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An image of a small whirlwind or tornado
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Desert storms, desert winds, divine retribution
Domains Air, Earth, Law, Vengeance
Home Plane The Timeless Vault
Worshippers Tribesmen of Ukrudan Desert and the Desert of Onn

D'shan, also called the Purifier, the Desert Wind, and He Who Balances the Scales, is the demigod of desert winds and storms, and divine retribution in Scarn. He's believed to be the son of Hedrada, or a living fragment of either Gulaben or Lethene.

Worshippers & Faith[edit]

D'shan is often invoked when the desert-dwelling people of Asherak believe that justice has been fallen by the wayside. That eventully, justice will be done by the hand of D'shan, if not by the hand of man. D'shan also sends his worshippers out to prevent the predations of The Flayed God, which would be much worse if not for them.


D'shan often prefers to be unseen, but when he appears, he looks like a vaguely humanoid blur akin to a mirage.

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