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Daemonettes are alluringHERETICAL hermaphrodite daemons in servitude to Slaanesh in the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k universes. Originally, Daemonettes were Elves and Eldar that Slaanesh took the souls of after their death and converted into Daemons; however, this was mostly retconned in 40k into Slaanesh consuming their souls because he's an addict with no willpower, then crapping out Daemonettes in an unrelated way due to increased power. In Fantasy they're still implied to be Elves. Unlike the other three kinds of lesser daemons, unit leaders are not referred to as a champion, but instead an alluress.

The most famous of them is a raver know as The Masque who is dancing all the time, even while she is making babies. There is an urban legend what says their invulnerability really comes from the size of their tits and not from their daemonic nature, mostly because they deflect any possible projectile, even the weeaboo's arsenal, aimed at their torso. Thus, they are a cause of much fapping amongst fa/tg/uys.

Most Daemonettes have razor-sharp crab-like claws, and slashing and stabbing things with them causes them unholy ecstasy. Because the fastest way for them to experience this is combat, they are, consequently, a very effective combat unit.

See also: the far more amicable Loli Daemonette, and the seemingly reasonable Nerdmonette.

According to /d/, most are dickgirls. We are not liable for any major psychological or physical damage (or arousal) this revelation may have caused you. Also, be aware that /d/ has at times claimed that all girls have dicks. As you were.

A generally forgotten part of the lore is that Daemonettes literally feed on emotions, sensations, and souls. A Daemonette who is starved of these things dissipates, and suffers permanent death, so as a result Slaanesh appoints Daemonettes who displease him to do chores as punishment. So, yes, you can in fact blue-ball a Daemonette to death. The exception is any Daemonette who angers him so much he wants to deprive them of death, in which case he turns them into a marble statue and places them wherever he feels they'll suffer the most ironically for all time.

Herald of Slaanesh[edit]

Pictured here. A heretic not regretting a single decision in his life.

Basically what happens when a lesser daemon earns an upgrade by basically being the teacher's pet. Daemonic Heralds are exalted Lesser Daemons who have gained the favor of their Gods, often leading Daemonic armies into battle.

Higher ranking Daemonettes are known as Alluresses, Heart Seekers, Exalted Alluress, and Heralds. Daemonettes that impress Slaanesh are awarded daemonic mounts known as Steeds of Slaanesh, and form into cavalry units known as Seekers. Even more impressive Daemonettes may be anointed as an Exalted Alluress and awarded the right to crew a Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh. At one point, crewing a Hellflayers of Slaanesh was considered a punishment, with out-of-favor Daemonettes having to drive the moving wood chippers after battles to mulch up Unclean One and Bloodletter bodies for Slaanesh's man-eating flowers to nom; but after a few rowdy Daemonettes took one for a joyride onto a battlefield (this is seriously the lore) piloting a Hellflayer has been the greatest privilege ever since.

Heralds of Slaanesh are the most privileged and favored Daemonettes by Slaanesh. They are Slaanesh's handmaidens, courtesans and personal posse of sluts and skanks. Besides their role in the Lord of Pleasure's court, they are also the fastest and most deadly of their kind and can ride the aforementioned Seeker Chariots into battle.

The Herald of Slaanesh is a fearsome addition to a collection of daemonic critters. Her long legs, one of which is raised provocatively, are of a human form until they blend down to a devilish hoof. Her arms, too, are not entirely human, as they transform into huge, curved chitinous weapons much baroque than her lesser sisters. Her hair is almost vertical, revealing clearly her snarling expression and razor-sharp teeth. As well as a flowing robe she wears armor across her shoulder and torso, which possesses elaborate decorative swirls and the occasional gemstone detail.

Unfortunately, despite their many titles and variants, there has only been one Slaaneshi Herald model. Like most units from Slaanesh, the forces of the Pleasure Prince/Princess has often been left abandoned and forgotten, much like the Emperor's Children.

As you can tell, Heralds of Slaanesh are one of those Daemonettes with an explicitly known gender. So I guess it is pretty safe to bone one....unless...

Infernal Enrapturess[edit]

Infernal Enrapturess

Thanks to the new Wrath and Rapture box the Slaaneshi players are finally given a much needed bone with a new playable Herald variant called the Infernal Enrapturess armed with a Heartstring Lyre. Infernal Enrapturesses are a type of Slaanesh Daemonic Herald that play harps made from their victims. Playing the harp during battles allows an Enrapturess to bolster the summoning of her brethren and send out sonic waves that shred her enemies. Essentially, it hearkens back to the Rogue Trader era in which Slaaneshi soldiers killed people with the power of ROCK AND ROLL! Well in this case, it is the less Awesome harp rather than a electrified guitar.

Contorted Epitome[edit]

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

On the rare occasion a pair of Heralds don’t immediately start a high school-style rivalry with each other (aka the Slaaneshi equivalent of friendship) or just straight up murderfuck each other, then they will be entrusted with a huge daemonic mirror called a Mirror of Absorption. These semi-sentient relics are taken from the Palace of Slaanesh and used in battle to absorb the magical energies of the Dark Prince’s foes, before turning them back with terrifying effectiveness…Honestly, the mirror is really trippy, and works well against Psykers/Wizards.

Daemonette Generations[edit]

Ackland Aliens[edit]

Old school Daemonette. Not much different from the new school Daemonette, other than the naked breast being the female one and a MUCH better paint job than any Eavy Metal painter has ever done being portrayed.

Daemonettes have a long history in Warhammer, being among the first unique creations to the setting; this is because Warhammer Fantasy was originally created to sell the licensed Citadel brand Dungeons & Dragons miniatures that weren't selling by creating a wargame while 40k came out later as its own unique game (that also conveniently sold Judge Dredd stock). Whenever Games Workshop lost the rights to an intellectual property the existing miniatures were rebranded and given lore in Warhammer which can most easily be seen with the Beastmen AKA Broo.

But Warhammer needed something...new (new meaning "totally stolen from Michael Moorcock"). In 1988 a little book called Slaves to Darkness then in 1990 The Lost and the Damned, together making Realm of Chaos, was released with rules for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 40k 1e, and Warhammer Fantasy 3e written by Brian Ansell, featuring the artwork from Tony Ackland. Ackland was the original Warhammer artist, and his designs were given directly to the sculptors to create the unique models for Warhammer. The massive success of this book resulted in most of the unique things created for it becoming staples of all Games Workshop Warhammer IPs. All of the Daemons that weren't stolen from Dungeons & Dragons originated in Ackland's sketchy art in Realm Of Chaos. Not the least of these...the Daemonette.

Ackland's designs vary in design from the ridiculously 80's cheese to the nightmare-inducingly fantastic. Many of his designs, the ones intended to actually be intimidating, feature insect-like and literally alien styles. His Bloodletters were Xenomorph/demon hybrids, his Pink Horrors were fungus-ridden beetle trolls, his Plaguebearers dripping in mildly realistic looking sores, and his Daemonettes were sexy graylings with gigantic black eyes and insect features.

The first models had the typical Ackland variation and mutations although fangs, crab claws, a half female and a half male chest, and HUGE eyes was the recurring trend in the population. Like most other early Warhammer models, each were given their own unique name in some advertisements. The second generation, released with second edition 40k, were very much the same model repeated in different positions and were FAR uglier although were 100% female.

Titty Monsters[edit]

To make a long story short, Games Workshop primordial executives weren't aware that when you hire someone part-time in the UK they keep what they create and take it away when they quit or are fired. They found this out while in the middle of revealing a new character named Kaleb Daark and his patron, the fifth Chaos God Malal, and the guys they hired to do the writing for the whole thing decided they were sick of working together and started lawyer-ing up to decide who owns Kaleb. Games Workshop management reacted in horror, and in a knee-jerk fired all of the part-timers. Among them was Tony Ackland. Tony offered to sell them the designs, as he enjoyed the work, but he was dismissed and with him went ALL of the original Warhammer art...and the designs for their existing model lines. Although they were still able to use it all for a few more years, Games Workshop had to quickly redo all existing models. Many of Ackland's concepts, mainly Chaos mutants, were dropped and exist in description only while the actual visual models became markedly less diverse Chaos Spawn. The more popular designs were simply changed only enough that they could not be sued for copyright infringement (a practice that currently almost the entire miniature industry uses against Games Workshop. Turnabout is fair play!)

The result was the third generation of Daemonettes. Designed by Juan Diaz, these Daemonettes remained inhuman but their eyes were reduced in size, their claws became less crab and more sleek, and a few of them gained rows of breasts. Their feet gained sharper talons, they gained hair-like horns, their faces became less alien and more elven, and in general they became very attractive. THIS is when Daemonettes gained a great deal of popularity, for reasons that need not be stated. They were released with 3rd edition 40k in 1998.

Elf Banshees[edit]

When Games Workshop decided to rotate themselves more in the direction of the younger audience the sexy Daemonettes got the axe. In 2008 the much cheaper and first plastic Daemonettes were released to coincide with 40k 5e. They were clothed and had half male chests like first generation Daemonettes, had the hidious shrieking faces of the second generation Daemonettes with the few odd calm faces, and had the sleek claws of the third generation Daemonettes. Their pointed ears were more pronounced indicating the importance of their connection to the Eldar in 40k. Most were portrayed shrieking.

They...were not very well received among older fans. Some Slaanesh players, both new and old, have come to like them however, since according to lore it is what Daemonettes look like during combat when their glamour breaks and their true ugly self is revealed. Others have spent nearly two decades complaining about censorship. Although far cheaper to collect, the old sexy 'nettes were immediately discontinued and although GW kept some outdated stock in production for those who wanted to pay more, all requests for more of the third generation were ignored. The sleek, cheap, and only option remain to this day. Well, other than when Games Workshop made the third generation Made To Order for one week only at a bit of a markup in 2016...

Daemonette Jobs[edit]

Acting as daemon school girls to bait willing pedophiles, being the alpha bitch as well as hunting and having premature, illegal and underage sex with little boys is also a popular and professional job for a Daemonette.

Of course being a Daemonette isn't all fun and games (metaphorically, every non-punishment task for a Daemonette is literally just fun and games).

  • Most Daemonettes either act as servants to Slaaneshi VIPs, or amuse themselves with the many, MANY captured souls as they wait for the opportunity to either go forth into the mortal world to wreak havoc or to defend Slaanesh's realm against the invaders from the rest of Chaos (or celibates and asexuals) with the former being far more desirable than the latter. Some are summoned into the mortal realm as a servant for a Cultist or a Druchii, and of course the lucky Daemonette will have fun however they can while playing the usual Daemonic games of misleading and giving someone what they ask for in a hilariously ironic way thanks to wording of commands.
  • Daemonettes who impress Slaanesh are allowed to go to the meadows and fields where the Steeds of Slaanesh roam to tame a mount, whereupon they join Slaanesh's elite as one of the Seeker warbands who stalk the Warp and the material plane for beings to edge into insanity via relentless pursuit in order to drag the broken minded being's soul back to the Palace of Pleasure as a plaything for all of Slaanesh's court to enjoy.
  • Seekers are sometimes allowed even further honors, being given Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh to ride at the vanguard of his great armies.
  • Even more blessed than the Seeker Chariots are the Exalted Seeker Chariots, the VIP limo Chariot of Slaanesh's most important Daemonettes and Heralds.
  • The final common blessing are the Hellflayer Chariots of Slaanesh, a gigantic Chariot that was once used as a punishment to render Daemonettes into dishonored gardeners that cleaned the gardens after battles by slicing up any remains until a pair of Daemonettes took one for a joy ride where it was discovered to cause the utmost orgasmic bliss in its riders. Ever since, the gift of a Hellflayer is the ultimate blessing any Daemonette can receive.
  • In the Blood Bowl universe, the concept of war has been replaced by American Football instead. Or at least the variety where the crowd doesn't mind active cheating, attempts to kill anyone who gets tackled into them, and both weapons and even monsters or siege equipment is allowed on the pitch (though weapons get confiscated after a touchdown is scored). Skirmishes still happen of course, including Daemons rampaging when summoned into a match (before the drunk and rioting fans scare them back into the Warp), but in general the world revolves around the sport and even Khorne has abandoned thought of invasion and instead presents his assembled forces for each seasons draft. Slaanesh's participation in Blood Bowl is hands off by mainly bankrolling the teams of Chaos devoted mortals, providing refreshment and escort services for players and owners, and improving stadiums (beware the hidden glyphs that allow Daemons to join the match or spectators). But Chaos teams having Daemonettes for cheerleaders is his most obvious contribution. Well, that and the merchandising. Daemonette Cheerleaders appear as a three-breasted but otherwise standard Daemonette who wears combat boots, a trenchcoat, and a cap that looks like they were stolen off a dead Commissar (this being a Warhammer Fantasy-based universe makes the connection all the more hilarious) and carry a human skull that still has a lock of long luxurious hair on a handle as a pom pom. The typical pose is with one foot in the air like a Can Can dancer while horn throwing (thumb resting on ring and middle finger, pinky and index finger pointing out, once a Satanic/"magic" gesture to ward off ill luck and now associated mostly with rock and metal music, as well as Spiderman). In the Blood Bowl video game, the third boob was dropped as well as the boots while the coat and hat got a vinyl treatment to look more S&M than 40k. In the relaunched Blood Bowl they instead possess the bodies of willing mortal women in order to stay stable in manifestation; the “Damned Damsels” squad cheer for all Chaos teams regardless of Chaos God. However the canon colors are red skin with black eyes and horns, leading some to speculate that its actually Khorne with female Bloodletters; the connotations are intriguing if so, given it would mean Khorne has taken on (read: been corrupted by) Slaanesh’s tactics of morale boosting. Presumably Daemonettes or possessed mortals maintain Slaanesh’s fields and merch booths.
  • In Storm of Chaos the leader of the Slaaneshi forces was Styrkaar of the Sortsvinaer, who was literally possessed by a Slaaneshi Daemon at birth and upon killing his father and building a statue of Slaanesh the two merged together into one being. Unfortunately this was not elaborated on since the character is essentially a throwaway excuse to not have Slaaneshi participate much in Storm, because this brings up a LOT of questions. But generally speaking, its likely he's a (Daemonette) woman suck in a man's body (also he has the most famous hairstyle of Madonna, patron goddess of transsexuals, who had to cut a snekman in order to ascend to glorious Championhood; subtle, GW is not). Whether this is a one time thing or its a regular Daemonette job, if he goes to the Warp as just a Daemonette with a (bigger) dick when he dies, if exorcism would leave him as a soulless husk, whether this is punishment for the Daemon Sle'zuzu or a reward, all of this is just left for the fanbase to decide since StrikerStyrkaar was forgotten in favor of Sigvald, and served as his second during the End Times before dying (though Slaanesh apparently brough Strykaar back in Age of Sigmar, without creating a Daemon Prince out of Strykaar's soul).
Fertility is just another way of saying “means of production”.
  • Farmers/gardeners. After all, someone has to actually do the work on the Slaaneshi gardens, and take care of the Steeds in the pastures and whatever Fiends do outside of battle. The actual gardening is likely more stimulating as a form of artistic expression and pride given that riding the Lewdmower Hellflayer is the punishment.

Dating a Daemonette[edit]

Never EVER call a Daemonette flat chested, even if it is a monoboob one. You have been warned.
Likes Dislikes

Obtaining Daemonettes[edit]

Since IRL Slaanesh has not yet been birthed by the Eldar, your only current means of obtaining Daemonettes is to purchase models.

While purchasing from Games Workshop is always an option, there are many who find such a practice is more along the lines of a Nurgle fan. Luckily, the intrepid Slaaneshi fanboy girl pan-octocockgina-kin has options: Raging Heroes produces a line of miniatures, called "Lust Elves", for wargames that by happy coincidence fit right into the theme of the Prince of Pleasure. These are specifically the "Mantis Warriors" which most resemble the typical Daemonette with large black eyes, bare breasts, wild poses, and lobster claw scythes. Those interested in something more...exotic can choose "Lust Elf Centaurs" which resemble a bondage queen carried by slaves bound at the pelvis, "Death Dancers" which are multi-armed bacchanalian frolickers carrying blades, "Demon Steed Riders" which ride creatures that seem to be made of slaves that have been melted together into a long-tongued snake creature, "Worm Riders" which look to be an HR Geiger-inspired type of lamprey mount, "Stingray Riders" which are mounted on a flying abomination of teeth and tentacles, and a "Spider Mother" which is a gigantic Drider goddess who unbirths fully-formed Lust Elves from its mouth (complete with its own lore!).

Hexy Miniatures produce a line of "Daemon Hellchicks" who look like your typical daemonic well, hellchick. Slightly less crablike with more smooth features, they still have horned-protrusions coming out of their heads though. They can be found here.

For those who do prefer GW's plastic over resin or metal, there is also the option of a simple yet somewhat costly (but hey, this is Gee-Dubs after all) conversion that invokes the image of Huan Diaz's Daemonettes: Just take Witch Aelf bodies, Daemonette heads, arms from either as you wish, glue them together, and finish by applying Green Stuff where it's due or desired.


Warhammer Fantasy[edit]

Each Chaos God has a Core model, and Daemonettes are Slaanesh’s. Put simply you take Plaguebearers for durability, Bloodletters for durability with some killing power, Daemonettes for killing power, and Horrors for the squishiest killing power. Not much more to say really, in any edition the Daemonettes will mulch other squishy infantry with their speed and attacks, and in some editions have the ability to put a dent into more durable foes too. Don’t expect them to spend all morning with you though, they won’t tolerate a spanking for what you are paying (for) them; Daemonettes just want to get inside their target ASAP before something blows them (away), and they finish quickly if you’re rough with them whether they get their partner off (the table) or not. Whew!

Warhammer 40000[edit]

  • ‘’’Infernal Rapturess’’’

She's primarily a support unit that provides powerful sonic fire support with her Heartstring lyre! The Heartstring Lyre has two profiles two choose from in the shooting phase. Cacophonous Melody: Range 18”/S4/AP-1/Dam 1/ Assault 6; and Euphonic Blast: Range 24”/S8/AP-3/Dam 3/Assault 1. So Her Harp is basically Noise Marine Blastmaster but with half the range. Cacophonous Melody can wound a Marine on a 4+ and reduces their armor save to a 4+ save. While Euphonic Blast can take the last few wounds off tank armor or a monster. Her stat line is: Movement 7", WS 2+, BS 2+, S4, T3, W4, A2, LD8, and SV 6+. So her Heaststring lyre will be hitting on a 2+ while she moves up the board at Daemonette speeds. But wait there's more! Her Discordant Disruption ability causes enemy psykers within 24” to suffer Perils of the Warp on any doubles. This 24" aura is incredibly powerful especially in conjunction with the Daemonic Possession stratagem; effectively letting you shut down the psychic phase over a huge area for 1CP. Causing enemy Psykers to suffer 2D3 mortal wounds on a perils. Meanwhile Fiends with move 14" along with Advance and Charge can quickly reach and disrupt Psykers outside of the 24” aura. Or if their within 12” of a Psyker whose within the 24” aura; they completely shut down the psychic phase. A Vanguard consisting of Infernal Enrapturess, and 3 Fiends can effectively boost any chaos army. Effectively neutering Psyker heavy armies and those dependent on Psyker support.

The only issue is she doesn’t do much if the opponent doesn't use Psykers. Finally, she has the Harmonic Alignment special rule. If an Infernal Enrapturess attempts to summon a SLAANESH DAEMON unit to the battlefield you can add +3 to the resulting summoning roll. Adding 3 to any summoning rolls enables her to safely summon a unit of 10 Daemonettes, Masque, a Herald, or two Fiends of Slaanesh on a single dice. Without the risk of suffering mortal wound. Also at the start of each of your turns, you can roll D6 for each SLAANESH DAEMON unit within 6”; on a result of 6 a single slain model is returned to that unit. So she can reinforce existing units that have suffered losses; even multi-Wound models such as Fiends, Seekers, or Obliterators! Position a Infernal Rapturess with a unit of Obliterators as her Euphonic Blast has similar range and damage potential; and she can also resurrect a dead Obliterator on a 6. Deep strike her into the mid-field together with 1-2 units of Obliterators to position her anti-psyker bubble for maximum impact. All for a mere 80 pts!.

The 9th Age[edit]

When let out to freely mingle with other chaos units, they're usually are found soley in the slaneesh alliance. They move fast with a lot of infantry (actually, just anything, really) ripping attacks.

Age Of Sigmar[edit]

Blood Bowl[edit]

  • ‘’’Cheerleader’’’

Your Cheerleader option for Chaos teams. Like most teams in the game, you only really take one more Cheerleader than your opponent and they mostly serve as decoration for the table otherwise. In the 2016 re-release of the game they were replaced with the Damned Damsels, a cheerleading squad made up of possessed female cultists. Whether the DD’s (haha!) are Daemonettes is unclear, since they have the black eyes and small horns of Daemonettes but turn their hosts red in official paint jobs (then again the stock Chaos team color is red, so they may be just showing how Slaanesh does team spirit).


Canon Artwork[edit]

Fan Art[edit]

Do your part for the community. Add more promotions whenever you find them. Also see the gallery for Slaanesh

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