Dais of Dominion

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Szarekh on his personal Pimp Throne. Protected by its Triarchal Menhirs.

The Dais of Dominion is the personal thronemobile of Szarekh the Silent King who puts Asdrubael Vect's own personal pimpmobile and Canoness Superior Junith Eruita's own personal nunmobile to shame.

Basically a floating throne. The Dais of Dominion is a giant Necron construct, that the Silent King and the Triarch sit atop while going to battle. The Dais is accompanied by two Triarchal Menhirs to act as bullet shields and anti-tank rape-cannons, and a captured C'tan known as the Enchained (which is also a shard of The Burning One) is bound atop so that the Silent King himself could turn him into his whipping boy to power up his throne.

Yes yes, we know. Putting your leader on an easily exposed and easily identifiable vehicle makes him a doom magnet for snipers. Yes, we also know that it is protected by some OP PLZ NERF shields that negate assassination attempts. But holy hell does this thing look Awesome!


The Dais of Dominion is more of a taxi for the Silent King than it is, an actual war machine. It is there to provide the Silent King good movement and decent protection, whilst protected by two Triarchal Menhirs, since it lacks any weapons on its own.

The Dais is not a relatively fast vehicle, with only 8" of movement. It is also a measly Toughness 7 with 16 Wounds in total. What is unique to the Dais and the Silent King in general, is that they are made out of Blackstone. This gives them a special (And really nasty) rule called the Noctilith Beacons. This allows Szarekh to attempt to deny one psychic power as if he himself was a psyker. Moreover, with the two Triarchal Menhirs acting as bullet sponges, they could theoretically bump up the overall Wounds of the Dais to 26! Now we're talking. He also makes everything within 1" of him fight last via Obeisance Generators. This is basically the King shouting into a megaphone, "Stop moving for a sec while I smack you six times with my Sceptre, the guy to my left smacks you four times with my Scythe, and the guy to my right slaps you three times with my Staff. If you survive, you may fight."

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