Dark Muses

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The Dark Muses are a group of Eldar role models and folklore figures, and the closest the Dark Eldar have for gods, discounting Khaine. They aren't worshipped but rather respected and revered so that others can learn more of their power. They're also the 40k equivalent of Atharti.


As the eldar stopped worshipping their old gods in favor of the pleasure cults, they came to revere the Dark Muses, then just regular eldar who came to represent the carnal and selfish vices of their kind. Their worship also had a hand in the birth of Slaanesh and the weakening of the eldar gods, and they probably were also devoured by Slaanesh. Even after the fall, the dark eldar continued revering them, with Asdrubael Vect joining their ranks after the formation of the Great Rift.

Known Dark Muses[edit]

  • Asdrubael Vect: Declared himself a Living Muse after his resurrection.
  • Hekatii, the Red Crone: Invoked by Wych Cults, and considering their other name and the name of their elites, Hekatarii and Hekatrix respectively, she almost definatively had something to do with their creation. Presumably the 40k equivelant of Hekarti.
  • Lhilitu, the Consort of the Void: The patroness of Lhamaeans, at least in their role as lovers and courtesans.
  • Qa'leh, the Mistress of Blades: Another muse affliated with Wych Cults, with them often making sacrifices to her.
  • Shaimesh, the Lord of Poisons: Brother to the Cosmic Serpent of the eldar (after whom the Craftworld Saim-Hann is named) who often revered by assassins, murderers, and haemonculi.
  • Vileth: A muse known for his great arrogance, which coming from the dark eldar says something. Mainly revered by archons, but also some of the best pilots, called Scions of Vileth, revere him as well.
  • Ynesth: A little known muse, whose ashes are located on the planet Sacgrave and being sought by the Kabal of the Onyx Scar.