Dance of the Thrashing Dragon

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Don't let this second chance go.

The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon is a Dharmic path in in the Vampire: The Masquerade campaign supplement Kindred of the East. Thrashing Dragons seek to understand, and then transcend their unliving condition by studying and experiencing all the colors of life that they missed out on before their deaths. Their chosen Virtue is Yang.

The stereotypical Thrashing Dragon can be described as passionate. Often repressed individuals before their deaths, the stereotypical Dragon will often over-compensate for this lack upon their Second Breath. This leads to the bad stereotype expected of Dragons by other Dharmas, of the Kuei-jin who seems to be content to drink, eat, and whore their way through their unlives.

While there are Dragons who propagate this negative stereotype, there are many ways of experiencing and studying life as there are colors of the rainbow. In the end, it is in the appreciation of all the nuances of living, from the most subtle to the utterly bombasting, that a Gui Ren seeks to appreciate their place in the universe, and perhaps re-enter the Great Cycle.

The Thrashing Dragons are the second Dharma (the other being the Song of Shadows) whose Arhat is known to stick around in the Middle Kingdom. Unlike the Arhat of the Bone Flowers however, she has no real reason to do so, and could enter Heaven whenever she wishes, her kharmic debt paid back in full a LONG time ago.

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