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Dalt symbol.png
Locked door with a skeleton key under it
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Locks, Keys, Enclosures, Portals
Domains Good, Protection, Travel, Chaos, Trickery
Home Plane Outlands
Worshippers Southeastern Suels, Thieves, Locksmiths, Jailors, Would-Be Escapees
Favoured Weapon Dagger

Dalt is the god of portals. To be specific, he's the one that wasn't ripped to shit by the Lady of Pain. He's the Suloise god of portals, doors, enclosures, locks and keys. He's been largely unknown until recently to the Flanaess because of his long quest. To understand that, to understand Dalt, you need to understand Vatun.

Vatun is a fierce winter god venerated above all others by the northern barbarians. He encourages them to raid south, and their Jarls derive their authority from his decree, long ago. According to their legend, Vatun granted them a great militaristic empire in the north, after the magically decadent Suloise Empire got Exterminatus'd, which lasted only a single generation. In some versions of the story, it collapsed because the warriors were unworthy of Vatun. In the others...

Vatun is gone. A god from the rival Oerdian pantheon, Telchur, put him to sleep many hundred of years ago, and he sleeps still. The frost/ice/snow barbarians believe that some day, he will return and unite them, leading them to victory against southern Aedry. And for many hundreds of years, Dalt has sought to wake his brother. He quested endlessly, searching the planes and negotiating with numerous other gods. Dalt was at it so long that he became forgotten on Oerth, and only recently was recognized as a god again.

The best bet at waking Vatun is a quintet of magic swords. When gathered, the runes engraved on the blades will read out an incantation that will, in theory, bring back the winter god. This nearly happened, but right before the spell was finished, Iuz pulled off his favorite and most dickish trick, and showed up impersonating an awakened Vatun, interrupting the spell and scattering the blades, in an ultimately successful attempt to use the northern barbarians as pawns in his upcoming war.

Of course, Dalt will probably find a different way. As his dogma states, Confront obstacles from different angles until a solution presents itself.

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