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Shield hanging from a parapet
Aliases The Unshakable
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Hero-Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Oeridian)
Portfolio Defenses, fortifications
Domains Earth, Law, Protection
Worshippers Defenders, soldiers, engineers
Favoured Weapon Shortspear

Daern (pronounced DAY-ern) is the oeridian hero-goddess of defenses and fortifications, most well known for Daern's Instant Fortress.


Daern was in life famous for having constructed several famous fortifications, such as Castle Blazebane in Almor, Goldbolt near Rel Deven, and the Tower of Daern in Irongate. She supposedly had a hand in costructing the Imperial Palace in Rauxes. Her apotheosis was sponsored by Delleb.


While fools believe that a good offense is the best defense, few have the strength or skill to make that true. Knowing yourself and your allies is necessart to plan an adequate defense. Make the most of your surroundings, for in any battle you should know your environment better than your enemy. A single shield can stop a hundred swords, while a foot of stone can break a thousand. Those fight from behind a wall guard themselves and the helpless, and they draw strength from the stones upon which they stand.

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