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The majority of the landscape is bare soil or rock, with occasional spots of highly fertile earth filled with plants adapted to the new environment. Animal life has generally shrunk in size, and most carnivores rely on poison to hunt. The swarms of tiny insects are far more usual and threatening than growling beasts. The coastline was mostly spared from the wars, which makes it the most used land-based trade route. Berrystwist is a new power, being a inhabitated oasis in the middle and thus the central trading point in the Cyllmauntens. The further you go to the south, the more frequent fertile earth gets. It is here, in the southern valleys, that the Cyllian Jumbucks can be found.

"Dark Water" carries with the tides. Each 8 years, black swathes of paste covers the western seas. Nobody knows what it is, but all the sailors avoid it like the plague. Stories are common in taverns about "the Dark Water" swallowing people falling overboard, sometimes even parts of it reach up and grab seamen over the railings... Or even entire ships.

The people from here wear simple flowool clothes, often wide-brimmed hats and prefers to walk without shoes. They usually wear big, wide dresses in light colours and earrings made of plast during celebrations and holidays. There is a lot of stories among the Irish and Soerns about the "Cillies". Especially there food.


"De only reason De Cyllmauntens aten't called a zone 's cause dey aten't round an' got naught of worth."