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Contrary to popular belief, it can and will shred your barn door.

The Dakkajet is one of the most commonly encountered Ork aircraft, specializing in both air-to-air and light ground attack missions.

Like most Ork vehicles a Dakkajet is subject to the whims of the Mekboy that designed it, therefore no two of them are exactly the same. However no matter the design and customizations, all Dakkajets are extremely fast, being propelled by a single, massive jet engine, and while they are not the most maneuverable aircraft in the sky they are very heavily armed. Dakkajets are typically armed with an array of four to six Supa Shootas, which can lay down an immense hailstorm of bullets to compensate for the relatively poor gunnery skill of the Ork pilot. In 8th Edition, Dakkajets can benefit from a rule granting them a +1 to hit if they fire all their gunz at the same target that turn. Combine this with the "Long, Uncontrolled Bursts" stratagem to gain an additional +1 to hit against flyers. Enjoy a good laugh as your opponent removes his flyer from the table.

As an added bonus, a Dakkajet looks like pretty much every fighter made in the 1950s and 60s, making it the most aerodynamic aircraft of the 41st millennium.

Because it is easily customized a Dakkajet can be turned into or assembled as a Burna-Bommer, a Blitza-Bommer, or a Wazbom Blastajet if given the time and available amount of Teef, or repurposed into a Megatrakk Scrapjet if a Mek gets his hands on one and decides it looks better on the ground. All in all a Dakkajet is a decent and relatively cheap flyer that can perform many roles if a Bomma is not available or you just can't afford the points for the amount of crazy that is the Wazbom Blastajet.

In 9th Edition Dakkajets have lost their innate to-hit bonus for focusing all shots on the same target, as well as the special stratagem mentioned earlier. However, their Supa Shootas are now considered Dakka 6/4 weapons, which means a Dakkajet with six supa-shootas can vomit out up to thirty-six shots, which more than alleviates any loss in accuracy.

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