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Not to be confused with Derp

(Last update was in 2013, pretty safe to say this is dead.)

Dynamic Environment Role-Playing Project, also known as DERP, is the result of a thread we had sometime in fall of 2008 about tabletop emulators. The consensus was that all the existing ones sucked for miscellaneous reasons. And while Anon was absorbed in a cloud of hypothetical perfection, someone said "What the hell, I'll do it." Which is usually the way shit gets done, but that doesn't make each time it happens to us any less awesome. But I digress.

The system is currently in somewhat of an alpha stage, with playtesting scheduled for some time in February. The concept currently will not include built-in rules, as those would inevitably be better handled by the users. This will also enable players to use DERP for any number of different systems, including Warhammer and Battletech.

3D models, custom tiles, and other miscellaneous help would all be very much appreciated at this stage, so anything you can provide should be directed to the DERP SourceForge page.