Dark Eldar Combat Weapons

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In the ponies and rainbows-filled future, the Dark Eldar are amongst the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants. Though lacking the sheer strength of Orks and Berzerkers, they more than make up for this with their lightning-fast reflexes and lethal weapons that can bring down even an armored Space Marine.

Poisoned Weaponry[edit]

Venom Blade[edit]

Venom Blade

Dark Eldar and poison go together like Orks and Choppas. There are vast numbers of all kind of poisoned weapons like vambrace blades, knives, daggers, swords, scimitars, whips and more, even beyond human imagination. Venom Blades are the pinnacle of the art of poison: even a single caress can render a man with only seconds to live out the rest of his then-onward extremely painful life.

The Venom Blade is a Haemonculus Tool that wound on 2+. Exclusive to the Covens, Archons, and Solarites. Pretty cheap and effective.

Shaimeshi Blade[edit]

Shaimeshi Blade

Sometimes called the Lhamaean Blade for obvious reasons.

Whether elegant short sword, curved dagger or even barbed hair pin, the core of each Shaimeshi Blade is shot through with reservoirs of breathtakingly lethal poisons, while its surface is riddled with microscopic vents through which these venoms can flow. With each graceful swing or lightning fast stab, it parts flesh to vent its poisons where they can do the most harm.

The primary users are the Lhamaeans.

Crunchwise, it is a Haemonculus Tool that adds 2 to Wound, on a 6+ it deals a mortal wound in addition to its normal damage (Note: with the +2 to wound this means a roll of 4+ turns into a Mortal Wound). Exclusive to Lhamaeans. Use this on a Poisoned Tongue kabal and you will put a dent on anything.

Electrocorrosive Whip[edit]

Electrocorrosive Whip

Despite the name, they are neither electric nor corrosive.

Electrocorrosive Whips are instead, a form of poison weapon used predominantly by Archons, Haemonculi and Wych leaders.

Also, they are in no way related to the Agoniser, another Dark Eldar whip with completely different properties. Though not as lethal as the aforementioned Agonisers, these venom-soaked whips steal the fighting will of enemies by causing pain of extreme kind.

Each of its barbs is soaked with a pretty painful-ass toxin that is secreted from the barb's glands if it hits something. Definitely suited for Dark Eldar who wants their prey alive and screaming for some...'fun' stuff.

Haemonculus Weaponry[edit]

Even amongst the twisted Dark Eldar, the Haemonculus stand out. Able to weaponise pain in ways unimaginable, they employ an array of alien, painful and very lethal weapons.

Flesh Gauntlet[edit]

Flesh Gauntlet

A pretty fucked up 'equipment'.

The Flesh Gauntlet is a truly nightmarish weapon, used by Dark Eldar Haemonculi, Wracks and Grotesques. An array of syringes strapped onto a single glove, capable of injecting a target with a cocktail of truly unpleasant drugs (electrosteroids) that will cause the target to explode through violent uncontrolled muscle growth.

In the end there is only an undefined pile of heaving matter, little more than a pile of twitching muscle, ruptured skin, and shattered bone. The deadliness of the weapon is hardly offset by the fact that many models require a short period of time to prepare a new batch of electrosteroids after each use.

Flesh Gauntlets come stock on Grotesques but Haemonculi like them, too. S:User in the codex, Wound-rolls of 6+ also deal a mortal wound. No AP but you have your cleavers for that but Haemonculi should stay away from this. Instead you use this against units with high Invul saves like Daemons and Crusaders

Mindphase Gauntlet[edit]

Mindphase Gauntlet

These high-tech gauntlets are used by Haemonculi and their minions such as wracks and grotesques. The Mindphase is an advanced neural controller that can shut down a target's brain, rendering him a will-less idiot and easy pickings for the Dark Eldar. Even monstrous Carnifexes can be stopped by these gauntlets, though against the most powerful foes it is not as reliable as against some humanoid beings.

Tl;dr, it is less of a weapon and more a control device that can stop a rampaging foe in his tracks with a single touch, leaving him glassy-eyed and shuddering with overwhelming fatigue.

The Mindphase Gauntlet is the bog-standard weapon for the Haemonculi and its minions, except with Damage 2. Since damage doesn't spread between models, this is worthless against 1 Wound models and with Strength: User and no AP it won't help much against anything else, either.



Edward Scissorhands turned up to 11; several shears strapped to a gauntlet that can cut apart nearly anything that it can get its blades on.

The glove has a series of vein-like tubes that run along each finger, slowly reapplying an incredibly virulent poison to the blades. Victims who receive even the slightest of scratches by these blades become wracked with pain so incredible that it frequently causes the target to pass out or even die.

The weapon itself looks a little like a pair of surgical shears, and also harbors other expensive and less lethal toxins so that its wielder might better incapacitate those whose limbs it amputates.

Tl;dr, basically Dark Eldar Lightning Claws with poison instead of electricity.

Scissorhands are Haemonculus Tools with AP-1 and an additional attack. Great on an Acothyst, but a Haemonculus can use the Electrocorrosive Whip better.

Wych Weaponry[edit]

The Wych Cults employ many kinds of fighting styles with any number of outlandish and unconventional weapons, though most prefer to fight with a Splinter Pistol and the traditional wicked knives of the Eladrith Ynneas.

Wych Knife[edit]

Wych Knife

The basic and standard issue weapon of the Wyches.

At first glance, there is little to distinguish these blades from a commoner’s knife or a Kabalite Warrior's flaying blade. However, subtle details of their construction, such as the pattern of serrations, the precise curvature of the blade, or the placement of perforations, influence the balance and the cuts Wych Knives inflict so that in the hands of an expert they can inflict grievous wounds and find the weaknesses in all but the toughest armor.

Hydra Gauntlets[edit]

Hydra Gauntlets

A pair of many-bladed gauntlets that run along the entire length of the forearm. These gauntlets are extremely strange weapons made from a flexible weave of semi-sentient, extraplanar crystals. They are smooth and glassy when inert, but it can be made to grow and shed impossible profusions of lethal crystalline blades while in combat. They are so full of crystalline blades and barbs that they can unleash a staggering amount of blows where a normal warrior could only attack once.

Hydra Gauntlets on tabletop are AP-1 weapons with an additional attack AND it lets you re-roll to Wound. Take as many on your Wyches as you can and RIP AND TEAR.

Punch Dagger[edit]

Punch Dagger

A Punch Dagger is a Dark Eldar weapon with very little to no information. What we do know is that it is used as a concealable secondary weapon to unleash a surprise and unexpected knife to the face. Punch Daggers range from all sizes and shapes and aren't standardized, although the most common pattern of Punch Daggers resembles a long serrated blade. Some patterns are known to even resemble serrated mandibles of insectoid beasts.

Because of this, Wyches are the primary users of this little nasty weapon due to its small size and ability to take opponents by surprise. Unfortunately, there aren't any rules for this weapon because of how obscure it is.

In real life, punch blades are mostly used by people with more unarmed training (like boxers) since it's basically a glorified knuckle duster



Razorflails are close combat weapons used by Dark Eldar Wych Cults.

For those of you who have played Soul Calibur: think Ivy's sword, times two. Razorflails are weapons in size and shape of a regular sword, except they can extend into a whip longer than a man and can circumvent nearly any possible known blocking or parrying technique.

Wyches who specialize in these weapons are known as the Lacerai.

On tabletop, these weapons are similar to Hydra Gauntlets, AP-1, +D3 attacks, re-rolls to hit for Wyches; use these if you want to chew through GEQs or deep strike a big 20 Deldar unit in the battle zone.

Shardnet and Impaler[edit]


The Impaler is a Dark Eldar weapon used by both Kabals and Wych Cults. It is a large monomolecular melee weapon resembling a Punisher. Whilst Shardnets are electrified nets that when entrapping its victim renders them unable to strike back. Combine, they form the traditional trident-and-net routine as made popular by Rome: a net to entangle an enemy and a polearm to finish him off.

On tabletop, the Impaler is a AP-1 weapon with Damage 2. For when your Wyches need to deal with two-wound enemies like Primaris Marines. Combine with the Shardnet and the Impaler gains an extra attack. Also forces your opponent to roll-off with only a d3 when trying to fall-back. Need to hold someone's bubblewrap in place? Well, you just found the perfect option.

Vambrace Blade[edit]

Vambrace Blade

Another Dark Eldar weapon with little to no information. The Vambrace Blade like the Punch Dagger is a weapon that has seen very little if no light in the Fluff and Crunch realm. It is one of those weapons that GW completely forgot it exists.

It is assumed to be another Wych weapon, however it could also be a CCW of any Dark Eldar troops.

From the looks of it, the Vambrace Blade seem to be a bladed tonfa. Thus, the fighting technique of these weapons would be similiar to a tonfa or police baton. Likewise, it would not be surprising if the blade itself is sharpened to a monomolecular edge like all Dark Eldar weapons.

It is unknown whether this is wielded as a singular weapon, or a weapon that demands being dual-wielded for maximum potential.

Weighted Flails[edit]

Weighted Flails

Another fucking Dark Eldar weapon with little to no information. Seriously, you would think GW would have gotten the hint to at least add some fluff behind their intellectual property right? But this time its even worse because there was an actual fucking model for it.

From what we can tell, Weighted Fails were basically the Razorflail's bigger and badder brother. Just by judging the way it is handled, it is safe to assume that the Weighted Flail lacks the unique nature of turning into a sword in return for being a heavier weapon to throw at.

Like the Vambrace Blade and Punch Dagger, there is no official crunch for this weapon, much to the testament of GW's Fail. They make good counts as Razorflails, at least.

Hellion Weaponry[edit]

The skyboard-surfing outriders of Commorragh embody the creed of Dark Eldar warfare: hit fast and hit hard without being hit back. As such they use a number of weapons to aid them.



A two-handed polearm with similarly-bladed weapons on each side, it is designed to be more than a weapon. With recurved hooks on both ends a skilled rider (as are all Hellions) can latch it onto an object and make a 180 degree turn in less than a heartbeat, followed up by a strike that will tear a man's heart out.

It is essentially a double-bladed close-combat weapon, with a built-in Splinter Rifle.

On tabletop, the Hellglaive is a S+1 and Damage 2 weapon. Oh dear lord, send those Hellions at multi-wound models and watch the opponent devote all his shooting to killing them (which they will).



Stunclaws are viciously barbed grapnels, often attached to lengthy metal chains.

A one-handed weapon that allows the wielder to strike with a greater force. It's true potential comes from how it can grab onto the enemy and drag him along into the air via piercing through armor and flesh, after which the Hellions will chop the poor sod to bits before he hits the ground, or a brief and violent death by virtue of simply being dropped from a great height. Or if the particular Hellion is feeling cruel, he/she could just drag the poor bitch to death.

Essentially a weaponized Batman's grappling hook that is more Grimdark, or a Grapnel Launcher that actually works as intended.

In terms of Crunch, Stunclaws are much like the Hellglaive, it is S+1, but only does one damage. However, that one damage is pretty neat as on a 6+ to wound with this weapon does a mortal wound in addition to other damage.

Engine Weaponry[edit]

The Talos Pain Engines and Cronos Parasite Engines are amongst the most twisted creations of the Dark Eldar. While dangerous enough at range, their most lethal and insidious weapons are used at at close range.



Despite the name, they have in no relation to actual Chain Weapons.

Fitted onto the Talos, the Chain-Flails are meant to improve the thing's natural reaction to nearby prey (swat at it until it dies) with a series of barbed chains. Simple, but effective and gruesome.

In terms of function and mechanics, a Chain-flail consists of lengths of barbed chain wound tight under gravitic pressure. As a Talos glides into battle, these chains are loosed, hurtling from their housings to lash around wildly. As their barbs find purchase in flesh, the chains' grav-winches re-engage, reeling in at lightning speed to snap bones and tear bodies asunder.

In 8th Edition, Chain-Flails are weapons that can re-rolls to Wound and make 2 hit rolls for each attack allocated to this weapon. Nice if you want your Talos to do some heavy horde duty cleanup.



One of the primary weapons of the Talos Pain Engine.

Exactly as its name implies. The Macro-Scalpel is a giant monomolecular blade designed to cut open the toughest armor with relative ease. With the strength of the Pain Engine, the Scalpel can rip apart even vehicle armor with contemptuous irrelevancy. For maximum carnage, a Talos can be equipped with two of these murder machines before set loose and raise literal bloody hell on the battlefield.

It is a AP-1 and Damage 2 weapon on tabletop. Also, if you have 2, you make one additional attack with it Cheap and effective. Come stock on the Talos and is overall still a pretty decent weapon.

Ichor Injector[edit]

Ichor Injector

This device injects an unfortunate victim with the Talos' own blood, potentially causing it to explode in a spectacularly gory fashion. They are in affect, similiar to the Flesh Gauntlet but just on a bigger scale.

In 8th Edition, Ichor Injectors are interesting as only one attack can be made with this weapon. Strength User (so either 6 for the Talos or 3 for Urien) and re-rolls to Wound. If you roll a 6+ To Wound, you deal D3 mortal wounds in addition to the normal damage, which can potentially kill 4 models in one strike but don't bet on that happening with only one attack.

You can take this in addition to your other melee weapon in the codex and it gained AP-1 but it's still not worth the overall cost.

Spirit Probe[edit]

Spirit Probe

The Anal Probe Spirit Probe is a type of soul-draining weapon used by Dark Eldar Cronos Parasite Engines that gives you the succ.

A metal tube injected into victims, like a giant mosquito, it drains the life force directly out of them and spews it onto nearby Dark Eldar, invigorating them with the agony the Cronos caused. These life force is then used as fuel for the Cronos' other Pain Weapons such as the Spirit Vortex as well as fuel for the Cronos' Spirit Syphon ability which can field of baleful energy that allows it to feed upon those nearby.

The function on how it succs the life force of its victims is unknown.

There is currently no rules for the Spirit Probe unfortunately despite the cool fluff. Although in 7th Edition, the weapons of the Cronos (Including the Spirit Probe) and the bad boy itself got slapped around in the codex, it's more expensive base, the Spirit Syphon was nerfed to S3 and you are no longer allowed to take both the Probe and the Vortex. Just like the Talos in the same edition.

Tl;dr, the Spirit Probe makes the Cronos into a giant mosquito that succ souls like blood and it looks like the shape of a fluted and crystalline device being hung underside the Cronos' headpiece/mouthpiece/mask thingy.

Spirit-Leech Tentacles[edit]

Spirit-Leech Tentacles

It is not surprising that the Dark Eldar too would participate in hardcore Tentacle Rape. Now with a more noodly appendage and twice the fun. The Leech Tentacles are the primary weapons of the Cronos and they are use to slap around fools and 'penetrate' any hoe that gets in its way.

Spirit-Leech Tentacles should work in the same way as the Spirit Probe, in that it should succ the life force of any unfortunate victims in its path of destruction. How it does it is unknown however as there is no visible mechanism on soul succing.

On tabletop, the Tentacles are S:User, AP-1, 1 DMG that does D3 damage on a wound roll of 6+. Pretty decent against GEQs and MEQs alike.

Mandrake Weaponry[edit]

Saw-Edged Blade[edit]

Saw-Edged Blade

A weapon meant to hack and fucking slash.

One of the three primary weapons of the Mandrakes and the largest of the family, resembling a single-bladed bastard sword. Basically a weaponized saw blade on a sword-like hilt. These blades allow the Mandrakes to violently cut and rip apart their prey with viscous and savage ease.

Unfortunately there isn't any rules for the Saw-Edged Blade despite having a model for it. Thus, these weapons Count as Glimmersteel Blades. In this case, these weapons are your standard Mandrake ccws with AP-1.

Trophy Bones[edit]

Trophy Bones

The oddly named Trophy Bones is one of the three primary weapons of the Mandrakes. These sickle-shaped weapons seem to be derived and fashioned from the bones of its victims, although honestly, it just resembles your normal average sickle.

Due to being a sickle, its primary function is to ignore handheld shields.

Unfortunately there isn't any rules for the Trophy Bones despite having a model for it. Thus, these weapons Count as Glimmersteel Blades. In this case, these weapons are your standard Mandrake ccws with AP-1.

Glimmersteel Blade[edit]

Glimmersteel Blade

The Glimmersteel Blade is one of the three primary weapons of the Mandrakes. These machete-like weapons are designed to hack away limbs and decapitate heads without any difficulty. Basically a smaller version of the Saw-Edged Blade. The Glimmersteel Blade is one of the most common Mandrake weapons available.

Out of all of the Mandrake weapons, only the Glimmersteel Blade has any actual rules on tabletop. Hence, the other Mandrake weapons only Count as Glimmersteel Blades. In this case, the blades are your standard Mandrake ccws with AP-1.

Other Weaponry[edit]

Monomolecular Blade[edit]

Monomolecular Blade

Not to be confused with the Necromundan Monomolecular Sword, although their functionality is the same.

One of the most common CCW of the Dark Eldar.

The Monomolecular Blade is an incredibly sharp and vicious Dark Eldar weapon, able to cut through the ceramite of Space Marine Power Armour despite its light weight. They are attached to most Dark Eldar weapons in places which can cause the most harm.

They are honed to, as the name suggests, a single molecule thick. Of course, how the Dark Eldar manage to keep the blade sharp without wearing out in a single strike (the thinner the blade, the easier for it to bend, like the difference between paper and cardboard) is a mystery.

Sslyth Battle-Blade[edit]

Sslyth Battle-Blade

Primary weapon of the snake-like Sslyth bodyguards. These blades bear resemblance to large machetes and has been sharpened enough to pose a danger to even power armor wearing individuals.

The Sslyth's serpentine bodies along with two sets of limbs allow them to carry enough of these blades along with weapons to quickly dispatch anyone in a frenzied and violent manner. With four arms equaling four blades, it can turn the average Sslyth into a living meat blender.

On tabletop, the Battle-Blade is AP-1, just in case a Sslyth's melee didn't look intimidating enough already.

Monstrous Cleaver[edit]

Monstrous Cleaver

Basically the Sslyth Battle-Blade grown too large.

The Monstrous Cleaver is the primary weapon of the Grotesque and it is as every bit as savage as it looks. The Monstrous Cleaver can cut open even Terminator armor and the immense strength of the Grotesque means that even reinforced ceramite would shatter from its impact.

These weapons don't need to be powered up cause it is strong and sturdy enough to smash and slice most enemies it face.

On tabletop, the Monstrous Cleaver is a AP-2 weapon and lets you make an additional attack with it. Use it to kill GEQs and MEQs in the droves.

Vehicle Weaponry[edit]



The Edgiest weapon available on a vehicle.

These are your sharp and spiky bits you see on almost every Dark Eldar vehicle. However, they are most typically mounted by Reaver Jetbikes. These weapons are mounted underslung the Jetbike and in battle, the riders crouch low over their steeds before streaking through the midst of the enemy ranks, using their Bladevanes to lop off heads and limbs with every pass of the vehicle.

Although these blades can work if placed horizontally, the fact that some DEldar like to put theirs vertically could scratch one's head as it decreases the effectiveness and chance of the blade from cutting multiple opponents. That and the fact that if something like a Reaver gets grounded, it is going to be a pain in the ass to manually lift the damn thing up due to the blade being stuck a meter underground.

On tabletop, these weapons come stock on your transports and Reavers, for a little extra melee clout. S4, AP-1.

Shock Prow[edit]

Shock Prow

The battering ram for the Dark Eldar.

The Shock Prow is designed for Raiders and Ravagers as a close combat defensive weapon against certain foes that like go in up close and personnel. Given the paper mache armor of Dark Eldar vehicles, it is wise that they put up some decent CCW for their transports and tanks.

On tabletop, the Shock Prow lets you make one attack at S User AP-1 and gains d3 D on a charge. It's only 1 point, so knock yourself out. Available only to Raiders and Ravagers. It is a overall decent backup weapon.

Sharpened Prow Blade[edit]

Sharpened Prow Blade

Essentially a Bladevane given growth hormones. The Sharpened Prow Blade is found mounted only on the Reaper and is used as a secondary weapon in the off-chance that the driver wants to get some roadkill in the mix.

Due to the angle of the blade, it is used to slice open the top hull of enemy vehicles, and given that Eldar vehicles can fly for a limited time, this is actually a pretty reasonable tactic.

On tabletop, this weapon is the Reaper's scythe, works the same as the Shock Prow but at Damage 2. Make sure to paint some blood on it.

Dire Scythe Blade[edit]

Dire Scythe Blade

The biggest fucking blade on the block.

Because the Dark Eldar are denied access to Titans for some reason, they have to compensate somehow of having a giant melee weapon being placed somewhere. Low and behold, the Dire Scythe Blade is born.

AKA the Scythevane. Mounted only on the Tantalus, these fuck hueg blades are meant to slice open tanks whilst on the run as well as dismembering any unfortunate SOBs in the way. When this thing is on the move, fucking run.

On tabletop, this thing is hilarious. Because your warlord just has to have the biggest blades on their floating death catamaran. Unique to the Tantalus and similar in form to the Shock Prow and Sharpened Prow Blade, but isn't limited to just one attack and hits at S8 AP-2. Useful to finish off anything that you didn't quite manage to completely annihilate with the Pulse-Disintegrators.

Weapons of the Dark Eldar
Ballistics: Splinter Pistol - Stinger Pistol - Terrorfex
Directed-Energy: Drukhari Blast Pistol - Fusion Pistol
Basic Weapons:
Ballistics: Shardcarbine - Shredder - Splinter Rifle
Directed-Energy: Blaster
Special Weapons:
Ballistics: Tormentor Helm - Splinter Pods
Chemical: Destructor - Liquifier Gun
Warpcraft: Eyeburst - Tormentor
Other: Hexrifle - Ossefactor
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Ballistics: Phantasm Grenade Launcher - Splinter Cannon
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Ballistics: Horrorfex - Implosion Missile - Cluster Caltrop Pod
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Chemical: Necrotoxin Missile
Other: Shatterfield Missile - Spirit Vortex - Stinger Pod
Ship Weapons:
Ballistics: Scythe Missile Launcher - Torpedo
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