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The Dactylis as it appeared in the CCG.
A kitbashed Dactylis made on 40k scale.

The Dactylis is a large and somewhat rare Tyranid. It takes the form of a large slug-like being, sitting at the back of the front lines in a way uncommon with most Tyranids. It uses its two long and multiple-jointed arms to grab parasites called Bile Pods feeding off glands on the back of its cranium and fling them at the enemy, making distinct whip-like cracks with its limbs as it releases them. These Bile Pods then float to the ground much like Spore Mines do, moving around in search of a target. Initial forms of these Bile Pods were more or less identical to Poison Spore Mines, but later versions of the Dactylis had spore-generating colonies that create a variety of payload.

Originating in Epic, the Dactylis got itself a set of rules in Chapter Approved 2001 for 3rd edition 40k. The creature is very useful if you are considering to use a brood of Biovores. Cheaper than two of those with the full set of Spore Mines, the Dactylis has two Spore Mine Dischargers that it can shoot twice in one turn for a significant output. It is also quite tough with T6 W3 and a neat 2+ save, making it quite a bit more durable than a Biovore.

However the looks and function of the Dactylis has been overall retconned now. This time, the Dactylis are Biovores on Steroids and are large enough to be considered as a form of Bio-Titan. What, you would think that the Exocrine should fill in that list, though you'd be rather silly for thinking this as the Exorcine is a direct fire weapons platform while the Dactylis is an indirect bombardment weapon, kind of like the difference between Tank Destroyers and Self Propelled Artillery. Anyways, while its looks and function may differ back in Epic, its role is still the same in that of a Tyranid super-heavy artillery unit.

Fanmade Rules[edit]

8th edition[edit]

A Dactylis is a single model unit. It is armed with a Dactylis Birthing Cannon and it may crushing foes in melee with its Gigantic Shovel Limbs.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts
Dactylis * * * 8 9 30 3 10 2+ 1000
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Dactylis Birthing Cannon - - - - - Choose one of this weapons profiles before firing.
-Arching Shot 24”-360” Heavy 3D6 - - - See “Launched Mines” ability. This attack can target units that aren't visible to the shooter.
-Defensive Ejection 36” Heavy 4D6 - - - See “Launched Mines” ability. Subtract 1 from the hit rolls when using this weapon profile.
Gigantic Shovel Limbs Melee Melee +4 -2 D3 Make 3 hit rolls for each attack made with this weapon.
Remaining W M WS BS
21-30 8” 4+ 3+
11-20 6” 5+ 4+
1-10 4” 6+ 5+


  • Launched Mines:
    • For every successful hit roll made by a weapon profile with this ability do not make a wound or save roll, the target automatically suffers D3 mortal wounds. On a hit roll of 6+ the target unit instead suffers D6 mortal wounds. On a failed hit roll instead set up D3 Spore Mine models further than 6” away from the target unit.
  • Birthing Overload: The Dactylis can send its metabolism into overdrive, using its own essential biomass to create even more spore mines to fire at the enemy.
    • At the beginning of your shooting phase if this model did not move in the preceding movement phase, then you may have this model suffer D3+1 mortal wounds. If so, you may fire this models Dactylis Birthing Cannon twice (and at different targets if you wish) until your next shooting phase but for each hit roll of 1 this model suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  • Unsubtle Attack’s: The Dactylis is not a subtle weapon, it’s job is to provide overwhelming amounts of firepower over a massive area and (if push comes to shove) crudely batter foes in melee. This blunt approach does allow small and nimble foes to easily out jink it and avoid its obvious attacks.
    • You may add 1 to the hit rolls for any of this models attacks if the targeted unit has 10 or more models in it or it has the TITANIC keyword. However, it subtracts 1 from its hit rolls against units with less than 5 models.
  • Ruptured Birthing Sack: The death of a Dactilyis is often a violent affair, with swarms of infantry being dissolved in torrents of bio acid as an unfortunate soul ruptured the Dactylis’ birthing chamber.
    • When this model is slain roll a D6. On a 1 nothing happens, remove this model as usual. On a 2+ place 3D6 Spore Mines in base contact with this unit (or with any enemy unit in base contact with this model), then remove it from the battlefield. On a 6 however the fatal blow has caused the remaining spore mines in the Dactylis’ birthing camber to explode causing a massive shower of acid, all units with 2D6” of this model suffer D6 mortal wounds.
  • Titanic monster: We’re talking monster hunter end boss levels of huge here, seriously, the models for these things are huge.
    • A model with this rule can Fall Back in the movement phase and still shoot and/or charge during its turn. This model may still shoot if there are enemy models within 1” of it as long as they possess the INFANTRY keyword. In this case it can shoot at enemies within 1” of itself or any other visible enemy unit that is not within 1” of a friendly unit. Finally, this model only gains a bonus to its armour save if at least half of it is obscured from the firing unit.


  • Faction: <Hive Fleet>, Tyranids
  • Lord of War, Dactylis, Monster, Titanic
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