Curse of Strahd

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Curse of Strahd is an adventure module for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is yet another reprint/rewrite of the original I6: Ravenloft adventure module, which sees your party stumbling into Barovia and trying to take down Strahd von Zarovich, the Lord of Castle Ravenloft.

For some reason the writers added in a Staff of Power (an item capable of doing 320 damage in a single round, which is an odd choice, as Strahd himself only has 144 hitpoints, so even if he passes his saving throw, he can still die in one shot) on page 89 that was never in any of the previous versions, but have yet to put a single toilet in any of the buildings. That's the real horror of Ravenloft: the complete and utter lack of shitters.

Also so far has the great honor to being the single adventure in D&D history to be re-released in the same edition, with the SUPER MAJOR CHANGES being getting rid of "old depictions of the Vistani that portrayed them with the same, harmful stereotypes that people use to talk about the Romani" (read: changing a few mentions of "evil Vistani" to "Vistani servants of Strahd," which ultimately makes no difference at all, and making no attempt to rewrite how they're portrayed in the module at all). Which managed to piss off pretty much everyone as they turned that into a major release while we haven't gotten tons of classical setting splatbooks (while in the meantime both Magic: The Gathering and Critical Role got theirs). And the hypocrisy of the act (considering both Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro both have a pocket-dimension worth of running lawsuits involving workplace harassment and racism) wasn't lost on people.