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Multi-colored patch of cloth or tangle of yarn, with seven threads, one of each color of the spectrum, extending from the bottom
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Hero-God
Pantheon Oerth (Baklunish)
Portfolio Clarity, humility, immediacy
Domains Magic, Travel
Worshippers Beggars, monks
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff

Daoud the Mendicant (pronounced dah-OOD) the baklunish hero-god of clarity, humility, and immediacy.


Daoud was once a son of a noble family that exemplified the Four Feet of the Dragon (generosity, family, honor, and piety), the main philosophy of the Baklunish. He was respected and eventually became a philosopher-pasha of Tusmit, but as he reached middle age, he lost everything and became despised. Exiled for his homeland, he soon became a mendicant priest of Istus, and pondered theways of his goddess.

In time he came to realize that the Four Feet of the Dragon were a vulgar philosophy. To him, piety was affectation, the obsession with honor was arrogance, and devotion to family and generosity were just tools of social hygiene. In place of them, he created the Path of the Seeker (endurance, honesty, humility, and poverty)


Seek the boundaries of fortune, good and bad, for there the threads of destiny are exposed. Never desire more than fate provides and never accept less than fate demands. A fabric of lies must be cut with sharp words.

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