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Alright, so, when Dungeons & Dragons did their Stormwrack supplement for 3rd edition, they realized that they actully didn't have that many aquatic races other than aquatic elves, tritons, merfolk and koalinths (basically aquatic hobgoblins).

So, in the best spirit of D&D, they took the obvious route and made up a new race or two. One of those was the Darfellan: aquatic humanoids who could technically be called orca-folk, but in practice look more like ripped, hairless, web-digited humans with black & white-patterned skin.

The race's primary defining trait is that they fought a century-long war against the sahuagin which almost rendered them extinct. The survivors are mostly broody wanderers who crave to exact some measure of vengeance against their shark-like enemies.

+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity
Base Land Speed: 20 feet
Swim Speed 40 feet
+8 racial bonus to Swim checks made to perform a special action or avoid a hazard, can always Take 10 on a Swim check, can "Run" whilst swimming so long as they do so in a straight line
Hold Breath (Ex): A darfellan can hold their breath for 8 * Constitution score rounds before risking drowning.
Natural Attack: Bite (1d6), can be used as a primary attack when fighting without a weapon, otherwise is a secondary attack.
Echolocation: Blindsense 20 feet, but only when in water and against things also in the water.
Racial Hatred: Sahuagin (+2 racial bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls)
Favored Class: Barbarian