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Cygors are a mutant offshoot of the minotaur race in Warhammer Fantasy, warped into hulking giant versions of their lesser kindred and sporting only a single eye that can see into the Winds of Magic rather than into the World of Flesh. This leaves them simultaneously insane, having been assaulted by horrible visions of daemons, phantasms, illusions and spectres their whole lives, and rapaciously hungry, as they can only perceive living creatures by the light of their own soul, and most creatures emit only dim, shadowy sparks in a cygor's vision, making it hard for them to catch anything. The only exception are magical creatures and wizards, and so the cygor hunts these prey above all else, devouring flesh and soul in their cursed hunger. They also carry great chunks of sacred sites they have torn up, as this magic-permeated material is "visible" enough that they can use it to smash and squash whatever lies in their way.

Like their Ghorgon counterparts, Cygors debuted in the first "Beastmen" splatbook for Warhammer.