Dark Eldar Kabal Creation Tables

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This article provides a number of fluffy options for you to consider if you create your own Dark Eldar Kabal. Options were sourced from /tg/.

Kabal Age[edit]

Every Kabal was founded at some point.

Kabal Age (d10)
1-4 Young (1 - 2,500 years old)
5-8 Old (2,500 - 5,000 years old)
9-10 Remnants of a Noble House (more than 5,000 years old)

Current Archon[edit]

Where does the current Archon come from?

Current Archon (d10)
1-2 Member of pre-Fall nobility
3-5 Usurping Dracon
6 Former slave
7 Hellion that 'graduated' from the mean streets
8 Haemonculus or Succubus of an "allied" Coven or Kult
9 Fallen Craftworlder/Exodite/Corsair Prince
10 Something extremely unusual, like a ruling triumvirate or a non-Eldar

Kabal Leader's Personality[edit]

Archon Personality (d10, roll twice and add for really colorful results)
1 Insane
2 Calculating
3 Delusional
4 Flamboyant
5 Arrogant
6 Ambitious
7 Fuelled by Hatred
8 Hedonist
9 Tyrannical
10 Curious

  • Insane: "WE NEED... MORE... CHEESE... FOR THE CHEESE GOD! CAN'T YOU SEE?" -Dérange the Paranoid, Archon of the Watchful Eye Kabal, shortly before a raiding force was sent out to acquire cheese.
    • The Archon's mind is so twisted and erratic that even Tzeentch couldn't read it.
  • Calculating: "But of course I planned it all along! Why else would the pitiful mon-keigh think to unleash their most powerful weaponry at the exact moment my fellow Archons were crossing the bridge?" -Sikri the Schemer, Archon of the Kabal of the Dying Sun
    • The Archon's ability to out-plan everybody else rivals that of Vect himself.
  • Delusional: "I AM the Laughing God!" -Joke mocking Lady Malys, commonly heard in Commoragh (albeit not in her presence).
    • The Archon believes something that is blatantly false: that he is a god, that the Dark Eldar aren't torturing people to death, or that Slaanesh doesn't really exist.
  • Flamboyant: "I was really hoping the mon-keigh would bring out some of those... what are they called?... ah yes, Titans. Their weapons make the most delightful hues when they fire. Oh well." -Rococo, Archon of the Splintered Statuary Kabal
    • The only thing the Archon loves more than his fancy outfits are dramatic displays of destruction and carnage, with himself as the centerpiece.
  • Arrogant: "Once, I allowed an assassin to lay a knife upon my skin. When he asked me why I didn't even move to stop him, I told him I knew he couldn't kill me, because I am invincible. And then I broke his spine." -Lord Malil of the Shadowed Estates
    • The Archon's pride outshines all others in Commorragh. He refuses to even have his clothes touched by any but the most expensive courtesans.
  • Ambition: "That's what separates you and me, my dear: I have the drive to see my plans succeed. And now, time to die." -Speech delivered to the Archon of the Shadowed Seekers Kabal shortly before its takeover by the Archon of the Woeful Tides Kabal.
    • Torture and raiding are all fun and games, but this Archon has bigger plans. Vect better watch his back.
  • Hatred: "I am going to kill you, and all of your Dracons, and all of your Trueborn children, and all of your favored courtesans, and all of your slaves, and..." -Speech delivered by the Archon of the Shadowed Seekers Kabal shortly before escaping an assassination attempt by the Archon of the Woeful Tides Kabal; the full list included 213, 897 items.
    • The Archon is motivated by vengeance or a deep-seated hatred.
  • Hedonist: "I DO COCAINE!" -Doomrider's slogan, misappropriated by many Hellions.
    • The Archon cares for little more than seeking the highest of highs. Given the chance, he would probably release Daemonettes into Commorragh just for shits and giggles.
  • Tyrannical: "There is a price to pay for failing me. And that price involves a Haemonculus..." -Common response of Archons to failure from their subordinates.
    • The Archon considers fear and tyranny to be the best motivators.
  • Curious: "These grey-skinned creatures; send a raiding party to one of their worlds. I wish to know if their foreheads can be used for something useful." -Universal Commorite response to discovery of the Tau.
    • The Archon is driven by curiosity about the universe more than anything else.

Kabal Origin[edit]

What are the origins of the Kabal itself?

Kabal Origin (d12)
1 Formed by members sharing a common target for revenge
2 Formed by members seeking excitement and sport
3-4 A splinter-group from an established Kabal
5 Fallen Craftworld/Exodite/Corsair Eldar
6 A street-level front for a Haemonculus Coven/Wych Cult
7 Descended from a pre-Fall Pleasure Cult
8 Dark Eldar pirates
9 Dark Eldar mercenaries
10-11 Dark Eldar low-borns defending their territory
12 Spiritual reasons (e.g followers of a Dark Muse's teachings)

Kabal Demeanour[edit]

Kabal Demeanour (d8)
1 Swift As The Wind - Faster raiders even than other Dark Eldar. They'll have the skin off your body faster than you can scream in torturous agony.
2 No Stone Unturned - Thorough looters and pillagers. Nothing is left untouched. Blood Ravens in Dark Eldar form.
3 Purity Above All - A particular hatred of psykers, for the attention from She Who Thirsts that they bring.
4 See, But Don't Be Seen - Sneaky and undetectable right until the point where they leap out and feed you your own testicles to laugh at your gurgling.
5 Xenophobe/Xenophile - Particular hatred/interest for alien species. Might capture them for a zoo, or just slaughter them because they're not Dark Eldar.
6 Why do you hate Commorragh? - Particular hatred for their super-pure and uptight siblings.
7 Wheels Within Wheels - Feints, ruses, decoys, false-flags: this Kabal's plans always seem impossibly unpredictable and confusing to their foes and rivals.
8 A Storm Hard Upon You - Habitually makes use of the heaviest Dark Eldar firepower and war machines to devastate even fortified defences.

Kabal Flaw[edit]

Kabal Flaw (d8)
1 We Stand Alone - The Kabal maintains distant relations with everyone, seeing imminent betrayal everywhere.
2 Pride in the Colours - The Kabal insists on wearing gaudy and ostentatious ornamentation declaring their might and wealth.
3 Kabal Cult - The Kabal practices exotic and extreme rituals, even for the Dark Eldar.
4 Eye to Eye - The Kabal finds pleasure only in the slaughter of hand-to-hand combat.
5 A Knife in Every Back - The Kabal is riven by internal feuds to a degree that is extreme even by Commorragh standards.
6 Endless Thirsting - The Kabal members are ravaged by the Thirst even more than the rest of their race.
7 Forbidden Pact - The Kabal has had dealings with another power that would earn it the wrath of the rest of their race if this was revealed.
8 Eldar Arrogance - The Kabal will not hesitate to attack even the most dangerous foes or the most heavily-defended targets.

Territory Location[edit]

Territory Location (d10)
1 High class district
2 Habitation spires
3 Slave-labour complex
4 Slums
5 Docking spires
6 Arena district
7 Haemonculus laboratory/temple/shrine
8 Non-Eldar Xenos camp
9 Exiled onto some other world
10 Wandering through space

Territory Condition[edit]

Territory Condition (d100)
1-19 Average
20-29 Toxic
30-35 Warp-poisoned
36-40 Fiercely-contested
41-45 Fogbound
46-55 Mandrake-infested
56-60 Warpbeast-infested
61-70 Haunted
71-75 Crystalline
76-80 Decaying
81-85 Ruined
86-90 Abandoned
91-95 Shadowed
96-100 Overrun with warring Hellion gangs

Kabal Tactics[edit]

Kabal Tactics (d10)
1 Boarding Actions
2 Infiltration Tactics
3 Performance Art: Agony
4 Performance Art: Poison
5 Performance Art: Speed
6 Performance Art: Terror
7 Performance Art: Death (the go big or go home of the performance art segment; the really big Archons pay well for raids that specialize in mass slaughter, but they're also the ones who are most likely to subject you to tortures even they find novel if your performance isn't up to par.)
8 Death From Above
9 Capture Specialists
10 Sting And Disappear

Kabal Resource[edit]

Every Kabal has something, something that others want...

Kabal Resource (d100)
01-20 Nutrient Sources
21-50 Anchorage
51-60 Incubus Shrine
61-70 Owned Arena
71-73 Webway Gate
74 Realspace Fleet
75 Trueborn Majority
76-85 Weapon-Forge
86-89 Cloning Vats (more dudes/easier to attract Haemonculi)
90-99 Ship-Forge
100 Own a Sun

Kabal Signature Weapon[edit]

Kabal Signature Weapon (d10)
1 Splinter weapons
2 Close combat
3 Blaster weapons
4 Slave hunting focus
5 Jet bikes
6 Mandrake herders
7 Heavy weapons
8 Wrack lovers
9 Trueborn snob pain dealers
10 Pick any one from above

Currently Not Betraying[edit]

Dark Eldar don't have allies in the traditional sense, but they always find it useful to manipulate others...

Currently Not Betraying (d10)
1 Another Kabal (That Might Be A Front For Yours)
2 A Wych Cult
3 A Haemonculus Coven
4 The Ynnari
5 An Exodite World
6 A Craftworld Exarch
7 A Craftworld Farseer
8 A Xenos Patsy (unbetrayed state EXTREMELY temporary)
9 A Corsair Prince
10 Roll on Enemies Table

Currently Raiding (Enemies)[edit]

Who must the Kabal fight most often? (d10)
1 Orks (specific Klan)
2 Imperial Guard (specific Regiment/homeworld)
3 Space Marines (specific Chapter)
4 Minor Aliens(see below)
5 Another Kabal
6 Daemons (specific god)
7 Chaos Space Marines (specific Warband)
8 Necrons (specific Dynasty)
9 Tyranids/Genestealer Cult (specific fleet/cult)
10 Roll twice. Re-roll additional results of 10.
Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Specific Tau Sept/leader
11-18 Hrud
19-20 Khrave
21-28 Fra'al
29-30 Scythian
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-48 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
49-50 Enoulians
51-55 Enslavers
56-58 Saruthi
59-60 Dracolith
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-73 Thyrrus
74-75 Paramours of the Morpheus Rift
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

Goals & Motivations[edit]

Goals? (d12)
1 Carnal Pleasure
2 Stimulants & Hallucinogenics
3 Macabre Artistic Expression
4 Inscrutable/Mysterious
5 Material Wealth
6 Murder and Destruction
7 Massive Territorial Expansion
8 Survival
9 Defending the Kabal's Traditional Territory
10 Political power
11 Fearsome Reputation
12 Exquisite Revenge
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