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White jawless skull on black or purple sunburst
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Faerûn, Hordelands
Portfolio Deception, intrigue, lies
Domains 3E: Avarice, Chaos, Envy, Destruction, Evil, Illusion, Pride
4E: Madness, Strife, Trickery
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Great Wheel: Shattered Castle (Pandemonium)
World Tree/World Axis: Supreme Throne
Worshippers Con-artists, former worshipers of Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul, the power-hungry, sadists
Favoured Weapon Razor's Edge (Longsword)

Cyric is the god of lies, strife, murder and bad things from Forgotten Realms. He has a long history of ruining other peoples' shit, though not always (or even often) to his own benefit. He's the one that kicked off the Spellplague, for example, by murdering the goddess of magic, so a bunch of other deities threw him in a fiendish drunk tank for a thousand years.

The Deities of Forgotten Realms
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Ilmater - Nobanion
Torm - Tyr
Chauntea - Deneir - Eldath - Enlil
Gwaeron Windstrom - Lathander
Mielikki - Milil - Mystra - Shiallia
Lliira - Lurue - Selûne - Sharess
Sune - Tymora - Valkur
Neutral Azuth - Helm - Hoar
Jergal - Kelemvor
Red Knight - Savras
Siamorphe - Ulutiu
Akadi - Ao - Auppenser - Gond
Grumbar - Istishia - Karsus
Kossuth - Oghma - Silvanus
Tempus - Ubtao - Waukeen
Finder Wyvernspur - Ibrandul - Leira
Mask - Shaundakul - Uthgar
Evil Asmodeus - Bane
Gargauth - Gilgeam
Iyachtu Xvim - Loviatar
Auril - Bhaal - Myrkul
Shar - Velsharoon
Beshaba - Cyric - Garagos
Malar - Moander - Talona
Talos - Umberlee