Dark Mechanicus Forge World Creation Tables

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For all your tech-heresy needs. Also roll on the regular Forge World Table for further details.

Forge World Type[edit]

Forge World Style d10
Undivided Cult: Serves the forces of Chaos as a whole (individual worshippers may still be found). 1-4
Devoted Worshippers: Serves one Chaos God or Warp Entity in particular. 5-6
Heretekal Cabal: They're here for the freedom from Mechanicus dogma. Chaos is just their best or only possible customer. 7-10

Fall to Heresy[edit]

Forged in darkness, or recent convert? Perhaps never even saw the light? (d10)
1–5 Willing Convert: This Forge World betrayed the Imperium during or since the Horus Heresy
6-8 Conquered World: Once populated by loyalist forces, this world was brought to heel, and its Priests replaced.
9 Insidious Cult: This planet still masquerades as a loyalist world, and few suspect their true motives.
10 Defiant World: This Forge World never submitted to the will of the Imperium, and has managed to keep it that way, whether through martial strength, cunning or just isolation.


Product of Note d100
War Machines 1-15
Small Arms 16-30
Heavy Arms 31-45
Vehicles 46-60
Space Marine Arms 61-70
Servitors/Bionics 71-80
Specific Weapon Types 81-90
Abominable Intelligence 91-93
Titans 94-96
Void-Ships 97-99
Reroll on the table twice 100
Dark Speciality d10
Possessed 1
Xenos Tech 2
Fleshwoven 3
Stolen and Defiled 4
Toxic or Radioactive 5
A.I. Designed 6
Cursed 7
Blasphemous Design 8
Enslaved Sentience 9
Reroll twice on this list 10

Heretek Forces[edit]

Primary Army Composition (others still present, this is what the world is famous for) d100
Dark Skitarii: A force of augmented cultists. Reliable, but expendable. 1-25
War Machines: The Forge World maintains a selection of devastating war engines, ready to spread ruin to the enemy. 26-50
Servitor Horde: A horde of broken wretches called from the depths of the Forge World. 51-75
Elite Warriors: Genebulked beasts, skilled kill teams or augmented assassins; Whatever the flavour, they are small in number, but deadly. 76-100
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