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Cyric symbol.jpg
White jawless skull on black or purple sunburst
Aliases Cyruk, N'esr, Sirhivatizangpo, the Black Sun, the Dark Sun, Prince of Lies
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Faerûn, Hordelands
Portfolio Deception, intrigue, lies
Domains 3E: Avarice, Chaos, Envy, Destruction, Evil, Illusion, Pride
4E: Madness, Strife, Trickery
5E: Trickery
Home Plane Great Wheel: Shattered Castle (Pandemonium)
World Tree/World Axis: Supreme Throne
Worshippers Con-artists, former worshipers of Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul, the power-hungry, sadists
Favoured Weapon Razor's Edge (Longsword)

Cyric is the god of lies, strife, murder and bad things from Forgotten Realms. He has a long history of ruining other peoples' shit, though not always (or even often) to his own benefit. He was mad for a while because he read his own hypnotizing bible but that ended a while later because the follower of Oghma that he'd coerced into writing it decided to try again and cite her sources this time, which got 10k upvotes on r/QuitYourBullshit. He's the one that kicked off the Spellplague, for example, by murdering the goddess of magic, so a bunch of other deities threw him in a fiendish drunk tank for a thousand years.

Cyric is the rare case of an underdog that nobody likes. Coming to power during the Time of Troubles, he slew a couple of gods by using the portfolio-stealing sword Godsbane (really Mask in avatar form, because he decided he was gonna take the situation as an opportunity to get in those guts). First, he killed Bhaal because the plot had set up the Dead Three as the bad guys, then Leira because he felt like being in charge of lies, then Midnight (who later became Mystra) killed Myrkul but Cyric still got the power because he's a loot-stealing fuck like that.

When the Time of Troubles ended, he was pretty chuffed with how things ended up, except for the fact that Kelemvor Lyonsbane was still alive; an easily fixable situation. So he stabbed a bitch and reclined on the skull throne he'd inherited from Myrkul to await dear Kel's soul... which never came. This is where our boy starts to get anxious. You see, having grown up with the stereotypical rogue background, he was always having to watch his back and never get too comfortable. So, in a stroke of brilliance the rivals my dad deciding not to wear a condom, he released an ancient Primordial named Kezef, the Chaos Hound (think Fenrir, complete with biting off the Tyr of this setting's hand, but more "has maggots instead of fur"). Kezef's schtick is that he hunts and eats the souls of the faithful before they can get to their respective afterlives because he really goes in for the taste. Naturally, one could assume that he would hunt down the wayward Kelemvor's soul and then bring it back to Cyric with his tail wagging, right? No, because Mask was hiding Kelemvor's soul within Godsbane because he wanted to use it as leverage to levy Leira's portfolio off of Cyric. Unfortunately, Cyric ended up catching on and snapped the sword over his knee (casting Mask in the role of Batman during this event) and declared the jig was up. Luckily, Kelemvor just popped out and started wrassling with him, which somehow didn't immediately end badly for him. Well I suppose Cyric was a bit distracted with the massive uprising stirred up by Mystra in the City of the Dead over him being such a shoddy ruler, but come on.

The Deities of Forgotten Realms
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
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Tempus - Ubtao - Waukeen
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