Dark Hunters

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Dark Hunters
Dark Hunter Symbol.jpg
Battle Cry Umbra Sumus! (We are the Shadow!)
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown, possibly during late M37 or M38
Successors of White Scars
Successor Chapters Unknown
Chapter Master Kharne Al Murzim
Primarch Jaghatai Khan
Homeworld Phobian
Strength Unknown
Specialty Stealth, hating technology.
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Dark blue and white

The Dark Hunters are a codex-compliant chapter of Space Marines. This lot was founded in the days of the "Occlusiad War", a big fucking shitstorm that kicked off in 550.M37 caused by rogue Techpriests who felt humans were an affront to the Omnissiah and decided to go all meatbag-genocide after bumble-fucking into some Dark Age tech that let them vaporize whole solar systems by making stars go supernova (kind of like the stupid Sun Crusher from those stupid EU books(or the even stupider film from a certain Mouse)). Their battle cry is Latin for: We are a shadow.

Their first Chapter Master was Angnar, a Khan of the White Scars, who apparently did something so fucking epic (or was simply old/experienced enough) he got his own Chapter out of it, even getting a going-away present in the form of an axe said to have been wielded by their Primarch, which is why an axe was chosen as the badge to represent his new Chapter. They apparently developed a hateboner for technology due to their first campaign during the Occlusiad War pitting them against the Warpsmith Hilghar and his legion of daemon engines and a Chaos Warlord Battle Titan. Despite their distrust of tech, the degree, if any, that they eschew it in combat is unknown (...I mean, a White Scars successor without bikes, that's almost heretical!), though they still get pissy with the Adeptus Mechanicus because of this.

The chapter during the First Punisher War.

After the end of the Occlusiad, they also saw action in the Dellrond Campaign. At one point a single company held the entrance to the Emperor's cathedral for five fucking YEARS against a Waaagh! of orks. They even annihilated half a group of Chaos Space Marines called the Punishers who are apparently such a fucking problem seven chapters were assigned to hunt them down and kill them. Then, in 996.M41, when goddamn Hive Fleet Leviathan invaded the planet Lonal, the Dark Hunters got used as fucking 'nid bait by the bloody Raven Guard, who never even deigned to mention they were deploying to the fucking planet, then nailed five hive tyrants in their elaborate trap while the Dark Hunters tried their level best not to get NOM'd. They managed to pull through all that, but now things are looking, well, dark for them. In the waning years of M41 Imperial Fleets were starting to get lost in the warp because something was fucking with the Navigators. When the disturbance was discovered to be located on a tomb world called Petk the Dark Hunters launched an assault on the planet. Contact was lost minutes after making planetfall. The marines in the assault haven't been heard or seen since. (Poor bastards Morons) Presumably, the problem was dealt with, though, since the Imperium didn't throw every cyclonic and vortex torpedo they had at the planet. The Eldar also probably would've done something since they wouldn't want the Imperium to be so severely disrupted as then they would lose their cushy buffer between themselves and everyone else.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Angnar: A White Scar Khan so badass he got his own chapter. He probably bangs your mom while slaying the enemies of mankind.
  • Kharne Al Murzim: Current Chapter Master of the Dark Hunters.
  • Johan Kerne: 3rd Captain of the Dark Hunters. Was kicking the Punishers asses before the Inquisition arrested him for working with Eldar.


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