rock 3D6" Heavy 1 User 0 1 3th Edition Land Raider (see Cultist-chan's Abilities)
Teeth and Claws Melee Melee User -2 2 -

Wargear (Cultist-chan):

  • Septis Spike
  • Laspistol
  • She can throw a Rock

Wargear (Kay-oss):

  • Teeth and Claws

Special Rules (Cultist-chan):

  • Icon of Everything: Cultist-chan has all five Icons and they do the following:
  • Icon of Wrath: You can re-roll charge rolls for Chaos units within 3" of Cultist-chan.
  • Icon of Flame: At the start of your Psychic Phase, roll a D6 for this model. on a roll of 6 inflict 1 mortal wound on the closest enemy unit within 12" of this model.
  • Icon of Despair: Enemy units that are within 6" of this model must subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic.
  • Icon of Excess: Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for this model in the Fight Phase, she can immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. these extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks.
  • Icon of Vengeance: Add 1 to the Leadership of all Chaos units within 3" of this model.
  • Mistress and her Pet: During deployment, both Cultist-chan and Kay-oss must be set up at the same time, though they do not need to be set up in unit coherency. from that point onwards, Cultist-chan and Kay-oss are treated as two separate units.
  • 3th Edition Land Raider: When a Land Raider suffers a wound from a Rock, roll a D6; on a 6 the Land Raider is immediately slain.
  • FHOR CHAOOOOOS!: This model is always fearless; she never has to take Morale tests.
  • Hwee Kaptoored Eet Fhor Kay-oss!: If this model is within range of an objective marker (as specified in the mission), she controls the objective marker even if there are more enemy models within range of that objective marker. if an enemy unit within range of the same objective marker has a similar ability, then the objective marker is controlled by the player who has the most models within range of it as normal.
  • Insignificant: This model can be transported be any Chaos Transports, and does not take up any space for other models. In addition, If your army is Battle-forged, Cultist-chan does not have a Battlefield Role, but can be taken into ANY Chaos Detachments in your army.
  • Favored of the Dark Gods: Each time this model is slain, roll a D6, on a 2+ she returns to the battlefield with all wounds restored; set this model up so that she is wholly within 6" of any battlefield edge of your choice and more than 9" away from any enemy models, and She can not do more that Phase. In addition, Cultist-chan has a 6+ invulnerable save.

Special Rules (Kay-oss):

  • Resilient: Roll a D6 each time this model loses a wound; on a 5+ that wound is not lost.
  • The Fearsome Beast of a Former Night Lord: Enemy units that are within 6" of this model must subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic.
  • Are three heads better than one?: When this model makes his close combat attacks, roll a D3 and consult the table below:
  • Razor sharp teeth: His Teeth and Claws have an AP of -4 until the end of the Fight Phase.
  • Three sets of teeth: This model can make 2 additional attacks with his Teeth and Claws until the end of the Fight Phase.
  • Toxic breath: This model can re-roll failed wound rolls for his Teeth and Claws until the end of the Fight Phase.
  • Devotion: When a friendly Cultist-chan model is removed as a casualty, this model gets 3D6 attack characteristic instead of 3D3 and you must subtract 1 from his hit rolls.
  • Detonation: When this model is slain in close combat, he immediately inflicts D6 mortal wounds to all Enemy units within 1" of this model.
  • "Look Out, Mistress!": Roll a dice each time a friendly Cultist-chan model loses a wound whilst she is within 6" of this model; on a 2+ this model will intercept that hit - that Cultist-chan model does not lose a wound but this model suffers a mortal wound instead.

Keywords (Cultist-chan):

  • Faction: Chaos, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh
  • Infantry, Character, Chaos Cultists, Cultist-chan

Keywords (Kay-oss):

  • Faction: Chaos, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh
  • Beast, Character, Chaos Spawn, Kay-oss

Dranon's delight[edit]

"Now in stores!"

A writefag or perhaps a series of writefags have been writing FATAL style, loli fapfiction for trolls. In them a loli Cultist-chan is usually placed in situations in which she is critically failing her anal circumference rolls. The story was spawned in a thread where fa/tg/uys speculated on Cultist and Dranon's relationship. Some writefag(s) read the topic and figured that it would make "great" fapfiction. Writefag made topic. A few fa/tg/uys fapped, many raged, and some raged AND fapped. A few that fapped requested MOAR, and, sadly, got more.

More adventures of Cultist-chan[edit]

Cultist-chan and the Girls' Night Out

Cultist-chan and the Heart of Darkness

Cultist-chan and the Glorious BolognaTown Groxburger Crusade

Cultist-chan, Destroyer of Worlds

Warhammer Fantasy[edit]

Although Fantasyfags rarely use her, it's generally agreed upon that she would be a Hero level character in the Warriors of Chaos army, one who functions as a named Battle Standard Bearer (which is a thing that literally NO army in the game should EVER be without). Interestingly, Cultist-chan needs very little to be changed about her to fit in. Her clothing already resembles the clothing of Norse Cultists, her Chaos Spawn pet would make her fit right in with the dozen or so other named Viking characters with Spawn as pets, Her complexion and hair colors are perhaps the most radical things about her as Warriors are generally Scandinavian in appearance (the Kurgan and Hung would disagree). It can be handwaved however as manifestations of the Chaos God's gifts, with her bronze skin coming from Khorne and the purple hair coming from Tzeentch or Slaanesh.

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