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d6-lite is a set of one-page RPGs for fast action. It uses a single d6 die. Not to be confused with the D6 System or OpenD6 system

The first was "Zombie d6-lite", the other splatbooks (splat-paragraphs?) followed.

Character Creation[edit]

Stat Poor Average Good
Strength Weak Average Strong
Stamina Frail Average Tough
Smarts Dumb Average Smart
Speed Slow Average Fast

Players begin by identifying a character they want to play, adjusting statistics to describe that character. Characters are comprised of 4 statistics with one of 3 scores. Characters begin with Average statistic scores. A player may increase any score to Good by lowering another to Poor.

Conflict Resolution[edit]

Stat is: Success on:
Good 1-4
Average 1-3
Poor 1-2
Difficulty: Adjust roll:
short/ small/ easy -1
normal/ average/ typical 0
long/ big/ hard +1

Performing a non-combat action where failure is significant requires a Feat of Strength/ Stamina/ Smarts/ Speed. I.E.: Forcing open a locked door would be a Feat of Strength. Feats are resolved by rolling a die, and comparing it to the table at right.

Feats that are exceptionally short/ small/ easy give -1 to the roll.
Feats that are quite long/ big/ hard give +1 to the roll.


Attacker is: Success on:
Player 1-4
NPC 1-3
Mook 1-2
Roll Body part
1 Head
2 Torso
3 Left Arm/Hand
4 Right Arm/Hand
5 Left Leg/Foot
6 Right Leg/Foot

When someone attacks someone else, the attacker rolls a die and compare it to the table at left. If successful, roll a die and compare it to the table at right. A hit on the head or torso results in death/ defeat; any other hit damages but does not defeat the target.

Zombie Attack[edit]

Zombies have the following stats:

Strength Stamina Smarts Speed
Average Tough Dumb Slow

Attacker is: Success on:
Zombie 1-2

Zombies do not roll as NPCs during combat; they successfully attack on 1-2 instead. Furthermore, a torso hit on a zombie will damage but not defeat the zombie -- only a head shot will stop it.

Alien Invasion[edit]

Alien invaders have the following stats:

Strength Stamina Smarts Speed
Weak Average Smart Average

Aliens using their own weapons will kill on a successful head or torso hit, or capture on any other successful hit.

Lovecraftian Horror[edit]

Sanity Unstable Average Centered
Attacker is: Success on:
Mook 1-2
Cultist 1-3
Elder god 1-5

Characters have a fifth stat during creation: Sanity.

Cultists are normal NPCs, but always have Unstable Sanity.

Unspeakable horrors come in a wide variety, and each type or unique creature will have different stats. Horrors always succeed at Feats of Sanity. Horror mooks in combat hit on 1-2, and depending on the type may be defeated by any successful hit, or only slowed down by any hit other than head. Horror gods in combat hit on 1-5 and are never defeated by normal combat, they may only be slowed down. Horrors that hit characters may kill, capture, or reduce the character's Sanity by one step. If a character's Sanity is reduced below Unstable, the character has gone irrevocably insane and is removed from play.


Humanity Cold Normal Warm

Characters have a fifth stat during creation: Humanity.

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, characters are only killed on successful attacks to the head.

Characters may survive death by replacing damaged or destroyed body parts with robotics. The character must make a Feat of Humanity: on failure, the character has become more inhuman and their Humanity score goes down one step. If Humanity drops below Cold, the character has become robotic and is removed from play.


Suave Brash Ordinary Smooth
Sneaky Clumsy Average Sly

Characters have two more stats during creation: Suave and Sneaky


Stat is: Success on:
Super 1-5
Good 1-4
Average 1-3
Poor 1-2
Difficulty: Adjust roll:
short/ small/ easy -1
normal/ average/ typical 0
long/ big/ hard +1
extreme/ huge/ impossible +2

Superhero characters during creation may increase any 'Good' statistic to 'Super' by decreasing another stat by one step. Characters also have three more statistics at 'Average', each describing a super-power they have. (i.e.: a hero could have 'Super' Strength by lowering two superpowers to 'Poor'.)

Feats of "X" with a 'Super' score succeed on a roll of 1-5. Feats that are more difficult than long/big/hard are extreme/huge/impossible and add +2 to the roll.

Star Wars[edit]

Exactly like the Supers rules above, except that the 3 extra stats are the 3 Jedi Powers:

Force Push/Pull Poor Average Good Super
Mind Trick Poor Average Good Super
Force Sense Poor Average Good Super


For a D&D simulation, you get 3 new stats, Sneaky, Spirit and Spells.

Sneaky Clumsy Average Sly
Spirit Ungodly Average Devout
Spells Mundane Average Magical